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As a staunch believer that there never should have been ANY sequel to the flawless and perfectly complete original,.. What's done it done. This looks fun. I'm IN>
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God will always provide
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Looking forward to it myself. The trailer was entertaining . I am a little tired of the John Wick hair though.
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Frangas non Flectes
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Originally posted by DSgrouse:
I have some deep reservations. The rumor mill is that this movie will retcon the first three. That it was not neo that was the chosen one, but in fact it was trinity.

Christ on a cracker. Roll Eyes

Well. I’ll wait for the reviews. I’m not into that kinda thing.

I believe in the 25th amendment.
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I know I may be one of the few on here, but I really liked Reloaded and Revolutions. They had some damn good sci-fi action scenes.

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Looks entertaining. I'll watch it.

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[/QUOTE] or tuck up their ever-loosening assholes.[/QUOTE]

I got a good chuckle from that.

I'll watch it. I like movies that allow me to tune out for a bit. This should fill that bill.

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It isn't just a coincidence that Wick and Neo look the same. Neo also went through the assassin world simulation. At least thats my theory.

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