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Is your part of the world affected by inflation? I have seen gas, meat, building material, almost everything has gone up. The Inland Empire is experiencing the highest inflation rate in the United States at 6.8%!

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Same here Dave.

EVERYTHING is impacted in these parts!

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Food: For me, food costs have gone up anywhere from 10-15%...I tend to buy the same things so it's been easy to track costs.

Fuel: Oregon has been consistently near the top of the list of states with the highest fuel prices.
$3.30-$3.65 range.

Government is lying about the inflation rate, it's at least 50% to double the "official" rate.

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Was that an international question? Joe has the entire country fucked up and they are trying to sell it like it's a sign of a great economy. How stupid do you have to be to buy into that?


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Thank you
Very little
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Food, big time inflation, our weekly grocery went up from $150's to $250, meat is out of control, $25 for a NY Strip.

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Like rainman posted above, everything in the Dallas area has been impacted.
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blame canada
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I can't think of a single product that has gone down in price, well except for a few areas of real estate.

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Everything has gone up here and I mean everything!! Gas is $3.65/gal, all meat is up by as much as 20% or more. Seafood is pretty much out of our price range now. I could go on and on. I don't know how a family of 4 or more can make ends meet, especially if teenagers are involved. I just wrote a check for property taxes and they are 30% higher than last year. 30%!!!!

On top of that, only a fool would believe that the Fed won't be raising interest rates soon and that's when the shit really hits the fan.

It's time to put on the big boy pants because we are only seeing the start of the downturn in my opinion.



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Was that an international question?
It should be, "our" energy sector "changes" screwed up the entire world.


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No, not like
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A good portion of the work bodies I buy for trucks have gone up 40-50%, it's insane

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Yep, everything is going up here in Florida too. But the most unsettling thing is the thinning of inventories everywhere, especially at the grocery store. Went to the store last week and couldn't buy the tea bags I usually get because they had none. And bear in mind, these are garden variety ice tea bags, not something special or unique.

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Yes. Fuel is expensive. I noticed one of our regular restaurants had new menus last night. Every entree went up at least $1.

As bigdeal notes, lots of things are out of stock, or very thinly stocked.

Horse feed, fertilizer, weed killer, and similar farm products are way up as well.

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Starting wages, Costco is up to $17/hr.
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6% is a deceptive.

I have seen 40+% increases across the board.


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Gas is $3.00/gal here in Temple.
The shelves at Wal-Mart and the HEB(grocery) are bare in spots…
Local mom n pop we visit weekly has had to remove items from the menu.
Everything is more expensive than it was in January.

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100 Octane Low Lead gas at Our Little Airport has jumped from $3.07 / gallon a few weeks ago, to $4.94.

More than a 60% increase!

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is circumspective
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I paid $4.06 for gas (91 octane) yesterday.

I usually buy "about" the same stuff at the grocery store weekly. Last coupla' times I noticed the total was decidedly higher. About 25-30% by my seat-of-the-pants reckoning.

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Originally posted by V-Tail:
100 Octane Low Lead gas at Our Little Airport has jumped from $3.07 / gallon a few weeks ago, to $4.94.

More than a 60% increase!

Was curious what 100LL was going for, we were talking about it over the weekend. We were discussing the loss of a Beech S35 & a close friend of my dad's.

Back when I was taking lessons, it was sub $2/gal [barely], but that was back in 2004.

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I drove by a Del Taco today and was surprised they had a banner hanging advertising that they were hiring for all positions with $16 starting.
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Glad that we brought a 500 gallon propane tank in March 2021. It was $2,2xx, probably crowding $2,300. Talked to the rep yesterday and they are $3,600 now, seven months later.

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