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My first SIG was a P220, bought new, in April 1991. Notably, it was the original type, with a heel-clip magazine release. I bought it to be my duty pistol, as my Colt Commander, initially reliable, had started malfunctioning, after a year of use. (I worked for a PD that required us to provide our own duty firearms.) The P220 performed superbly, and soon I was carrying it as my always/everywhere gun.

Notably, the heel-clip magazine release presented a problem, as it tended to snag on the fabric covering the seat back, in the patrol car. Three or four times, I discovered that the magazine had been partially released, so, after two years of carrying the P220, on and off the clock, I reverted to using a duty revolver. I sold the P220, to finance one of the newer P220 pistols, with the push-button magazine release, only to discover that the newer type of P220 pointed low, when I gripped it. I did not return to owning and using a SIG, until 2004, when I bought a P229R DAK, to use as a duty pistol.

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P229 in .40s&W around 1994

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I found used P229/9 at a local fun shop around 1996. I really didn't know much about Sigs, except that they were quality firearms. I checked it out and fell for it. It fits my hand so perfectly. The rest well I've acquired many more. But I'll never part with my first.

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1985 P226 W. German was the first.
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I got my 1st Sig P226 in 1986 or 1987 not long after changing jobs. Had to order it. Not many Sigs around my area back in those days. Still have it.
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P220 KE W.German. First handgun when I was in my early 20's. Bought used as a police trade in. Joined the forum shortly after to learn more about it.

I only own two SIGs and still have both of them.
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This one, a 1977 P220 in .38 Super. I think I bought it in the late 80's. would have to look at my log book to be sure. Still have it, but never shoot it as I believe it to be rare as it is a pre Browning import.

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2022. Purchased 5-28-11. I think it's around here somewhere Big Grin

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First Sig pistol was a P6, West German police surplus version of the P225, about 1995, under $200 delivered with box, two mags, and manual. Wish I still had it, but I doubt my grandson will let it go.

Second Sig was a P232, about 2003. Needed a lightweight small pistol I could carry unobtrusively. About $300 at the time. Worked very well until #2 son decided it should go home with him.

Third Sig was a German P220 .45ACP, received in a trade deal about 2004. Had very little in it after the trade and turned it around for a good profit.

Last Sig is a P229 DA-SA-decocker .40 S&W. LE trade-in, factory refurb "red box" certified pre-owned, purchased 2018 for $388, boxed with two mags and one-year factory warranty. Couldn't pass it up at that price, just like brand new and $700 below MSRP for a new one. Great pistol! One of my sons or grandsons will probably discover it soon and decide that old Grampa doesn't need it as much as he does.

OK, I'm still getting used to aluminum alloy frames and haven't fallen in love with plastic guns yet. If I live long enough I will probably enjoy a few more.

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Late 1996 I bought my first Sig to go through the police academy. I no longer have it, but good heavens there have been many since Cool.
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I joined here in 01. I must have gotten my 9mm 229 sometime before that.
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P226 two tone 1994. Many thousands of rounds downrange, duty gun for a long time, saved my butt plenty. Still have it, haven't shot it in a good number of years. Now I feel bad. Time to get it to the range.
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It was 1988, my second year with Dallas PD, and I was at a local gun show. I stumbled across a slightly used P226, serial U131xxx. DPD was still using revolvers for sidearms and we were becoming badly outgunned by bad guys carrying semiautos in large numbers.

I looked at the pistol and remembered that while we were forbidden from carrying semiautos as sidearms, there was nothing in our General Orders against carrying semiautos for backup weapons. I bought it.

I was the first person on the Department to qualify with a Sig until DPD transitioned to them as sidearms in 1991.
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A police trade in 226 9mm back in 1999. Sadly, it was sold off during a bad financial time.

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My first Sig was also my first gun. It was a W. Germany P226. It was that or a Beretta 92F.

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My first SIG/Sauer was a P6. I bought it during the big import. I got because I wanted to complete the P5/P6/P7 trilogy. I did not like at first. I found the grip too short, I really had to cram my fingers together. I changed my mind after I shot it. I guess it liked me. Now it's possibly my favorite gun.

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P228 purchased in 1992, I think. My buddy owns it now.
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P239 in the late 1990s. Sold it to another SF member ages ago.
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P225. The first year they were sold in the US. Incredibly accurate. I had friends waiting in line to buy it if I ever sold it. Stupidly I did. I have since acquired two more of the early generations to fix that mistake!

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