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Little ray
of sunshine
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Steely Dan - Aja

Many or even all of Steely Dan's albums have this character because Becker and Fagan were such perfectionists and strove for seamlessness. But Aja, for me at least, seems especially so.

The fish is mute, expressionless. The fish doesn't think because the fish knows everything.
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I was once a big Depeche Mode fan, and have listened to all their albums many times, up to and including Playing the Angel. Action_Man's mention of Ultra is interesting to me, as that album has always been an odd one for me. I think it's maybe due to it being a transitional album for them, considering Alan Wilder's departure after the previous album. The back half of Ultra is very good, and perhaps often overlooked.

I'm gonna have to check out Project 86, per 92LX's recommendation. The album that get's someone into metal interests me, as I am a metalhead, but wasn't always.
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