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Experienced Slacker
Well now, this checks all the boxes for me. Pretty much doomed to own one ASAP:

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Not a bad looking deal.
$869 MSRP for the standard in black synthetic
Just over $1k for the Patrol

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I am gonna have to look into these eventually.
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I just bought the older version of the A300 this week...I think it's fundamentally the same as this one, minus the oversized controls, extended mag, and ghost ring sights. I've enjoyed it so's a nice shooting gun. Have about 125 target loads through it and haven't been able to get it to malfunction yet. I'm waiting on choke tubes to try some heavier stuff.

I've never shot a 1301 but I've heard they're excellent. I know the bolt is different, but I'm not sure what other differences are.
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CAPT Obvious
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Seems like a lot of shotgun for the price. If I hadn't picked up a 1301 Tactical a few months ago, I'd probably be snapping one of these up really quickly.
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Mistake Not...
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I'll have to pick one up so the son that doesn't get the LTT doesn't feel screwed.

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This patrol model is at the top of my list.
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A300 Patrol will be bought. Time to replace the M4.

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Non Nobis Solum
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I’m definitely interested in this one…I need a semi auto shotgun

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I've got an A400 Upland 12ga, and it is one sweet, soft-shooting shotgun. It's got the Kick-Off Plus (shock absorber in the stock).

Very good quality.

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That rug really tied
the room together.
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This looks like the absolute best home defense shotgun you can buy under $1000. It has very nice features with the 7 shot tube, MLOK forend for light attach, forward and rear QD cups for sling attach, and can possibly even ghost load on the shell lifter …

I really like how they went to Federal and asked what the most popular defensive ammo was (flite control low recoil) and then tuned the gun to run perfectly with low recoil ammo. Smart move.

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With the interchangeable chokes I can't think of any shotgun task this wouldn't be very decent at.
Other than looking pretty like the $30k+ O/Us the trap and skeet snobs buy. Razz Big Grin
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