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With all these supply chain issues, what weird shortages are you seeing now as of October 2021?

For me it's those blue plastic receptacle boxes at places like Lowes, both "old work" and "new work" type. Usually there are dozens of sizes and types and dozens of each. Last time I was at Lowes, not a one to be found. Confused

For my wife, she can't seem to find juice pouches (like Capri Sun) or juice boxes for the kiddos.

WTF is going on here?

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There are no shortages I'm aware of around here other than primers.
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Satin and semi gloss paint. Trying to get my house painted and it's out or hard to get everywhere right now locally. Believe it or not we can't get pro-biotics for our dog that needs them for stomach issues. So strange the random crap that is unavailable.
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Our Costco has placed a Limit of 1 on a few things, but there's plenty of stock.

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No issues. As I said in an earlier thread. I have not had issues obtaining anything I needed during this whole fiasco.
Sure there have been jacked up prices. But other than that it has been pretty normal. If you are low on something. Make sure you have enough of a supply.

Oh, canning lids would be the one thing.

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Neighbor went to get some black flexible drainage pipe that you bury under ground to divert gutter water. Not available. Was told it was on a ship outside CA waiting to be unloaded.

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I like Starbucks chilled “Frappuccino” drinks* and often pick them up at gas stations or convenience stores when traveling. Recently, though, every place I checked was out or have only a couple of bottles of the (evidently) less or perhaps more popular flavors. Even the local supermarket was almost out (although they’re out or almost out of countless things on a regular basis, so that might not be a sign of anything). In any event it was something I noticed and wondered about.

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Blue Boxes have been out for a bit, we remodeled the kitchen and no double gang boxes were to be found in the blue work boxes, ended up with a fiberglass double gang, works just as well.

For a while when schools cranked up Gatorade's sugar free drinks disappeared, they are back but not in full supply. Last week the deli at Publix was half full of Boars Head meat selections, they had more this week but less than normal.

Still out of Claussen Garlic and Non Garlic pickles...
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Small (half-sized) cans of Spam. Packets of Temptations (cat treats). Ethyl rubbing alcohol. Bottle (13-oz) of Original V-8 (Spicy available).


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Kellog's Cracklin Oat Bran. Can't find it anywhere.

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I haven’t looked for primers but if you are asking about shortages of normal use stuff it’s easy. None.

Even the car thing is strange to me. I might not be able to pick my exact car but if I needed a new car I could go down to the Daytona Auto Mall and drive off with basically any car I wanted. Probably pay more than “normal” but what doesn’t cost more today?

The only thing I actually have trouble finding is a sectional couch. Every bit of new furniture we ordered when we bought the new house is here except for on pesky section of our sectional.

I think the “shortages” are being over sold by the media and the public is responding which is kind of a vicious cycle. Creating a shortage where no reasonable reason exists for one.
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Parts for my printers.


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Recently tried to buy a refrigerator. All major brands had at least a six month backlog. Sales lady said it was the same chip shortage that is plaguing the auto industry. I don't want my reefer (or my car for that matter) to be smarter than me, just to keep stuff cold.
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One of the weird shortages that I have experienced is a lack of Gatorade, especially the Lemon-Lime stuff.

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Originally posted by two-two-niner-romeo:
Kellog's Cracklin Oat Bran. Can't find it anywhere.

About six weeks ago the stock of Kellogg’s Club Crackers at both of my main grocery stores became spotty too.

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Originally posted by wcb6092:
Was told it was on a ship outside CA waiting to be unloaded.

This is the start point, it's fucked up logistics systems all over. Just-in-time is great until the wheels fall off somewhere, then you're fucked for a long time.
Now the scramble to get 'important' parts is causing delays/chaos on all the other items that need unloaded/shipped.
It's a shitty situation, then you add CA politics & unions to it. Guess how that's going to go.
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Went to the supply house last week for a project for a family member. I've been out of the electrical world since COVID made me realize I needed a career that could never be stopped. I was shocked when I had to go to, two supply houses to get what I needed. One of the items I asked for they just laughed at me and said "Jesse, you've been out of the game too long, we haven't seen those in months."

Electrical boxes were one item, completely out of one gang old work boxes at my first stop. That was Capital Electric a national large electrical supplier.

Another odd thing, three places to find a post for a post light the week before that. I was able to secure the *only one* in my local area.

Signs are back up at Costco and grocery stores limiting toilet paper again.


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more like item count packaging

like they won't have a 8-count box of something only the 20-count box

outright 0 QTY shortages not seeing too much of

although coated paper plates were gone from a few places a couple weeks ago now that i think about it


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Cat food
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