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I watched NTTD again on a flight the other day and liked it better than the first time. Biggest gripe is still underuse of Ana de Armas and the relatively boring (low action) 3rd act.

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I caught it on Prime. It was not bad. The black chick who portrayed the new 007 was poorly cast and wasnt good at all. Ana de Armas was ++++! The references to earlier Bond films were fun. The death of Leiter was a bummer, since I had had been hoping for a bigger role for Jeffery Wright.

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Thought is was terrible. Casting and writing were poor also. I am glad I did not pay for it ( other that Amazon Prime).
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Watched it for the first time on Prime over the weekend.

Was not impressed! You could leave the black 007 out of it and no one would notice. Daniel Craig as Bond, looked old and tired and we can all hope he did get blown to bits at the end.


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Watched also on Prime too.
It wasn't like any of the Connery classic greats but just OK, IMO.
Certainly an lot worse to choose from now days.
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I don't know why they had to kill off Bond. He's lasted for 50 years; not sure why he couldn't last another 50.

I like Ana in other roles she's played. She was absolutely captivatingly stunning here. Amazingly beautiful.

I hate that James Bond has been killed off. I have no impressions of the new 007; she got almost zero screen time and I have to think hard to remember any of her scenes. I watch the series for James Bond. I don't watch it for 007 - fill in the person. If they want a 00x with a female black person as an agent, fine. Make another character. Make a different franchise. But leave James Bond alone as 007 and continue that franchise. Guys want to be James Bond. They don't want to be some black female super agent - I don't identify as that. It's like watching Lara Croft - cool character but I'm watching in 3rd person. Bond - I like to watch as thought 1st person - that's part of the pull.

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I finally caught this one on Prime and enjoyed it - I’d already read the spoilers and knew how it would end.

Overall I’ve enjoyed the DC era (after thinking in the beginning of it that I wouldn’t).

With the end-credit mention that “James Bond Will Return,” I wonder if perhaps some retro / throwback / prequel type films might be in the works? Showing us some of JB’s “other” exploits from the ‘60s, etc., given the timeless nature of the character?

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I loved the Daniel Craig era. After Quantum the studios were having financial issues, so we lost a movie or two while they sorted themselves out. I get that they killed off Craig's Bond. Ian Flemming tried 2-3 times in the novels so he could stop writing Bond novels. And he kept having to bring him back. But is served as a nice book end since we saw Craig earn his '00' status in CR.

Eon/ Barbara Broccoli announced it will be at least 2 years before production starts on the next Bond movie. They are still trying to decide how to go forward. I do like the idea of filming the Bond novels as written/set in the early Cold War. Some novels are going to be slow and not as action oriented as we are used to, but who knows.

Also with Amazon acquiring Eon, there has been talk of a spin off series for Prime. Eon wants James to remain big screen only. I would love to see Ana's character have a series. She had more screen presence than the new 007 did.

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