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Thanks, Para. Thanks, Udo, for taking on the job. With a serial number nut like you in charge, the list is surely in good hands.

Couple of things:

* Under the date code letters, perhaps a little update to read as follows: J = 8 (SIG started using the letter “I” in 2018 on their non-P210 guns)

* The first entry under P226, I think there is an error that's been there before. Serial # "UU85941" should be U85941.

The following is the list of modern German P226s that I own/have owned. The Germans changed their serial number format in 2017. Also, they used the "I" instead of "J" for the number "8" for the 2-letter date code on the 2018 proofed P226s.

-U 715-508-BI-2018----9mm. SL SO DLC Nitron slide; Frame from 2005, gun made/proofed in 2018; MMBI Import
-U 871-890-BB-2011---9mm. X6 L1 -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import
-U 872-223-BB-2011---9 mm. All stainless in black Ilaflon; No rail no tail -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import
-U 872-224-BB-2011---9 mm. All stainless in black Ilaflon; No rail no tail -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import
-U 872-529-BB-2011---9mm. X5 SHORT w/ extended ported barrel; DA/SA -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import
-U 875-257-BB-2011---9mm. X5 Allround 1st Gen -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import
-U 888-286-BC-2012---9 mm. All natural stainless; No rail no tail -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import
-U 891-167-BC-2012---9mm. X6 L1 -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import
-U 898-316-BD-2013---9mm. X5E Classic -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import
-U 898-760-BE-2014---9mm. X5E Supermatch -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import
-U 899-202-BD-2013---9mm. X5E Entry -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import
-U 900-174-BD-2013---9mm. X5E Allround -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import
-U 901-524-BD-2013---9mm. X6 Black&White -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import
-U 901-526-BD-2013---9mm. X6 Black&White -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import
-U 902-029-BD-2013---9mm. X5 Allround 1st Gen -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import
-U 902-553-BD-2013---9mm. X5 L1 -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import
-U 903-753-BD-2013---9mm. X5 Black&White -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import
-U 906-458-Jan 2014---9mm- X5 Lightweight -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import Jan 30, 2014
-U 909-243-BE-2014---9mm-X-Short Match- SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import Feb 27, 2014
-U 921-645-BF-2015---9mm-X6E Classic -Roco Firearm Technology Import
-U 938-470-BH-2017---9mm-X6E Supermatch -MMBI Import
-U 941-706-BH-2017---9mm-X5E Open -MMBI Import
-U 941-711-BH-2017---9mm-X5E Open
-71-226-005364-BI-2018---9mm-X6E Supermatch -MMBI Import
-71-226-006423-BI-2018---9mm-X6E PPC -MMBI Import
-71-226-007452-BI-2018---9mm-X5E Allround Skeleton Supermatch Black -MMBI Import
-71-226-009570-BI-2018---9mm-X6E Black&White -MMBI Import
-71-226-010293-BI-2018---9mm-X6E Skeleton -MMBI Import
-71-226-018068-BI-2018---9mm-X5 Facettes original design sample -MMBI Import (1 of 25 ever made)
-71-226-018069-BI-2018---9mm-X5 Facettes original design sample -MMBI Import (1 of 25 ever made)
-71-226-022798-BK-2019---9mm-X5 Facettes production gun -MMBI Import (1 of 25 ever made)
-71-226-029412-CA-2020---9mm-X5 Facettes production gun -MMBI Import (1 of 25 ever made)
-71-226-024116-CB-2021---9mm-X6 Midnight -MMBI Import (1 of 7 ever made)
-71-226-026262-CA-2020---9mm-X5E Allround -Legacy Sports International Import


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I agree data is good.

I'm proposing we leave 12131's remarkable collection together as a block at the end of the P226 data. It represents a prodigious effort and diligence.
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OK, it's done. Smile

Last thing- since all the submission posts have been removed, we want to make sure that members know we welcome their submissions in order to keep adding data to the list, so, please edit your subject line. At the end of it, add something like "Please submit your serial numbers" or something to that effect.

Thank you
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12131 has requested that his collection be integrated into the list and we respect his wishes.
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P226 S/N U5293xx KE 1994 9mm, marked "W. Germany" ex-LEO

P230 S/N S1248xx JJ 1988 9mm kurz, marked "W. Germany"

Please submit my serial numbers.
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Serial Number - Date Proof - Year of Manufacture - Month/Year of Import - Caliber - Importer - Additional Info

Thanks for keeping up on this!

