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The thread on Dukes Mayo got me to thinking. What’s your favorite sammich? I guess mine would be an old fashion bologna with colby cheese, lettuce, tomato and mustard.
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For mayo, I like bologna cheese with chips on it - barbecue or Doritos
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I find it hard to beat a good ole bologna just as you described, but add some mayo.
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On man...

Hot pastrami
Meatball sub
Italian (with hots, damnit)...

Who can pick just one?

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Yeah, homemade meatball sammich. Thick sliced crisp Blt with fresh tomato. A real hot roast beef sammich with homemade gravy. That is for starters.

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A Reuben with a few Black and Tans. McP's Irish Pub on Coronado Island has the best example I've ever had.

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Hard to say what is my favorite.

Italian sub. Grilled cheese. A perfect BLT. Reuben. PB&J. Had a great schnitzel sandwich the other day.

A local sub shop makes a "Hot popper" cheesesteak! It has jalapeños and cream cheese.

A top favorite is a Bobby from Capriotti's. Now that's a damn good sandwich, Thanksgiving on a roll!

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Italian beef, dipped with hot peppers

Pretty much in that order.


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#13 original Italian at Jersey Mike’s with extra oil, vinegar, and oregano...Mike’s way.

At home...BLT with chedduh and a fried egg that’s juuuuuust a tad runny and puts a little melt on the cheese on lightly toasted Oroweat Health Nut bread...heavy on the Duke’s mayo.

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Italian roast pork hoagie with brocolli rabe and provolone. There is another version which substitutes sweet italian sausage for the roast pork.

For those of you who have not had one,, I know, it sounds weird, but it is so good.

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Dave's killer bread, (seven grain), Best Foods olive oil mayo, green leaf lettuce on both flanks. In the middle: two slices of Boar's Head Mortadella with pistachio sandwich meat, two slices of Vlasic Bread & Butter chips, salt and pepper from the grinder, one slice of Boar's Head imported Swiss, two slices of Boar's Head olive loaf sandwich meat.

Accompanied by Kettle brand Krinkle cut Salt & Black Pepper chips.

Other sandwich meats I commonly use are Boar's head Deluxe ham and Genoa Salami.


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Prosciutto and fresh mozzarella with lettuce, tomato and olive oil on fresh Italian baguette.

Corned beef and pastrami on rye with brown mustard.


Chopped chicken liver on dark bread with onion and brown mustard.

Cream cheese with lox, and capers, or onion, on a fresh bagel.

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Reuben here, traditional or turkey.

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Muffuletta. With no bread nowadays.

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Crawfish poboy. Not many places do them, but I like it more than shrimp.
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Good pastrami on rye

Oyster po' boy

Lobster roll

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Lobster roll


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Cuban sandwich. My favorite is a twist on the traditional with substituting low-n-slow smoked pulled pork for sliced pork.

BLT is a close 2nd. Summertime it's made with my homegrown organic maters. Usually buy something fancy (e.g. kaiser roll) from HEB's bakery, and some thick cut HEB bacon. I don't ruin it Mayo either as it's gotta be Miracle Whip.

Bahn Mi. I had never heard of them prior to a Sigforum thread. I've paid it forward and introduced people in 2 countries to this Vietnamese sandwich.

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Meatloaf, and PB&J w/ banana slices on toast.
Eating out Monte Cristo, though I love a good Cuban, which I have not located here in the Hills.
There are some good hamburgers here!
BLT in the summer, or when you want to wish for summer, but tomatoes in winter is an issue!

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