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Beretta 85S with wood
Sig P230SL with Hogue G10 checkered grips
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Originally posted by parabellum:
Originally posted by RichardC:
The perfect hybrid of precision rifle and tactical, the Black Collar Arms Priapus Grip delivers the hand positioning, shape, and control of a PRS-style grip
OK, so, Priapus is the Greek god of fertility and in paintings and sculpture, he is portrayed as having a huge beyond huge cock, which is permanently erect. And were supposed to grab onto this grip, so named?

Is somebody kidding us?

Well crap... apparently there were some glaring gaps in my middle school education, because I'd never heard of that particular Greek deity. I had to go look him up, and I'm not sure if I should laugh or be appalled, lol. I guess I can see why my female sixth-grade teacher opted not to cover that portion of the pantheon with a class made up of entirely pre-teen boys Big Grin.
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He's where we get the medical term priapism, the condition referenced in those Viagra ads: "If your erection lasts more than 4 hours, seek medical attention..."
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Was happy to see this model released. All beretta should be frame safety. They should offer no safety models as well.
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