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Sig P226 (West German), 1991 (KB), U4551xx.

(Wish I still had it!)
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P226 40 w/Cocobolo Checkered DOB 2012 in 2016 Railed w/TLR3 - Added 357 Sig Barrel and still have it.
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Sig 229 in 40 S&W, bought in 1997.I still have it.
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My first SIG was a P220 .45 bought new in 2002, and yes, I still have it. I’ve accumulated a number of SIG pistols since then but that late German-made, rail-free P220 is still my favorite SIG and in my top 2 or 3 favorite of all the handguns I own.
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My first was a 230. Sometime in the late 80's. It's long gone though.
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My first was a P229 in 40 S&W. It was a West German one, bought in 1993/94. I sold it a few years later, just didn't like the trigger. Within a month or so, I purchased a P220, 45, also West German which I still have.


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I was stationed at Fort Richardson, AK. and the PX sold firearms there. Went to the gun counter and they had a complete display cabinet filled with every Sig P model that was available.

Saw a P229 in .357 SIG listed as a CPO gun. Bought it for “I think” $450.00.

First Sig I ever bought. Absolutely shot the snot outta that gun. I bought 6 more Sig pistols there before I retired and came home.

Originally posted by mdblanton:
Given the name of this terrific place to hang out I thought this topic would be interesting. What was your first SIG, when did you purchase it, and do you still own it?

My infatuation with SIGs began while I was in high school. I purchased a P226 a few years later in 1993 and I do still own it.
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P230, it was my Mom's. Shot it first when I was in high school. Was a long term loaner in my early 20's. She asked for it back in my mid 20's, I bought it from her in my early 40's. It's a terrible gun to shoot, horrible for carry, weighs too much, under powered, and awkward. Still it's one of the prettiest guns I own and has a special place in my heart. A love/hate relationship if you will.


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Bought my first Sig at an auction in 2006. It was a big duck decoy auction with some misc firearms thrown in, including 2 pistols. First pistol was a S&W Model 4006 40 cal. Me and an older gentleman went back and forth on the bid and I got it for $325. I was pretty happy. Next up was a Sig P226, marked West Germany. Original box, 1 mag still wrapped. I opened the bid at $200 and I was the only bidder. I about lost it when I won the bid!! I've still got it and shoot it about every time I go to the range.

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My first SIG was a P226 circa 1991. I didn't shoot it very well and subsequently sold it to my brother, who still has it. Not too long after, I bought another one and still have it, and a bunch more Smile
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P245. Carried it to watch Pierce Brosnan in a JB movie in Shelby, NC 22 years ago. Wish I still had it.

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I can't remember the year, maybe 98 or 99.

The store had a P225, P226 and a P220 in 9mm in stock. I decided I was leaving the store that day with one of them.

I've always wanted a 226. On this day however, I was stuck on the P225 and that's what I bought.

My first range trip with the pistol was below par. I brought my Beretta Centurion to the range also.

I was shooting lights out with the Beretta but all I was all over the target with the Sig. I couldn't explain it. I've never shot a pistol so poorly before.

All subsequent range trips with the 225 were much better.

On one trip I rented a G34. The results I had shooting the 225 and the G34 were very similar between both pistols, good and consistent, nothing spectacular.

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P220 45 in 1992. A gift from my wife. I was working in Juvenile Corrections with little juvenile drug dealers, and they cared little for their own lives and none for the rest of us. I had been carrying a 38 snubby off duty, but after a couple of major assaults on staff, I got the P220.

Later I joined a PD that carried the P220 on duty. You could carry your duty weapon off duty but there were four pages of rules and regs to follow. If you carried a personal weapon with a concealed carry permit. One page. I carried my personal SIG. LOL.

I added a couple more SIGs later, and never looked back. We later converted to Glocks, I was a firearms instructor and armorer, but still shot the P220 in Service Auto competitions and won...

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P229 9mm in 2007, after a challenge from a certain annoying brother about owning 'nothing but tupperware'. Like so many of my guns, I really should take it out for a spin more often.

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A Sig P226 E2 40S&W. Purchased ~2011
Excellent handgun.
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Originally posted by ensigmatic:
Sixteen years ago, Christmas, 2005, my wife gifted me my very first Sig:

Along with a Milt Sparks VM2 in which to carry it:

Now there is an astute, sensitive spouse who listens to the Christmas likes and wants of her family members! Huge kudos to her. I have spoken to a few spouses who have said,"I would never know which one he would want so I don't risk it," whether it's a gun or watch or whatever! I say, risk it ladies. I think it's the spirit and love that often gets lost in the fray of black Friday sales and deals. I encourage everyone to love and appreciate family and friends we have and love in these turbulent times. Happy holidays to one and all and be safe !

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My first Sig was my two-tone P239/9mm purchased while stationed at Ramstein AB, Germany (‘97-‘01) from the Kaiserslautern Rod & Gun Club for $425USD (no tax) in Nov ‘97. I still have it, and will not part with it. Had the SSP and SRT and a couple other things done to it about 10 or 12 years ago. My younger daughter gave me a Galco Miami Classic shoulder rig for Christmas several years ago for it.

Regards From Sunny Tucson,


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My first SIG was a P226 with the non-railed frame and one-piece steel slide, purchased for my by my father for my 16th birthday in the dark days of the AWB.

Of all the guns I've let go over the years...that's one I'm very glad I haven't.

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P229R in .40 S&W, 2000, still have. It is now a four caliber pistol as a friend built up a 9mm slide for it, I bought a 22lr conversion kit for it to start my son on it, and I picked up a .357 Sig barrel for it. These days, it is typically configured in .357 Sig or 9mm.
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A P226, sometime in the mid 1980's.

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