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In a different thread I asked this question ... will start off with sns3guppy's story :

Originally posted by sns3guppy:
[QUOTE]Originally posted by old dino:
sns3guppy, slosig and gocatgo (another fun thread would be how we chose our handles).

My login was originally supposed to be SNS2 Guppy, which is the first airplane I started building (a small spruce and fabric single-seat reverse staggerwing biplane, if anyone cares), designed long ago by Hobie Sorrell. I mistyped it as sns3guppy, which has carried over to various sites since. Hobie designed several airplanes, prefacing them with SNS, and then the number in sequence of his designs. He's better known for a couple of plans-built airplanes called the Hyperlite and the Hyperbipe, both of which are later versions of the Guppy.

I think I was here under a different name some time prior, but can't really remember, and ended up signing up with that name. Nothing too magical, maybe kind of geeky.

When I flew medevac and ambulance, I did so in light piston airplanes off dirt airstrips using flare-pots and flashlights and vehicle lights for runway lighting, as well as turboprop aircraft, and turobjet aircraft, doing emergency transport, adminstrative (non-emergency and moving people), as well as a lot of organ recovery and organ transport (hearts, kidneys, bone, etc).

The nail in the proverbial coffin for me was a week that had several kids, each dying of cancer, and one young adult I flew home to pass away. I hit my limit and went back to firefighting. It's always the kids.

The one medical flight that I still see when I close my eyes, decades later, was a boy who drowned. I got called out of a movie for the flight, one night. He was Hopi, and had to be back on the reservation and interred by sunrise, by their tradition. It was a calm night, full moon, and when I glanced over my shoulder at the gurney at a body bag with a lump that only covered half the gurney, that image is as clear and sorrowful to me today as it was then, and it still chokes me up.

I flew severe burn victims, horrific multi-casualty vehicle pile up victims, gunshots, cancer, a guy who took a chainsaw to the face, and even patients with flies and patients spraying fluids. The ones that haunt, and the ones that finally led to that "can't-take-it-anymore" moment, were the kids. That's always been true for everyone I've known in emergency services, too.

Organ transplants are flights of hope. I wish you, and your family the best in this endeavor. It's the positive side of the coin. God bless you, and your family.

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"Promise small, deliver big"

"Information in order to be useful must be shared"

"When shit happens, gotta adapt to what there is to adapt to"

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My boy and I love the Jason Bourne series of movies. It was just something I came up with when he was younger and it makes me think of him back during those times.
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My story is working the street with mostly young troops who view both my person and working style as old school ... which morphed into being T-rex.

I played off of that with my Sig Forum handle of "old dino" as in an old dinosaur.


"Promise small, deliver big"

"Information in order to be useful must be shared"

"When shit happens, gotta adapt to what there is to adapt to"

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I lived in MT for many years. Its the description of a winter tree which has a painful magnetic property between it and myself while skiing. I also have email, used to have personal truck plates with the same

Live today as if it may be your last and learn today as if you will live forever
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Back, and
to the left
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Once I decided to join, I think I went through 20 - 30 odd choices. They were all taken. It wound up stretching into days and weeks. I finally decided to try my old Honda, V-45 Magna.

It was taken

So I reluctantly added the year, 83. When it finally accepted it, I was almost disappointed since it was so long and arcane. It wasn't like I had my heart set on anything. I just needed something that wasn't already taken.

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always with a hat or sunscreen
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My boys thought it would be funny for me to have personalized license plates on the new convertible sports car I bought for my impending retirement now close to two decades ago. They suggested what became not only my 2003 Honda S2000's license plates but my online handle.
I am after all really bald as have they become. So I'm numero uno. Big Grin

Certifiable member of the gun toting, septuagenarian, bucket list workin', crazed retiree, bald is beautiful club!
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A Grateful American
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I tried "DumbAss", but it was rejected, so...

"the meaning of life, is to give life meaning" I could explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.
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The first gun forum to which I belonged had a lot of well-known people in the gun world as members who used their real names, so I did too.

When a thing is funny, search it carefully for a hidden truth. - George Bernard Shaw
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An old email address. cparktd@xxxxxx

"Commerce Park" was shortened to "cpark". That was the location designation of one site of a multi location business. The "td" is my initials.

John Smith would have been cparkjs@xxxxxxx

It kind of stuck for other uses over the years.

If YOUR mask works... why the hell does it matter if I wear one?
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I'm left handed, and I had just bought my first Sig - a Sig/Hammerli Trailside.

In hindsight, I would have been more creative...
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Football team plus Darell Green and Art Monks jersey numbers.


Sic Semper Tyrannis
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My fist corporation: Downtown Ventures Inc.

Many thought is was lady parts, but no.

There were many more after that very first one and it has kept my CPA, fat and happy.


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I enjoy the rum.
But also as far as pirates go, he was a very successful one.

Let all Men know thee, but no man know thee thoroughly: Men freely ford that see the shallows.
Benjamin Franklin
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I've used it for nearly 30 years, as it was what I loved to do back then.


"Once abolish the God, and the Government becomes the God." --- G.K. Chesterton
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I swear I had
something for this
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It's my name.
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I hate mine because I think people think I’m trying to sound like a badass.

In reality I’d just finished reading “On a Pale Horse” by Piers Anthony and it was just the first thing that came to mind.

“Everybody wants a Sig in the sheets but a Glock on the streets.” -bionic218 04-02-2014
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I owned a hay business.

CMSGT USAF (Retired)
Chief of Police (Retired)
Florida Class K Licensed Instructor
NRA Certified LE Handgun/Shotgun/Rifle Instructor
SIG and Glock and Springfield 1911 Armorer
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My role at my current and likely last employer was a lubricant formulator. The vanity plate in my commonwealth allowed me to create a simple cryptic version of that role. In forums, usernames are a challenge to find and this one was unique and not used on several, so I chose it.

NRA Life Member
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Eye on the
Silver Lining
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I’m a bit sassy, and I do tend to be irreverent (in a good way, I think- joking/teasing). It’s also kind of a play on my spouse’s name.


"Trust, but verify."
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Muzzle flash
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Over the years I developed a liking for big muzzle flashes. When I began participating in gun boards (this was not the first one) I chose "flashguy" and have used it on all the gun boards I frequent (there are several, but this one is primary). My avatar is one I created myself to illustrate my username--it is an attempt to depict the flash from my Grizzly in .50AE.


Texan by choice, not accident of birth
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