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Started using this years ago as a way to describe how to live. Whenever I’m inclined to be a part of anything I default to “Seize the Day”. When we had a boat I joined a group and CarpeDiem was already taken, so I settled for CarpeNavicula, seize the boat. Seemed funny at the time, not so much now.

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Happily Retired
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Years and years ago we would come back here to the Lake on vacation. Having fished all my life, I, of course, always wanted to go out bass fishing. One of my BIL's once looked at me and said he was going to start calling me Bassamatic. We both started laughing thinking of that stupid old commercial "Bassomatic" from the 70's. That just popped in my head when I joined for some reason.

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Its my old computer ID from college ('89). We used to have these horrible Sun Microsystems machines and that was the ID they gave me. It was hard to get forget so it stuck.
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My initials and how I was often addressed. Chosen because it is seldom taken when selecting usernames.

Yes, Para does appreciate humor.
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semi-reformed sailor
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I’m not remotely clever or sly like some of you guys, so I just used my name and where I live…..and then we moved to Texas.

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Partial dichotomy
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I owned six handguns when I joined, but also liked the reference to revolvers which three of them were.

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Nothing at all to do with the guitar player from Deep Purple and Rainbow.

Actually I had just returned from England when I first needed to register for a gunboard and this place we stayed - Blackmore Farm - is still my favorite of all our trips over. Grade 1 listed building in W. Somerset. Kept the name for continuity's sake everywhere I'm a member.

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I selected mine from the orphan and unloved 41 magnum.

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I'm not from Pennsylvania.

When I was a teenager I started umpiring baseball. I became a total rule book nerd. I had a book called 'Baseball's Knotty Problems,' which often referred to second base as the 'keystone' base and the second baseman as the 'keystoner.' Ryne Sandberg was my favorite player so second base was my favorite position to play, and there you go.

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I was a coffee roaster. I was trying to come up with a screen name to register for a car forum. Someone in the warehouse asked “ where’s the Beancooker at?” When they were looking for me.

That’s when I claimed my name.

My avatar came from some Russian Nissan forum. They had an article and someone had that as an avatar. I promptly stole the smoking baby.

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My other Sig
is a Steyr.
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Back when I started, I had a P220 in 45 Auto and two in .38 Super. A 10mm came later.

Now I have more P220s in every other caliber.

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Well... my favorite pup at the time was a Rottie named Tyson.

I've used that handle for gaming as well. Guys would pronounce it as Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes. I'd just shake my head and laugh.

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Back in '74 at 19 years old I was the youngest member of the Toledo branch of the Norton Owners Club.
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I Deal In Lead
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Army nickname plus initials.
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Where I went to college and the year I graduated.

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I'm a fly fisherman, and here in Michigan there is a type of mayfly called the Brown Drake. The Brown Drake hatch is one of my favorite times to be fishing on Michigan's northern rivers.

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I was watching a lot of Seinfeld re-runs at the time, and thought George Costanza's representation that he always wanted to pretend to be an architect (as opposed to actually wanting to be an architect) was pretty damned funny.

I never saw any episodes during their original run, or I probably would have been over it.
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Name and number on the back of my baseball jersey.

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Hop head
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lyman is my middle name, and the middle name of my Dad and Granddad

I use it , or lyman1903, on every board I am on, except the first I joined, there I use my initials,

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My '01

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