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is circumspective
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^^^ I was able to get pumpkin at Smith's (a Kroger store) here today. Although it was the small cans, rather than the big'uns. I got 16 to add to my collection of a dozen(ish) from last week. My dogs need it. In this case, I think it's about the timing.

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Grandkids like Pop Tarts, so picked up a couple of boxes last weekend on a BOGO deal at Publix.

Ok yeah I'll sneak one myself now and then, noticed that they have reduced the product size, they are shorter. Which is reduced sugar so there is that.....

Box is same size, price is same but the tarts themselves are shorter. Shrinkflation.

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DEF is starting to become an issue around here. People are snatching it up and stockpiling whether they need it now or not, making the local NAPA shelves bare.

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Sriracha around here is gone.

I suspect there are resellers snatching it all up to put on Amazon and eBay.

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