A couple of mine need to be added/filled in:

M 453-761-9/80-NW-PW Arms Import

S 010-968-JH-1987 - 9mm Kurz-SL Stainless-SIGARMS INC. Herndon-VA

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Thought I posted these years ago but here are the ones I still have:

G 334 578 - P220-45-I-G - 2002 P220 Ilaflon, NIB safe queen
G 349 829 - P220R-45-ISS-G - 2004 P220R Ilaflon w/Siglites, LEO trade-in from Florida
M 641 548 - P225-9-B - 1997 P225 purchased NIB in January 2006

P220 :: P220R :: P225
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Just noticed the BDA section. Here is the info for my BDA


And here are some recent acquisitions

U-446-542-KB-1991-9mm DAO
U-776-438-AH-2008-9MM X5 All Around


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Browning BDA:
345RT 104X-HH-1977-9MM Pinch Nose slide
395RP 288X-HJ-1978-45 AUTO
395RR 254X-HH-1977-45 AUTO

SIG Sauer P225:
M 490 80X-JC-1982-9MM Interarms plain black sights, no white bar or dot

SIG Sauer P226:
U 137 77X-JH-1987-9MM Sigarms Tysons Corners Mud Rail

SIG Sauer P220 Euro Mag Catch:
G 138 11X-JG-1986-45 AUTO Sigarms Tysons Corners
G 138 28X-JG-1986-45 AUTO Sigarms Tysons Corners
G 136 43X-JF-1985-45 AUTO Sigarms Tysons Corners

SIG Sauer P220-1 American Mag Catch:
G 184 55X-KB-1991-45 AUTO Sigarms Exeter NH W Germany non-rebounding spur hammer
G 217 16X-KD-1993-45 AUTO Sigarms Exeter NH W Germany non-rebounding spur hammer reinforced frame K-Kote

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Welcome to the latest version of the Classic "P" series serial list. Your contributions are appreciated and we thank you for your submissions.

I am not an expert in any of these areas of collecting, just the keeper of the list. I will try to keep the list up to date with timely posting of your entries.

Several of our participating members have expanded knowledge and I'm sure they will provide their expertise as needed. If you have any questions or concerns about the small changes to the list, please feel free to contact me.

If you have any information to contribute for any SIG models, please post it in this thread.

An excellent resource for background information on various SIG models:

Proof mark explanations:

Date Proof Letters

A - 0
B - 1
C - 2
D - 3
E - 4
F - 5
G - 6
H - 7
J - 8 (SIG started using the letter “I” in 2018 on their non-P210 guns)
K - 9

Sig Sauer Gun of the Month List
(Thanks to Mustang-PaPa for the link and recommendation)

If you wish to have your gun(s) included please post the information in the format you see it presented in the list, example:

G 109-5XX-HH-1977-45acp-Hawes

Serial number, date code, year, if each is present, then any pertinent information like import markings or a description of the pistol. Please try to keep your Xing out of serials to the last two numbers. Full numbers are always welcome.

Browning Serial Numbers


In 1975 Browning began using the two (2) letter code system (located in the middle of the serial number) for determining the year of manufacture.
For example "PN"would be "89" indicating 1989.

Z 1
Y 2
X 3
W 4
V 5
T 6
R 7
P 8
N 9
M 10

Serial Number - Date Proof - Year of Manufacture - Month/Year of Import - Caliber - Importer - Additional Info

Browning BDA

-345RT-104X-HH-1977-9mm-pinch nose = CAR
-375RR-1063-HH-1977-38super = ?
-395RP-1070-HH-1977-45ACP = reganhouse
-395RR-1087-HH 1977 45acp = Tooky13
-345RR-1101-HH-1977-9mm = Buster3029
-345RT-1124-HH-1977-9mm = reganouse
-345RT-1292-HH-1977-9mm = reganhouse
-345RT-13XX-HH-1977-9mm = Lelandii
-375RR-1310-HH-1977-38super = cherokee2u
-375RR-1322-HH-1977-38super = reganhouse
-395RP-1414-HJ-1978-45acp = prowen
-345RR-1494-HH-1977-9mm = Orthogonal
-395RP-15XX-HJ-1978-45acp = roberth
-375RR-16XX-HH-1977-38super = Lelandii
-345RT-1606-HH-1977-9mm Luger = blindref
-375RR-1723-HH-1977-38super = Buster30290
-345RR-1786 HH 1977 9mm = mbliss57
-345RT-18XX-HH-1977-9mm = roberth
-345RR-1903-HH-1977-9mm Luger = Udo
-345RR-1940-HH-1977-9mm = David Lee
-345RR-2173-HH-1977-9mm = MidWesternBoy
-395RP-2541-HJ-1978-45acp = David Lee
-395RR-254X-HH-1977-45acp = CAR
-345RR-2599-HH-1977-9mm = MusProd
-395RP-288X-HJ-1978-45acp = CAR
-395RR-3006-HH-1977-45acp = reganhouse (sold)
-395RR-3484-HH-1977-45acp = Lyman
-395RR-3567-HH-1977-45acp = NMDave
-395RP-39XX-HJ-1978-45acp-reverse proof marks = Lelandii
-395RR-4193-HJ-1978-45acp = Noah Zark
-395RR-4329-HJ-1978-45acp = David Lee
-395RP-49XX-HJ-1978-45acp = sleepla8er
-395RP-5200-HJ-1978-45acp = bcsd372
-395RP-6829-HK-1979-45acp = Buster30290
-395RP-6903-HK-1979-45acp = DucS2R
-395RP-7055-HK-1979-45acp = gis
-396RP-7396-JA-1980-7.65 = Dusty Dave

