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Gloom, despair and
agony on me.
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Anybody watch this movie in Amazon Prime? First I heard of it was this past weekend and gave it a watch not too bad. Chris Pine and Thandie Newton as former CIA and lovers with a twist.

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Legalize the Constitution
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I didn’t like it much. Honestly don’t remember if we finished it.

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Caribou gorn
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I liked it well enough. Pine does a good job and I'd drink Thandie Newton's bathwater so anything she does is golden. Sheesh, that's a fine woman.

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Tried to watch it this morning.

The low talking at the beginning with Fishburne and Pine, I had to rewind 6 times, and still couldn't understand what they were saying. Maybe I am getting old. But after the 6th rewind and I still couldn't make out what he was saying despite turning the TV up I gave up

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Partial dichotomy
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I watched it tonight and really enjoyed it. A very unexpected and twisted ending.

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I can't tell if I'm
tired, or just lazy
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I watched it a while back...didn't much care for it.


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Great movie. Love the "Double twist!"...
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