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No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicOptics on a .22LR lever gun???   Page 1 2 signewt20617
by ruger357
No New ContentDiscussion Topicfirst match with SCAR-171KPerDay13689
by 1KPerDay
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicWhy doesn't anyone make a lever action in pistol calibers?   Page 1 2 Bigboreshooter261338
by bendable
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicRifle to keep in RV.   Page 1 2 k5blazer241303
by rangemaster
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicUltralight but reliable: Where to shave the weight on an AR? Adjustable gas blocks now being considered.   Page 1 2 RNshooter391262
by RNshooter
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicEducate me on AR pistols vs. SBRsmojojojo18611
by Oat_Action_Man
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion Topic870 mag extension upgrade?rangemaster17651
by bubbatime
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSIG's next generation squad weaponsDawes1402
by sigfreund
No New ContentDiscussion TopicHornady Steel Match .223 55gr BTHPGrumpyBiker6538
by RogueJSK
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAR pistol / SBR triggers what do you like?Ronin10112398
by Edmond
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicPS 90 use by the USSS: Why?   Page 1 2 craigcpa262819
by smithnsig
No New ContentDiscussion TopicShot a full auto MPX today with pics of the MPX, MP5 and SBR Scorpion too.BB613495
by BB61
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicHelp making bipod feet non skid   Page 1 2 Ironmike5723645
by maladat
No New ContentDiscussion TopicPotential New 6.8 Military RoundSgtGold3531
by snidera
No New ContentDiscussion TopicGetting my pick of a new CZ rifle...but which one?x0225095131044
by Scooter123
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion Topic42rd/AR Promagsgjgalligan15452
by RogueJSK
No New ContentDiscussion TopicCarlos Hathcock's first rifle...tacfoley81171
by dbuck47
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicI want to self mount a 30mm scope on a AR upper and need rings.old rugged cross16472
by Anubismp
No New ContentDiscussion TopicFinally... a 10mm ARdry-fly5631
by esdunbar
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMCX Blows Out Magazine. Smoke and powder too.Keys197081210
by Keys1970
No New ContentDiscussion TopicQuestion for shooters of WWII era rifle ammunition.sigfreund13714
by sigfreund
No New ContentDiscussion TopicMarlin 1894CST - has anyone seen/fondled/bought/shot one yet?hudr10698
by SIGfourme
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicHow do you carry extra shotgun shells?   Page 1 2 RichardC251146
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicWhat should I do with a semi-Bubba'd Enfield No.4 Mk.I?ArtieS15707
by DennisM
No New ContentDiscussion TopicGood Discussion on Ballistics and HuntingCPTKILLER1199
by ArtieS
No New ContentDiscussion TopicIWI's New ARAD Rifle. Short Stroke Piston ARmbinky91070
by 12131
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicLate to the AR15 partySigSentry181642
by SigSentry
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion Topic*Now $124* Want an inexpensive semiauto shotgun? Wal-Mart has Remington 11-87s on clearance for $249.   Page 1 2 3 4 RogueJSK746486
by patw
No New ContentDiscussion TopicStar Wars anyone?usncorpsman101179
by patw
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicSPR barrel/bullet questionsshooter120116615
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDrug out my M14 in Blackfeather chassis with Magpul SGA stockbenny68698
by benny6
No New ContentDiscussion TopicI assembled my first AR lower yesterday!Jman7813636
by wxdave
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion Topic"The Army just got closer to ditching the M4 and SAW for a ‘next-generation’ weapon"   Page 1 2 3 Sigmund412643
by 110JBP
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion Topicmy XM177 'Commando" tribute clonebolo4tom141281
by SgtGold
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicRange Report - Ruger PC CarbineYooperSigs171295
by Jman78
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSig556 Newbie QuestionsBill-in-Texas5374
by Bill-in-Texas
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicM14/M1A SOCOM-16 accuracy tweaks and load development threadbenny6192000
by benny6
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicQuality AR Pistols   Page 1 2 Kyjondeere201467
by hvyhawler
No New ContentDiscussion TopicAstigmatism with red dot? Try this.smithnsig7890
by shooter1201
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSig WHISKEY3 2-7X32 MM RiflescopeCPTKILLER7369
by Factor8
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSig Mags in a 9mm Ruger Takedown Rifle ??T.Webb8730
by Fundman
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicHow is 5.56MM packaged and shipped to our active duty troops?RichardC171377
by SgtGold
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicHickok & the PigDakor182054
by MikeinNC
No New ContentDiscussion TopicHas anyone handled or shot the SA Saint Victor in .308?Veeper2438
by RogueJSK
No New ContentDiscussion TopicScope mounting opinionsJasper132310479
by newmexican
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicMandatory SCAR17 upgrades.   Page 1 2 goatboyz301850
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicSeekins Precision--What can you tell me about quality?Rigby47015759
by smschulz
No New ContentDiscussion TopicSports match scope rings for Tikka t3/xnewmexican0133
No New ContentDiscussion TopicDPMS AR15sgjgalligan121173
by shooter1201
No New ContentHot TopicDiscussion TopicLooking for a new rifle--What do you know about LMT?   Page 1 2 Rigby470301835
by trapper189
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