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My big introduction to whiskey in general was through a local restaurant that had a massive whiskey bar. I’ve been going there for over 10 years and there’s still more whiskey for me to try and the cost is reasonable compared to other places.
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Yeah. Some bars have great collections, too. It's a nice way sample a few.

Casual tastings at homes are the best, imo.

Unpretentious, a bunch of open bottles on a bar or table at someone's house, help yourself, have seconds, etc. Someone brings Oyster Crackers, maybe some Aged Gouda, sometimes there's a pool table, some guys have cool basement bars, it's awesome.

Most American cities/areas have dudes doing this already, I imagine. 2-10 people, usually 3-6 or so, time or three a year, that's been my experience.

There are dedicated whiskey and Bourbon forums, too, and there are meetups, locally and in Kentucky for tours and shopping trips.

There's usually one super nerd in each group or a dude with a bunch of them to try, and the ones I've met in a few states have all been quite generous and normal folk.

I learned a ton in one particular year in about six meetups, month or so apart. Well over 100 things to try in that period, made some friends, and once in a while they'll even be super nice and let you buy a bottle from their stash/boonker...

Whiskey Networking is real. What stores have what. The occasional trade or sale...
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A friend called me today and told me Buffalo Trace was on hand in the town about 20 miles away. It was a beautiful day for a road trip, so I went.

I haven't had BT before, and after an initial sample I can say, "I like it."

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Okay, I had my first tasting of the 46.

Nose: -OH coming off was too strong. Made me cough. I was using a glencairn glass so maybe it concentrated the vapors a bit. But I didn't get any pleasant notes, just a blast of -OH. Will try again next time after letting it breath a little.

Taste: less sweet, less fruity and more dry than the BT. After the first tasting, I like the BT considerable more. I liked the BT from the first tasting. I'll give the 46 some additional chances.

The 46 is definitely hotter than the BT; it's not a long burn but definitely hotter. I prefer the milder burn of the BT.

I'll give it another half dozen shots or so. We'll see if it grows on me. Otherwise, I'll give this bottle away like the Larceny and go on to the next candidate. Or maybe really just stick to BT.....

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Sometimes it takes a few samples to get a true flavor profile. Air introduced to the bottle can alter the taste. I cracked open a fresh bottle and it was different than a bottle that I have been drinking. The previous bottle started out similar to this bottle but "aged" , oxidized for the technical term, extremely well. The vanilla, caramel, and toffee really came through towards the end of that bottle. Some of the best pours come after a few drinks from the initial ones.
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I have spent way to much money trying bourbons, if it’s not made in KY I don’t bother, if it’s made in Tenn it’s not for me, if has been aged in anything other than a new charred oak barrel no thanks, solera fuck you to, rolled around the hold of ship dump that shit overboard, orphan barrel my ass you think some amazing booze was passed over for someone to magically find, no that crap was sampled and passed on by people who know bourbon.

I pretty much mostly drink Buffalo Trace products. E H Taylor small batch IMHO the best value on the market.

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Hit some of my spots last Saturday to see what unique stuff I could find and in one store walked out with an Old Forester Single Barrel, Barrel Proof that was also a store pick. It'll be awhile before I crack it open but at 130 proof I might need a little ice with this one.

This is also the place where I can usually score a bottle of Eagle Rare once in awhile if I talk to the manager but I couldn't get anywhere near him this visit. I'm guessing something special came in because there was a guy in talking to him when I got there and an employee was coming out of the office with something in a bag headed to the register and not 10 minutes later there was another guy in there talking with them as well and I saw the same employee coming out with a different bag. At this store all of the allocated stuff stays in the managers office and when you are in there all you have to do is ask what he has, he'll tell you and if there is something you want he'll give you 1 bottle to purchase. He said it keeps someone from coming in and wiping him out of everything.

Had a lead on some Blanton's and when I got there it was all gone. Guy told me that someone came in and bought 5 bottles just a couple days before I came in and asked.
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Got some questions for the bourbon gurus:

1) Does an opened bottle of bourbon keep indefinitely, or is there a lifespan?

2) Mixing bourbon and water (for those that do):
- regular or soda?
- how much do you use?
- only on some bourbons, or all?
- what does water accomplish in the overall taste and enjoyment of bourbon?

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Originally posted by marksman41:
Got some questions for the bourbon gurus:

1) Does an opened bottle of bourbon keep indefinitely, or is there a lifespan?

2) Mixing bourbon and water (for those that do):
- regular or soda?
- how much do you use?
- only on some bourbons, or all?
- what does water accomplish in the overall taste and enjoyment of bourbon?

1. For the most part, yes. At least as far as being safe. Flavor shouldn't change a ton unless the seal goes bad or it has major temperature variations or something like that.

2. Regular water or an ice cube, as I like my whisky slightly cooled. Specifically for tasting, just a splash of water. For drinking maybe two small rocks or ine big rock. It can be used on any bourbons. The science says adding a bit of water frees the flavor molecules up to be smelled by the human nose better. Apparently those molecules bind with alcohol molecules but adding water "releases" them. I feel that it is especially effective for knocking down the alcohol-forward flavor and nose, which I guess is saying the same thing.

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An open bottle should keep indefinitely. You’ll want to store it upright and out of direct sunlight. Dark and cool is better but not totally necessary. Make sure the seal is tight. As the volume lowers oxidation can occur. You’re generally fine until you get 30% left or so. Note that sometimes a little oxidation improves things for some people.

On the ice and water front it’s all personal preference. Experiment. A dropper helps control the added water. Some pours might benefit some might not. Water can open up a pour or make it a mess. Ice can open up or dilute the same way. Note that cold tends to close off some taste.
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Has anyone seen the first batch of Booker’s for this year? Has not hit here in Idaho yet, but keeping my fingers crossed.

A couple weeks ago we had a strange, but super drop of EHT single barrel and batch 8 of the EHTBP. Like cases to most stores. I’m not complaining, just odd.

Welcome to Idaho, now take a wolf and go home!
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