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How similar are your nightstand and CC pistols? Login/Join 
Lot's of choices out there and I'm not sure the same manufacturer is necessarily the best for each in every case.

How similar are your nightstand pistol and daily carry pistol?

They are the same pistol or identical models
They are different sizes from the same series. Ex: G17 and G26
They are very similar MOA, but different manufacturers. Ex: M&P and G26
They are totally different. Ex: Sig 226 and G26

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G23 in my holster
G22 w/ a TLR3 on the nightstand.
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They are the same, because they are the same gun. I don't have a "NIGHT STAND GUN". I take whatever pistol I'm carrying that day, and I snap a light on it. It's usually a 2.0 Compact. Sometimes, if I work late, I just put my Gen5 G17 with light on the table.

With that being said, I have a plate carrier near my bed with a Gen4 G17 with light, and a bunch of magazines. I will probably trade that in on a new Gen5 though. My work rifle usually sits there too.

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Same - CZ PCR
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Duty Gun: Glock 17
Off Duty Gun: Glock 19

Both with TLR-1HLs.

Whichever gun I'm carrying at the time goes on the bedside table.
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G26 night and day.
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One single pistol serves both duties for me.

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P226/.40 for nightstand duty, and I carry a G27.
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Whichever gun I was carrying that day, either a Glock 26 or 19.
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It’s they same physical weapon, so it’s identical. Wink G19.4 w/XC1B
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The best pistol, ( as I see it ) for a given role.

In my case, an XDm 4.5 .45 with light and two additional magazines rests on the head board when I'm home.

A Gen 4 G31 typically rides on my hip at the gun shop. On my own time, an EMP usually sits concealed on my belt. My new PC .45 Shield will probably begin assuming some CC duty as well.

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Same, 2 different Glock 19’s, both with NS, RMR, and Inforce light

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G19 for CC and AR15 for nightstand duty. They ain’t fucking around if they break in at night so I ain’t fucking around. If my daughter is with me then I use an HK45CT with a Silencerco suppressor in case one of my hands needs to control or hold her.

For ME:
DA/SA= Sig 9mm
Striker fired= Glock 9mm
If it's a .45= 1911
Suppressed= HK in .45
I like anything in 10mm

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I use a Remington 870P with a surefire forearm as my night stand gun. I would hate to be out-gunned in my own house.
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Whatever I'm carrying that day goes on the nightstand. Past few months it's been a P229 with a spare magazine.

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Same gun.


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Night stand:

Main CC:

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PM9 - P220ST
Both DA for 1st pull, the PM9 is DAO vs. 220ST DA/SA but... Not the greatest logic, but there it is.


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HK P7 on both counts.

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Nightstand duty is an AR.

The plan is to move to an AR pistol with suppressor, still need to get one of those cans.
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