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I have a set of Wood Grips made by 'Altamont' I would like to install on a Sig P229. Problem is the screws are way too short from the OEM original grips. I have heard that using sig P239 screws would do the trick and have enough thread to handle the additional wood grip thickness. Does anyone know if this is true or not? Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks Brian

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I can't tell you if P239 screws will work for you.
Use whatever screws with the correct diameter/threads per inch if English threading, or Metric diameter/pitch, whatever works for you.
Be certain they are not excessively long and don't protrude inside the grip frame, as they will interfere with magazine insertion.
You also want almost full thread engagement length in the frame, about a thread from being flush on the interior of the frame.
With you using Altamont grips, you "may" have to buy excessively long grip screws, and shorten them to the proper length.

Also, if your P229 has an aluminum frame, be gentle on the grip screw torque. With aluminum frames it's relatively easy to strip out the tapped/threaded grip screw holes in the frame.
Stainless frame p229, it is less of a concern.
Most people will use a tiny drop of extremely light duty thread locker on the grip screws so they don't back out.

Here is a link for some premium titanium grip screws. Link:

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Wouldn't Altamont have the correct-sized screws?

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