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Completely disagree. The larger dot size isn’t “easier” to locate, nor is the smaller harder. Dot size is simply preference. If you have decent presentation, the dot will fall into the window the same regardless of size.

It is simply impossible to mask or hide poor technique with a bigger dot.

A larger dot being “faster” is one of those wives tales that won’t die. A fast shooter is going to be fast despite a larger or smaller dot.

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I'm honestly not sure if I could tell between a 1 vs 3 vs 5 moa dot, especially quickly. It may only be distinguishable when superimposing the dot on a relatively small target - like a 5moa dot on a 2moa target.

What is noticeable to me regardless of dot size is brightness relative to ambient light. To me, this has a first order influence on acquisition speed.

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It seems to be taking off in the competition world as we’re seeing dot sizes of 8/10/12 MOA, and comp guys will shoot as soon as the dot is lined up in the A zone. Not the best idea for a tactical situation, but doable.
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I agree with JLJones. If you present the pistol correctly, the dot will be very close to where you want it. I have three different window size dot sights, and am beginning to like the smallest window the best.

With good presentation, the larger window is more of a hindrance than a help. Also I find with a smaller size dot, it shows lack of precision more readily. 2.5-3 moa dot is ideal, IMO.

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As the minutes, days and months of daily training/practice go on by, and your presentation approaches near-perfection, you'll find that even 1 MOA dot sizes are no longer required. Maybe.

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My personal preference is always to carry a handgun with a red dot. I have been, since roughly 10 years ago. Now it's easier, cheaper than ever before. And the reliability and choices are better than ever.

Are there downsides? Yes. But the juice, to me, is definitely worth the squeeze.

I like the idea of focusing on the target vs the front sight. That's a big plus for me.

Secondly, with the dot, once I put in the work, the timer told me that I am faster. And the group size, especially at a distance, is smaller.

In short, a red dot on a good handgun, with good ammo and decent shooter gives you more capabilities at longer ranges.

I never understood the whole "I won't need the optic and handgun distances" argument. What distance is that? If I could predict that, I'd run out and buy a lottery ticket tomorrow.

If I can expand the envelope of distance where I can still fight effectively, and faster, I am all for that. The bulk and concealability these days are not an issue.
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