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No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicCyclists, runners and CC   Page 1 2 Glenn362549
by SR025
No New ContentDiscussion TopicJust ordered a Crossbreed holster: thoughts?Oat_Action_Man124
by SR025
No New ContentDiscussion Topicany good Paddle holsters for SP2022?Echtermetzger05
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicDo you prefer the std 15 degree FBI draw angle for strong side hip carry ?   Page 1 2 wrightd283311
by davidjinks
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicCarry at home?   Page 1 2 3 Warhorse452366
by RGRacing
No New ContentDiscussion TopicWashington State Drops Tennessee!Gary Slider9553
by wishfull thinker
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicAre you tied to a specific weapon on your CCP   Page 1 2 3 SIG 229R453236
by BB61
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicThoughts on the 938?   Page 1 2 fau252754
by DallasSTB
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicHow do you carry your extra mag?   Page 1 2 3 goose5586175
by BB61
No New ContentDiscussion TopicRafter S Belt Anyone Who Had/Has One Please Step InKnezz10305
by sig2392
No New ContentDiscussion TopicUT non-res taking almost forever UPDATE: Got it!Sigmund5593
by Knezz
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicDo you CCW a P239?   Page 1 2 3 RANGER20494700
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicEar protection with your nightstand gun?   Page 1 2 Ronin1069352622
by Sourkraut
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicRecommendations for a good single stack 9mm for carry   Page 1 2 3 4 mosquito6212615
by Recoton 1024
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicFavorite EDC Sig (and SIG only!)   Page 1 2 ... 5 6 Kelleytoons11212289
by Recoton 1024
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicHolsters for P229 carry   Page 1 2 10round284158
by TribuSig
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicA tale of 3 gun beltsjoatmonv171323
by Mikedare
No New ContentDiscussion TopicPA CCW Holder Wants To Carry in More States - Please Help.Knezz9462
by Sigmund
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAltered P225 '84 Holster Questionamsmith2815210
by joatmonv
No New ContentDiscussion TopicBlack Point Tactical Holstersjgerge2221475
by jgerge222
No New ContentDiscussion TopicM11-A1mattsnow1165586
by MeatMan
No New ContentDiscussion TopicP320c/sc Light Bearing Holster IWBNewsigguy134388
No New ContentDiscussion TopicWant to appendix carry my 228, looking for holster recommendationsSyngin1066111204
by akcopnfbks
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicLow ride kydex holstersgpbst3151332
by Nismo
No New ContentDiscussion TopicChicago - Man with concealed-carry permit fatally shoots would-be robberrscalzo1390
by C-Dubs
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicKydex Holster Retention   Page 1 2 titus66212070
by christuan
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMN Drops AR, OH, OK and TN. . . MO Now Permitless Carry StateGary Slider3377
by enidpd804
No New ContentDiscussion TopicQuestion for women who carry (& men who want to weigh in)Deplorable_Dixie91150
by snoris
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicBelts for carry   Page 1 2 ... 4 5 Kelleytoons846315
by Mikedare
No New ContentDiscussion TopicUsing a holster for a larger gun can help hide a smaller gun.Riley6957
by Sig Sauer Kraut
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSweet spot, comfort and comfortingKelleytoons31007
by FP2000H
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCCW? Going in for shoulder surgery Friday morn.ds196210977
by ds1962
No New ContentDiscussion TopicJust Finished a Wallet Holster for My Old Rossi M-68 .38splbronicabill2347
by bronicabill
No New ContentDiscussion TopicP320 IWB recommendationsairdale48121066
by Scsu74
No New ContentDiscussion TopicPerry Suspenders?Farther8686
by Farther
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicWait time for CCW Permits   Page 1 2 3 titus66542776
by rhpenn
No New ContentDiscussion TopicRitchie Leather - Feedback RequestedRob Decker9543
by bobandmikako
No New ContentDiscussion TopicReign Tactical - DO NOT BUYGroundedCLK1796
by guardianangel762
No New ContentDiscussion TopicG-Code belts - anyone have one?Nismo71080
by Nick
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicNew "Ankle Holster" design. Thoughts?slabsides45142364
by captain127
No New ContentDiscussion TopicHolster for a P250 380sft4293533
by DukeMinski
No New ContentDiscussion TopicIllinois Can Restrict Nonresident CCW to residents of SC, NM, HI & VAEasyFire10976
by Fenris
No New ContentDiscussion TopicVedder lighttuckmsfzoe1484
by gpbst3
No New ContentDiscussion Topic938 with CT laser, holster???rbert00056672
by rotorwash
No New ContentDiscussion TopicWhat's the best way to darken a leather belt?MNSIG9918
by Ero
No New ContentDiscussion TopicRemora holsters upto 50% offbillnchristy2414
by billnchristy
No New ContentDiscussion TopicA nice P938 Holster by a friend who makes holsters in AustinCPTKILLER0343
No New ContentDiscussion TopicQuestion on Florida renewalOttoSig6689
by dcowboyscr
No New ContentDiscussion TopicNon-resident vehicle carry in IllinoisEdmond4560
by sourdough44
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