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Originally posted by Black92LX:
Do you have a good source for these in these wonderful times of ammo availability??
Champions Choice
Creedmoor Sports
Mile High Shooting

Not all model lines will be available at any one time, from any one distributor. You have to shop around a bit -- even in the best of times.

Pretty much all 22lr match ammo is priced too high right now. If the best is too much to spring for, the mid-priced lines of the good manufacturers are still quite accurate. And probably more accurate than the majority of rifles and trigger pullers are consistently capable of. The top-of-the-line ammo varieties are probably waste of money for those who aren't capable of consistent 1-hole groups at 50 yards, and who want to shoot targets at 100-200 yards.
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A good all around .22 is CCI 40 grain CPRN.
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Suppressed equals some variety of subsonic ( a synonym for standard velocity)
Nearly all standard velocity will tend to be anywhere from a little to extremely more accurate than any high velocity
“Acceptable accuracy”? Everyone has a different standard here. What I find acceptable ( we will use the yardstick CCI standard here) for routine use won’t cut it when I shoot prs/ nrl22 events.
My current go to is SK pistol match special.
Very reliable in all my semis, great accuracy. Not horribly expensive. It runs a hair faster than most standard velocity while still being subsonic, and gives semis a bit more functional assurance.
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Most importantly MUST CYCLE A SEMIAUTO

Since this is 'most important' should point out this 100% depends on the semiauto(s) in question.

After trial and error I've gravitated toward Federal Champion .22 LR as it cycles everything I currently have. It has its own characteristics and I don't doubt there are designs it would not work in, however, and I don't doubt that I will have to confirm whether or not it cycles in future .22LR purchases.
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For shooting at things other than game, CCI Standard.

For shooting at game, CCI Mini-mags.

If I was a target shooter, Eley Tenex.

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