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2005 Just got my concealed carry permit.
P229 two tone with nickel controls. Chambered in 357 sig. Have since added a 40 cal and Bar-Sto 9 mm conversion barrels. Will never sell it (although I tried once here). Never did carry it!

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Gosh, I think it was a superbly accurate
P226 when they were first introduced in the US early 90's ? I remember trading it, then buying it back later from the gunshop.

It was the K Cote model, and I shot it a lot. I installed the short reach trigger, the finish never showed any wear on the outside. This was during the time I was just about reloading every day.

Then a man at another gunshop really wanted it and offered me a price way above what it was worth. Foolish me sold it, never seeing it again.

Then 2 European 9mm P220's, both accurate, followed by a P230. My last Sig was a SP2022 40/357 Sig, which a forum member purchased. Should have kept that one.

Currently, I am Sig less.

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A P226 in 1985 while in the U.S. Navy. I still have it.
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Oct 1994 Sig P229 40cal.
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In celebration of getting my CPL I bought a 2340 in .40 cal, 2002

Haven't shot it in probably fifteen years but still have it.

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P220 ST
Purchased in 2003 or '04

My door is always open to Sigforum members, and I'm always willing to help if I can.
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first Sig - 226 combat, 2011
found this forum while researching for that purchase, joined shortly after

since then I have picked up a few;
365XL (times 2, my wife wanted one)
320 AXG

took the 320 and the 226 to the range the other weekend, the 320 is new, the 226 is not, - I haven't shot the 226 in awhile, butter....
i could not have have made a better decision
need more range time with the 320


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hello darkness
my old friend
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Sig P229 in 40 around 1995. The P226, P225, P220, P239 and finally the 2022. Love them all.
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P228. 1994.

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A P220R back in 2006.

Sold it in 2018ish, when I sold off the last of my DA/SA guns.
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SO many Sigs.. I think it was a P6 the ones that came in the Blue Box and were around $300. When you could still buy Magazines for them... I picked it up August 2008 because that is when I joined SIGforum on the 10th Smile
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My first SIG was a new JJ Herndon P226 I bought in 1989 as my first duty gun. Foolishly sold it off 3-4 years later when my agency went to .40 and I went to GLOCK 22.
I lamented the decision to let that 226 go for a very long time. I repented to the Sig God by recently picking up another JJ Herndon P226 in like new condition and within a few thousand units in serial number. Life is good now.


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Being an Air Force guy, I was a Beretta guy through and through. Until my buddy let me shoot his P229 that is. That was my first Sig I purchased, back in the late 90s and I've never looked back.
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July 1987, Sig 226, it was a gift from my then girlfriend. She did have good taste in guns.

I still have it.
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P230 my dad bought new in 84; I still have it with original box and target! He gave it to me when I turned 18! My first purchase was a P228 in 1992, which I still have .
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My first firearm is a P226 Enhanced Elite (2013). Other Sigs that I have are: 556XI-R, 556R, and P226 X-Five Allround.

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226 way back when, the seals had them and that was going to be as close as I will ever get to being one.
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In the mid-1980's the police department I worked for revised the policy that allowed officers to carry single action only 9mm pistols. Although we could still carry other personally owned/department approved duty weapons, our handguns now were limited to DA/SA systems. I replaced my Belgium produced Browning Hi-Power with a W. German Sig-Sauer P226, the first of it's kind carried by an officer with my agency. It was also my first Sig and served me well for more than a decade. I still own it.

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P226 with factory threaded barrel in 2005, still NIB.
Several others have followed, many shooters but others still just safe queens.

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2 220's, both Interarms. A 45 and 38 Super in the very early "80's
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