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Forum member dave7378 has been arrested in the Turks and Caicos islands. **All members, please read this** Login/Join 
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You have a good judge there. Sounds like the prosecutor made her job easy too.

Best of luck!

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Sounds like the judge may very well side with you next week. Hang in there till then.

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Sometimes the wheels of Justice turn slowly but as you pointed out it sounds like the Judge wants to follow correct legal protocol and hopefully on Tuesday you can be wheels up and on your way back home.
Praying for you brother! Be strong.


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As suggested earlier in the thread, we might want to be careful with what's said as anyone can read these pages.

Dave, we're with you! You have a lot of good wishes, prayers and support!

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Thank you
Very little
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Well, here's to you getting out next Tues and on your way back to the USA....

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Hang in there buddy. Just a little further to go.

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Sorry to hear about the setback, Dave.

Hoping Tuesday brings great news. Keep your chin up.


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Not ideal but it sounds like the judge is seeing through the BS and will hopefully the decision goes your way so you can go home. I'm praying that's the case.

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Sorry to hear the pain has been extended. Next Tuesday can't come fast enough!

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The cynic in me thinks even though they have no case and you'll be home soon, and it's just dragging it out to make you spend as much money as possible while you're there.

Hope the game playing ends soon.

*edit to clarify*

I'm not suggesting that the judge is doing so, but rather the bumbling prosecutor.

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It doesn't seem like the judge is trying to find a way to screw you Dave. While that would be one reason to delay, to give time to think up how to make it look legit, the judge hasn't shown such a bias. I think it shows the judge is making sure to make a solid deliberate decision based in the facts of the case while ensuring the there are no procedural errors.

And I think that is going to result in a positive outcome.
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Dave, this has to be a nightmare beyond what most of us can imagine. We are praying for you, and this will be behind you soon.
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Judge apologized, a good sign.
We're all pulling for you, positive waves and prayers. Keep your spirits up, you'll be home soon.

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Originally posted by Greymann:
Judge apologized, a good sign.
We're all pulling for you, positive waves and prayers. Keep your spirits up, you'll be home soon.


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Exceptional Circumstances
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Disappointing day for sure. Had to say goodbye to a bunch of people I expected to be getting on a plane with. My sister changed her mind and said she will stay. My concern being someone to be with my wife just in case. I tried to make some arrangements to sneak my daughters down here for mother's day but the logistics just don't work. Anyway, whats 5 more days? I still feel good about the outcome.

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Hopefully your attorney and the prosecutor are meeting and talking behind the scenes and things will be easy peezy next week.

keep your spirits up

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Fingers crossed.
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Keep the Faith Brother!

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Continuing to pray for a just decision from the judge. Hang in there.
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Temporary setback, but my crystal ball says the 16th will be terrific Tuesday.


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