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Commercials featuring her and South Dakota have continued unabated.

One - where she is "supervising" construction of a house - has me scratching my head. It goes great until the end, when she knocks over half a dozen wall studs - an entire section of the house - and then quips that it would be a good place for a skylight. It reminds me of …

Unworthy of everybody involved in its making.
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Originally posted by oddball:
Originally posted by sig sailor:
I sure do not know what is in Tulsi Gs heart, but I do know that things and people change.

What is different with Gabbard is that her changes happened frequently and while she was in full gear with her political career. She wasn't a college student or a young adult waking up to reality. We used to call this "flip-flopping", and that is what I'm calling it with her. I don't trust her, and I don't think Trump should either. Plus he needs people who are solidly on his side and on the side of MAGA, who are loyal, even when life got shitty for him. She has not demonstrated this, unlike other people on his list, including Noem.

It would seem she's convinced those at SIG that she's on our side! Wink


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^^^ I'm gonna be out of town then, but otherwise I'd think seriously of going to that.

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