Sig Sauer P220

- Modifications occurred after G211-299 -

G 100-1XX-JA-1980-7.65mm = Para
G 100-215-HG-1976-9mm-Frame serial on top of left rear rail, proofs on right chin, No import mark = Udo
G 100-466-HG-1976-9mm-dual Swiss & German proofs on right chin-RCI import = Udo/kauphycup
G 100-558-HG-1976-9mm-proofs on right chin-no import = Udo
G 100-64X-HG-1976-RCI Import
G 100-8XX-HG-1976-9mm = onequickwrench
G 100-8XX-JA-1980-7.65mm = Para
G 100-839-JA-1980-9mm converted from 7.65-CAT.1066-no import-LPA micrometer sight-TYPE 2a slide = Udo
G 100-889-HG-1976-45acp-Factory wood grips-proofs on right chin-pinch nose- no import = Udo
G 100-916-JA-1980-7.65para-IACO import-frame serial on grip front +CAT.1066 = bpd
G 100-933-JA-1980-7.65mm = Para
G 101-47X-HG-1976-9mm = rjinaz85308
G 101-730-HG-19??-9mm-Swiss proof on right chin-German proof on bottom chin = Udo
G 102-2XX-XX-1976-9mm
G 102-28X-HG-1976-9mm = Udo
G 102-53X-HG-1976-no import-German proofed
G 102-538-HG-1976-9mm-no importer-Box & doc
G 104-040-HG-1976-9mm-HAWES imported-proofs on Botton of chin-frame serial on front of grip = 9220cop
G 104-070-HG-1976-9mm-HAWES imported-proofs on bottom of chin-frame-serial on front of grip = Udo
G 104-2XX-HG-1976-9mm-No import mark = Rasczak
G 105-XXX-HH-1977-9mm
G 105-2XX-HH-1977-9mm-RCI = kauphycup
G 105-3XX-HH-1977-9mm
G 105-339-HH-1977-9mm
G 105-4XX-HH-1977-9mm-RCI import-Swiss/Canton = wgsigs
G 105-417-HH-1977-9mm-RCI import-Swiss/Canton = got2hav1
G 106-XXX-JA-1980-7.65mm = Para
G 106-2XX-JA-1980-7.65mm-CAT1065 = .38supersig
G 106-2XX-JA-1980-7.65mm-CAT1065 = .38supersig
G 106-261-JA-1980-7.65mm = Para
G 106-57X-HH-1977-9mm-Geneva Police = Drew816
G 106-984-HH-1977-38super-HAWES = p08
G 107-191-HH-1977-9mm-HAWES = reganhouse
G 107-2XX-HH-1977-9mm-HAWES = Rasczak
G 107-4XX-HH-1977-45acp-HAWES = Rasczak
G 108-6XX-HH-1977-45acp-HAWES = Shaneb
G 109-214-??-1977-45ACP-HAWES Firearms Co = moonhunte
G 109-318-HH-1977-45acp-HAWES = reganhouse
G 109-5XX-HH-1977-45acp-HAWES = 221FB
G 111-478-HJ-1978-9mm-reverse proofs-pinch nose TYPE 2a SLIDE = Udo
G 111-5XX-HJ-1978-7.65mm-CAT1065 = .38supersig
G 111-5XX-HJ-1978-7.65mm-CAT1065 = .38supersig
G 115-43X-JB-1981-9mm-No import-euro release-reverse proofs = Udo
G 115-44X-JB-1981-9mm-No import-Euro release-bull nose-frameless parts kit = Udo
G 116-066-JB-1981-9mm-No import-Euro release = hjs157
G 117-316-JB-1981-9mm-No import-bull nose = Udo
G 118-237-JC-1982-9mm-No import-pinch nose-slide marked "SWISS" only = Udo
G 118-785-JC-1982-Interarms = jacobscw
G 118-876-JC-1982-45acp-Interarms = reganhouse
G 118-8XX-JC-1982-45acp-Interarms-Euro mag-triple s/n-proof under chin-box-test target = jodyissaacs
G 119-0XX-JC-1982-9mm Luger-Interarms = .38supersig
