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I've had the same problems with the Aguila tumbling.

CCI Standard Velocity has worked the best for me in almost all situations.
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For me it is the CCI standard velocity.
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I'm a little late to this thread, but I shoot a ton of 22lr for numerous disciplines not to mention plinking and sub caliber training. Since semi auto is a must, I'll keep it short and say CCI Standard Velocity or Mini Mags have cycled reliably with good accuracy out of every 22lr semi auto I own.

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CCI on sale at PSA....

500 Rounds for $39.99


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I shoot CCI standard velocity in M41 and High Standard, MiniMags or Aguila SE in others.

But would a plated standard velocity keep a silencer cleaner? Does anybody make one?
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When I bought my son his first “real” rifle, Tikka .22 with NF SHV scope, I bought some Lapua LONG range Match 22 and Lapua X (I think that’s what it was called. As well as Norma DH 22 LR for hunting.

Expensive for the Lapua, yes. Disgustingly accurate, hell yes! The Norma was no slouch either and took a whole lot of small game.

Originally posted by Black92LX:
What is the round that does it all as best as possible?
Shoots well suppressed and unsuppressed
Acceptable accuracy at to 75 yards or so
Is terminally effective
From a pistol or rifle
Most importantly MUST CYCLE A SEMIAUTO.

Yes, I know it is kind of a silly question as there are tons of options.

But let’s just say someone were to provide you with a lifetime supply of .22LR ammo but you could only have 1 single flavor ever again, what would it be and why?
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To answer OPs question, if I had an Appleseed rifle or pistol clinic with more than ten different types of firearms on the line and needed every single one of them to work reliably? And then everyone planned to take those firearms and use them for small game/personal protection or whatever? And I was stuck with only one "flavor"? And I need a lot of them at reasonable cost? I'll probably stick with CCI Mini Mag 40 grain.

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Winchester is out, too many misfires. Anything from CCI

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I’m off a few days this week, I plan to do some casual rimfire testing. I have 2 newer Ruger rimfire revolvers, 3” LCRx in 22lr & the other in 22 mag. The 22lr is 8 shot, the mag carries 6.

With the 22 mag the ‘gold dot’ gets good reviews, part is less blast with a lower fps loading. It’s tailored for ‘short barrels’. With that one could ask, why not just a high power 22 lr round?

I also have some WRF rounds, which reduces blast also in the 22 mag.

Reading reviews on the net, seems like CCI reviews better than Winchester rounds, in this revolver anyway.
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Not a target shooter, so I'm not going for small groups. The CCI Mini-Mags cycle everything I have and are accurate enough to squirrel hunt with and knock around some tin cans from time to time.

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I have just a single .22 at this time, a Ruger MKiV 22/45 Lite.

I suspect CCI is the best .22 ammo overall and my Ruger has shot the stingers perfectly. I had 1 or 2 malfunctions with the blazer out of 50. I just haven’t shot that much of it yet.

So far I have put more Aguila through the 22/45 than any other brand. Including 30 grain solids, 30 grain HP, 38 grain HP and 40 grain solids. All worked perfectly. Mine seems to show a slight preference for the 40 grain solids.

Right now I am buying Aguila & CCI whenever I see them and I have the funds to spare.
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