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Originally posted by DanH:
I would think live albums and best of albums to be cheating in this context. It's too easy to pull out your best hits and play them live.

Nonetheless, I'm going with The Allman Brothers Band: At Fillmore East. And for something completely different, The Best of Sandy Denny (though God only knows why Nothing More wasn't included).

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Domari Nolo
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The Beach Boys - Endless Summer

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If live albums are eligible for this it has to be Deep Purple - Made in Japan.

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Lynyrd Skynyrd - "pronounced leh-nerd skin-nerd"

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Res ipsa loquitur
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Springsteen, The Seeger Follies.


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Speaking of Springsteen, The River should be on this list.


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American Beauty, The Grateful Dead

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Starfish - The Church


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Forgot to add one that is probably #1.

Songs in the Key of Life

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Nine Inch Nails
The Fragile
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Age Quod Agis
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Blood on the Tracks
American Beauty

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The Moody Blues “core seven” albums.
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Dire Straits, Brothers In Arms

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Creedence Clearwater Revival- Chronicle
If I had one album to listen to the reat of my life, that would be it.

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The Who-Quadrophenia
Pearl Jam-Ten
Dave Matthews Band-Under the table and dreaming
Led Zeppelin-Physical Graffiti
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Freewheeling Bob Dylan and Blood on the Tracks. Actually, I can listen to any of the 1963 through 75 albums and enjoy them. Those two were especially good.
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U2 - The Joshua Tree

Metallica - ...And Justice for All

Depeche Mode - Ultra

Antichrisis - A Legacy of Love (this is the most thematically coherent album I've ever encountered and true to its title)


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Originally posted by 2012BOSS302:
Lynyrd Skynyrd - "pronounced leh-nerd skin-nerd"

Came into and read this thread to see if this album was named. One of my all time favorites. Didn't see Live Bullets by Seger but that was my choice for live.

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― Frank Zappa
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Raised Hands Surround Us
Three Nails To Protect Us
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Project 86 - Drawing Black Lines
The Album that drew me to metal 20 years ago and likely my favorite album to this day. There are very few days that go by I don’t listen to a song or two if not the whole album.

Emery - The Weak’s End
For this one I was in a really bad place in life, probably the worst place in life I have ever been and it was almost as if the lyrics were written for me at the time or if I were a song writer I could have written the album. So maybe it does not count or would not have made my list if I would have been at a different place in life.

Robert Miles - Dreamland
There is just something about this album. No matter what is going on that keeps me up at night I put this album on and I sleep well and oddly enough usually have crazy vivid dreams while I sleep to it.

This is a great thread. So many good albums especially the older stuff. Interesting how life and life experiences really play into music and what we enjoy vs. what music really has impacted our life or still continues to impact.

I think that when those dark voices start calling our name in the back of our head we need to remind those voices who we belong to!
Andrew Schwab - Project 86
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