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The topic of Shotguns for home defense comes up often and I have got to admit I generally admit to being a pump action guy. I've used 870's, 590's, Ithaca 37's, you get the picture. Years ago, I ordered a Scattergun Technologies 14 1/2" barreled "Entry Gun". It was the hot ticket then and IMHO still is. I think I paid about $1,000 plus the tax stamp of $200. It also has the Surefire light built into the forend. I do have a Mossberg 730 semi, but keep going back to the pump gun.

Here's the shotgun as received and as it is today:

Show us your shotties!

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No pic to share, but a Mossberg 590a1 SBS with a speed feed stock and ghost ring sights. Lucked out as it was a display model so had handling marks (who cares, it’s a shotty) and got it for $579 plus the stamp. Awesome gun.
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Ignem Feram
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Not currently using a shotgun in the HD role choosing to have a rifle in that role. I go back and forth as to whether or not I should deploy a shotgun instead. If I do, I will be using a Benelli M4 ‘cruiser ready’.

[IMG:left] IMG_0198 by David King, on Flickr[/IMG]

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Mossberg 590 Marinecote 9 shot

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I have a Benelli M4 that I purchased new for $1099.00 back in 2004. It stays loaded all the time.

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I have an 870 Express that I've owned for about 18 years. It's a solid performer, and I'm confident it would get the job done if called upon, especially in the confines of my house. I also have an A300 that is just as reliable, but it's an older field-gun, not the newer "Patrol" model so the barrel is a bit long for working inside a house..

I did have a wakeup call a couple of weeks ago at some training we were doing regarding pump shotguns. It was freezing cold and raining, and we'd been standing out in it doing pistol stuff for about 2 hours before the shotguns came out. My gloves were already soaked through, and I had pretty much no dexterity in my fingers. Reloading became an absolute bitch...I was fumbling shells, dropping them on the ground, etc. It was bad.

Then we had a guy with one of those stupid new 870 Tacticals (the one with the barrel lug all the way out near the end of the barrel) lock his gun up solid with a live round in the chamber. The round he'd been feeding into the magazine was stuck about 1/4" out of the mag and jammed against the lifter. The gun couldn't be fired, nor could it be cycled. I had to take it off-range, find a berm to point it at (still a live-round in the chamber, and the trigger had been pulled without releasing the hammer Eek), punch the pins out, and pry out the trigger group to get it unstuck.

I'm still not 100% sure what happened with that one...the only thing I can figure is that the follower bound up in the mag tube and jammed everything up.

All that to say, pump guns are pretty reliable. But they REALLY suck when they're not.
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I just ordered a Vang Comp Remington 870 SBS with 12.5” bbl. It has wood furniture. Waiting for the stamp. This will be my home defense first option.
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Primary is Mossberg 500. Also have 590, 870, scatter gun tech 870 and m2tactical.probably going to switch to the 590 after a little more vetting.


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There are three in the house hidden away at the ready. An old 500 I've had for 35 years and a beater M2.

Those, and an old Riverside Arms(?) 12ga SxS that's been cut down at both ends, though still legal. I hope I never need to load it under stress, because it's hard enough to do taking your time. But the gun is pretty much useless, other than as an occasioanl novelty shooter. I figured "I don't want this thing taking up valuable space in a safe, I might as well just hide it under here for who knows why." Usually when I see it I surprise myself that it's even there, so I don't know I'd even remember it in a bad situation.
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I run an 18” Wilson 870 Border Patrol with a Streamlight HL-X. It’s “cruiser ready” with 6 rounds of #4 buck in the tube and 6 rounds of 00 buck on a Mesa side saddle.

I have the shotgun paired with a G21sf that has a TTI +4 on it and a Streamlight TLR-1. That gives me 17+1 of .45 HST ready to go.
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I stole a Mossberg 590A1 9 shot on gunbroker not to long ago and I’m digging it. It’s one of my home defense weapons, loaded with 8 shot 00 Federal buck.

David W.

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Mossberg 590 that I inherited from a close friend who passed away. Cleaned it up, added a new mag spring, follower, and big NDZ safety and she is GTG.

She completed my 3-gun gear because I was using my old 870 prior. I will admit I need to run her through some paces to feel geniunely comfortable.
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house, have an older Winchester defender upstairs, 20 inch , and a High Standard 18-7RS downstairs,

at the shop,

house has an 870, tucked in a corner

shop has a beater HS roit, and another 870 on the ohter end, just in case

a random handgun or 4 stashed here and there as well,

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Mossberg Shockwave with Streamlight pump and a 4 round sidesaddle. Benelli SuperNova Tactical. I prefer the Benelli magazine cutoff system over other designs.

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870 Police Magnum, SBS.

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Remington Versa Max Tactical. It has a 22" barrel (I wish it was 18 5"); it will shoot anything reliably.


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Mossberg 590 A-1. Absolutely love it.
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I have a few 12ga shotguns to pick through.
My short list would be either my Weatherby pump or my Grandfathers old Winchester mdl.12.
I had Simmons install a 24" second barrel for the mdl.12 with a polychoke set to IC.
I'm thinking I would grab the Mdl.12, its worked perfectly since 1923!
I'm convinced, If I need a gun to work, the Mdl.12 WILL!
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Years ago, and thank you for paying your Tax Dollars Circa 1988-1993, Our favorite Uncle let me use and abuse an 870 by Scattergun Technologies. Vangcomp ported barrel, side saddle, Surefire forend, and a slightly shorter stock than in the OP's picture.

I really learned how to shoot shotguns with the Remington 870's and 1187's. I love the 870's! With the exception of that damn torture device called the folding stock... fuck that thing. I probably still have cracked teeth from that damn contraption.

My current one is a Remington 870, GG&G side saddle & mag extension, Surefire forend.

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