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The Lounge
For just about anything on your mind.
Re: Tom Hayden, famed anti-Vietnam... (Himiko)
The Lair
An area for discussing common interests--Film, literature, music and hobbies.
Re: The Exorcist @ Alamo Drafthous... (46and2)
New Members Introduction
If you are just joining us a big welcome to you! Please stop in to this section and tell us a little about yourself.
Re: Living in NV with my P320C (JeffDVC)
What's Your Deal!
Hacked off? Pitch your bitch!
Re: Flat bill hats (SFCUSARET)
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SIG Pistols
Discussion of SIG and other pistols.
Re: P226 Magazine Bases (Slare)
Mason's Rifle Room
The Rifle section is dedicated to James Henry Mason, aka forum member "horse"; shooter, collector and rifle authority, who left us too soon.
Re: Have you seen this? Troy GAU-5... (cas)
Suppressed Weapons
Discussion of all aspects of silencers and silenced weapons
Re: Should one run a Boresnake thr... (flesheatingvirus)
Competition, Training and Regional Shoots
Announce Competiton Events or Training Classes, and organize Regional SIGforum shoots here
Re: SilencerCo Quiet Riot Event in... (vthoky)
CCW Methods & Issues
Concealed carry methods and issues
Re: Belts for carry (az4783054)
Gun Control Discussion
For all gun legislation and rights issues
Re: Gun Prices (titus66)
The Essential Edge
"A knifeless man is a lifeless man" is an old Nordic proverb. Tool, defensive weapon or both, every man needs at least one good knife.
Re: Got into CRKs...(Photo Heavy) (photoman12001)
The Gallery
The Gallery is provided as a place for members to post photos.
Re: Hide and seek with my son (Rolan_Kraps)
AmmunitionLatest Post:
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For issues of internal, external, and terminal ballistics
Re: 9mm defensive ammo questions..... (Sig209)
Billy Bob's BangBang Boutique
That's right, son! Get your cheap ammo here!
Re: 5.56/.223 Bulk Ammo Purchase (doublecorona)
For the handloaders among us
Re: I Know how to Get Powder OUT o... (rscalzo)
GunsmithingLatest Post:
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SIG Armorer
SIG-Certified Armorer Chris Orndorff and our knowledgeable Members will do their best to answer your gunsmithing questions.
Re: anyone know about TSW Smith an... (rscalzo)
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Classifieds Section
Buy, sell or trade. All NFA rules apply
Re: .45 ACP ammo 230gr - Speer Go... (kcl1960)
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SIG Forum Office
For any administrative issues or questions from members
Premission for HTML in Signatu... (redleg2/9)
Forum Administrative Area
A private area for staff members
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