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No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicTopic Shortcut Calling all Virginia members. Movement to declare cities/counties in VA second amendment sanctuary cities is gaining momentum. Has your city voted?   Page 1 2 ... 44 45 stickman42888153761
by 10-7 leo
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFlorida Senate Bill 7028ArtieS194
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicColorado Free Resistance   Page 1 2 ... 18 19 Modern Day Savage374148700
by Modern Day Savage
No New ContentDiscussion TopicColorado Legislature back in sessionxaircav199
by Modern Day Savage
No New ContentDiscussion TopicA Condescending Anti-Gun Argumentwcb60922327
by LoboGunLeather
No New ContentDiscussion TopicWA State - Prefiled bills HB2241 & SB6076 - registration requirements/ mag bans, FELONY penaltiesBoss10139
No New ContentDiscussion TopicLeftist voluntarily states [B]people[/B] with guns kill people10-7 leo1571
by SIGSense
No New ContentDiscussion TopicTucker Carlson segment on gun rights in DetroitFed1614991
by shovelhead
No New ContentDiscussion TopicWashPost fact chcecker: "Pelosi’s bogus talking point on gun deaths of children"Sigmund0239
No New ContentDiscussion TopicPuerto Rico just made a massive change to their firearms laws, actually making it vastly easier for Puerto Ricans to own and carry firearms.Sig23401222
by Sauer Kraut
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicFuture legal restrictions on “sniper” rifles and scopes? What would they be?sigfreund151048
by BillF
No New ContentDiscussion TopicWA. State 2A Rights Rally, 1/17/2020, 9AM (Friday) OlympiaBoss10171
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCulpeper, VA 2A Sanctuary County Info- Call to Action10-7 leo91382
by 10-7 leo
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicIs Virginia Lost For Good? Now What Do We Do?   Page 1 2 3 4 4MUL8R784640
by Elk Hunter
No New ContentDiscussion TopicThe Right Way to Craft Red-Flag LawsModern Day Savage5800
by leavemebe
No New ContentDiscussion TopicWashington State - I1094 - Signatures needed ASAP.Boss14808
by Boss1
No New ContentDiscussion TopicWhich Non-NRA 2A Group to Join in FloridaArtieS1254
by flesheatingvirus
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicNewt Gingrich - Why the Second Amendment   Page 1 2 parabellum232358
by armedprof
No New ContentDiscussion TopicLegal aspects in Commonwealth statessnwghst1447
by 2000Z-71
No New ContentDiscussion Topic5 Foot Gal vs Betosmschulz91502
by josp
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicPA House Bill 768 - Statewide Gun Registration   Page 1 2 Rinehart214027
by Blume9mm
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFor those who live in magazine capacity restricted states- undercover investigative reportModern Day Savage1646
by SCfromNY
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCulpeper, VA voters be sure of who you need to vote for10-7 leo2336
by Ryanp225
No New ContentDiscussion TopicNext, Let's Ban Frying Pansfpuhan4988
by Expert308
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSBR’s available in NJ?Xtbone97x61269
by GCE61
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCA strikes out at NV over firearm lawsOregonXD2581
by OregonXD
No New ContentDiscussion TopicWashington, DC 2A Rally 11/2/19Boss14770
by Boss1
No New ContentDiscussion TopicHouse Democrats Continue Unprecedented Push for More Gun ControlHRK6958
by SCfromNY
No New ContentDiscussion TopicGavin Stalin Newsom Sigs Gun Confiscation LawTigerDore3709
by FN in MT
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicBeto proposes TAKING AR15's and AK47'sBoss1141517
by Plasteek
No New ContentDiscussion TopicConfiscate all guns from all registered Democrats!RichardC5786
by Plasteek
No New ContentDiscussion TopicWALSH: Calling Gun Confiscation A ‘Mandatory Buyback’ Is Like Calling Armed Robbery A ‘Compelled Donation’chellim15950
by SIGSense
No New ContentDiscussion TopicProtecting America From Assault Weapons- Factual and Powerful Heritage Foundation Congressional TestimonyModern Day Savage0513
No New ContentDiscussion TopicOfficials: Houston man first to be charged under bump stock banRichardC1605
by dsiets
No New ContentDiscussion TopicShoulder or not?shooter120191271
by hrcjon
No New ContentDiscussion TopicGOP signals unease with Barr's gun plan- creates new class of transfer agentsModern Day Savage5713
by jljones
No New ContentDiscussion TopicNICS checks for firearm repairbjor13122254
by SCfromNY
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFPC opposition to AWB of 2019Boss10337
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDrivel from Senator Tillis, R-NCpingman2745757
by jljones
No New ContentClosedDiscussion TopicFox News Poll: 71 percent say gun violence a 'major problem' government should address   Page 1 2 sgalczyn263537
by oddball
No New ContentDiscussion TopicTraveling across the middle of AmericaKMitch2000537
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSanFran BoS declares NRA domestic terrorist organizationBoss13674
by az4783054
No New ContentDiscussion TopicWhy no Backround Check Kickback?SCfromNY91534
by AZSigs
No New ContentDiscussion TopicNRA-ILA Petition to CongressBoss10570
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAcademic's proposal in support of an armed populacecorsair2755
by corsair
No New ContentDiscussion TopicOhio Teen Arrested for making Threats... His Dad's weapons confiscated?Belgian Blue1897
by 229DAK
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicHere's A List of the Dems' Gun Control Plans   Page 1 2 fpuhan252583
by vibrolucky
No New ContentDiscussion TopicHouse Democrats cutting short August recess for Gun Controldepusm120528
No New ContentDiscussion TopicGun control lesson from Venezuela...Boss172219
by sigmonkey
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