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In 2008 I bought a P228 GOTM from a gun show for around $450. I did end up selling it for another Sig, then another, and finally stopped at a -5 tactical.

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A 1979 P6 which I bought at Gander Mountain in 2006-ish for $400. I still have it. It's had a few upgrades since then...a P225 barrel to get it to feed hollowpoints, and a P225 mainspring, hammer, and an SRT kit. I basically turned it into a P225. I still have all the original parts, so I could put it back if I ever want to, but it shoots much better like this.
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First one was a P229 9mm. I ended up selling that one to my cousin, who still has it, to fund the P229R 9mm, which I still have. Being younger and more broke, I wanted my only pistol at the time to have a rail for a WML.

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Sig P225 in 1995. Sold my Beretta 92FS the next day.
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239 9mm in early 98. I believe this model had just been released the prior fall. I still have the sales tag - $449 new.
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P220 Combat in 2009.........
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2011 Sig 229 in 40 S&W. My first pistol was a Beretta 96 in the same caliber. I got out of 40S&W in 2012 and have stuck with 9mm and 45 ACP ever since. Also, I got laid off early in 2012 which kicked me off the fence about selling my first Sig,
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Late in 1989, I was issued a SIG P226 9mm as my duty gun.

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Strictly SIG; duotone P290 in early 2012. I still have it, carry it occasionally. If we include the somewhat sort lived Mauser line of the late '90s and early '00s from SIG; a Mauser M2 in 40 from about Sept. 2000. An American Rifleman article from March 2000 led to that choice.
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Just after I turned 21, SIG came out with the 226 Navy. This the original 2000 collectors guns that came with the knife. I found a local gunstore that had one in stock, and I fell in love and decided I wanted it. It was my first gun and I went there with WAY more money than they were going for, I was gonna pay whatever they asked to walk out the door with that gun that day.

I couldn't get any of the 4-5 guys behind the counter to give me the time of day. They were sitting around shooting the shit, and none of them would get up to even show it to me. I wandered around that store probably a half hour before getting totally fed up and walking out, and I haven't been back since.

I went right to another local gunstore and bought the only SIG they had, a used 229 in .40 with 10 round magazines. It ended up being fortuitous, to this day that's my favorite firearm although I don't carry it much anymore. It just works and that gun actually embodies SIGs "to Hell and back" reliability, which I just don't see in a lot of their offerings today.

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!984. P226. Later traded off to another copper, but replaced several times over since then.

While I had it I switched agencies to one that was issuing the S&W 659. When I mentioned that I preferred the 226 the head armorer looked a little crestfallen and said "everybody does."
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P225 in 2001. One of my favorites still.
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Picked up a used P229-40 in 2002. Still have it today, although it currently sports a 357 Sig barrel. It's also when I joined the forum!

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a 1987 P226 in 1987...sent it right off to Klein Plating in Erie, PA for their Electroless Nickel since I could never source one that way from SIGARMS in Herndon but they told me that's where they sent theirs to get the EN finish...

added Trijicon (same as SIGLites back then) night sights and was my duty pistol


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P226. I still remember shopping at the gun counter. The Glock felt wrong; the Sig felt right. I described it as superior ergonomics. It was when Bill Clinton was president-elect.
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WG 226 in 1995
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220 after I graduated the Academy. Sold it to fund the upgrade from the spur hammer to the bobbed hammer. Have one in every caliber cataloged but had to buy the .30 Luger barrel for the 9mm to complete the set.
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Sigpro SP2340. Although I wanted to like it, I just didn’t and ended up trading it in towards getting what I really wanted, which was a 229 TT in .40. Still have it and it’s one of my favorites.
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A P226 KD was my first. I purchased it new around 1993 if I remember correctly. Still have it and it'll never be sold by me.

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P225 in 1993

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