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Well, I got out and shot it today. I don't have a suppressor, or a Popeil pocket fisherman...what you see is as fancy as I get Big Grin. The gun is a stock P320 Carry, with a large grip module, Type1 RMR, and a TLR-1. One round was pretty close to the line, but I think it tore rather than the bullet actually breaking the line, so I'm gonna call it 3 10's and 2Xs.

Just for giggles, I shot it with irons, too. Exact came setup, minus the dot:

Same score, but the group with the dot might have been a bit tighter. It is definitely easier to get a clean sight picture with the dot on a static target like this. I'm still learning the dot...which hasn't been made any easier by the current ammo situation. Since I had it out today, I went ahead and played with it on the plate rack some, including a good bit of one-handed shooting, which has been a struggle for me with the dot in the past. It went ok...still slower than irons one-handed, though. I'm not ready to give up on it yet, but I still debate whether or not the incremental benefits are worth the added size, expense, and complexity that the optic brings with it.
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Good target, 92fstech!

Looks like a 3X to me. Standard copy paper isn't the best for target scoring.

ensigmatic, your EMP would definitely qualify for this match ... if it's
like this one:

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