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Forum member dave7378 has been arrested in the Turks and Caicos islands. **All members, please read this** Login/Join 
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Dave good luck Godspeed.
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Partial dichotomy
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All the best thoughts and prayers, Dave!

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Thank you
Very little
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Best Wishes Dave
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Good luck today!
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All the best! We're pulling for you!

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Shoot gun,
get check
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Good luck today Dave!

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Eschew Obfuscation
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Some prayers for you on the way.

Best wishes today.

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Best wishes Dave - hoping for the best possible outcome today!
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Looking forward to good news for Dave and resolving this.


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Yew got a spider
on yo head
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Thinking happy thoughts!
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Praying for a favorable outcome Dave!

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Hoping the reason we haven't heard anything from him today is that he's on a plane headed back to the states!

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Me too! I'm wearing out the refresh button. Good Luck Dave!

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For real?
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We're praying for your safe return!

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Just checking in and hoping to hear from you stateside soon.
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blame canada
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Also pulling for you today.

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I hope things are well!

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Down the Rabbit Hole
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Praying everything went well today.

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All the best, hope it went well and you can come home soon.
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So, Dave hasn't logged into the forum for 12 hours. I take this as an encouraging sign. His wife is with him and certainly has access to Dave's laptop and phone. I'm guessing that the next we'll hear is that they're back on US soil.
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