G 119-116-JC-1982 9mm-Euro-Interarms Import = Tooky13
G 119-179-XX-1982-38super-Interarms-February = DMS
G 119-224-JC-1982-38super Euro-Interarms Import = Tooky13
G 119-818-JC-1982-9mm-Herndon = reganhouse
G 120-414-JC-1982-45acp-Interarms = reganhouse
G 120-7XX-JC-1982-38super-Tysons Corner
G 120-9XX-JC-1982-38super-
G 121-782-JC-1982-7.65mm Para-No import = lbaker45
G 121-944-JC-1982-Assembled by RPS = GaryBF
G 123-605-JC-1982-9mm = Eigler Martin
G 124-XXX-JC-1982-9mm
G 124-1XX-JC-1982-9mm
G 124-2XX-JC-1982-9mm = SmokinSigs357
G 124-4XX-JC-1982-9mm = 221FB
G 124-9XX-JD-1983-9mm = Webley Green
G 125-0XX-JD-1983-9mm = TwoPoint
G 125-2XX-JD-1983-9mm = allan r
G 125-459-JD-1983 9mm Euro-No Import Mark = Tooky13
G 125-63X-JD-1983-9mm-Tysons Corner = Ken
G 126-38X-JD-1983-9mm-RPS = Ken
G 127-2XX-JD-1993-9mm-RPS = roberth
G 127-5XX-JD-1983
G 128-1XX-XX-1984-9mm
G 128-991-JD-1983-Interarms = bsg1
G 129-XXX-JE-1984
G 129-306-JD-1983-Interarms = LekCombs
G 129-521-JD-1983-Interarms = EasilyOdd
G 130-XXX-JE-1984
G 130-5XX-JE-1984 = detmeng
G 130-8XX-JE-1984-9mm-Assembled by RPS
G 131-2XX-JE-1984-9mm Steyr-CAT3713 = .38supersig
G 131-2XX-JE-1984-9mm Steyr-CAT3713 = .38supersig
G 131-2XX-JE-1984-9mm Steyr-CAT3713 = .38supersig
G 131-3XX-JE-1984-9mm Steyr-CAT3713 = .38supersig
G 131-4XX-JE-1984-45acp-Interarms = GCMKC
G 131-6XX-JE-1984-45acp = Rasczak
G 131-7XX-JE-1984-9mm
G 131-76X-JE-1984-9mm-Interarms = Ken
G 131-9XX-JE-1984-9mm-RPS = sigmundsauer
G 132-06X-??-????
G 133-0XX-JE-1984-RPS = smurph
G 133-534-JE-1984-45acp Tysons Corner-Euro mag release = jeff.ohara
G 134-3XX-JF-1985-Euro mag release = sgt207
G 134-3XX-JF-1985-Tysons Corner = DrewZFoster
G 134-4XX-JF-1985
G 135-581-JF-1985-frame serial on front of grip = Lyman
G 135-7XX-JF-1985
G 135-892-JF-1985-45acp-Tysons Corner = hjs157
G 135-9XX-JF-1985 = zoom6zoom
G 136-2XX-JF-1985-HP-CAT4481 = .38supersig
G 136-43X-JF-1985-45acp-Tysons Corner = CAR
G 137-XXX-JG-1986
G 138-XXX-JG-1986
G 138-11X-JG-1986-45acp-Tysons Corner = CAR
G 138-28X-JG-1986-45acp-Tysons Corner = CAR
G 138-314-JG-1986 = Tiger 2 Tank
G 138-7XX-JG-1986-Tysons Corner = kauphycup
G 139-XXX-JG-1986 = mpwalker
G 139-XXX-JG-1986-W.German-Tysons Corner = animalhd1
G 140-XXX-JG-1986-Tysons Corner = ProTac
G 141-5XX-JG-1986-Tysons Corner = 1bigguy
G 141-58X-JG-1986-Tysons Corner = djb255
G 142-XXX-JG-1986-Tysons Corner = manic mechanic
G 145-0XX-JG-1986
G 146-XXX-JG-1986 = Chopjaw
G 147-XXX-JG-1986
G 148-XXX-XX-1986-Tysons Corner
G 148-0XX-JG-1986
G 149-398-JH-1987-Tysons Corner
G 149-8XX-JH-1987-38super
G 152-037-JH-1987
G 152-9XX-JH-1987-38super-Tysons Corner = jhendri2
G 153-XXX-XX-1987
G 153-0XX-JH-1987
G 153-4XX-JH-1987-Tysons Corner = blindref
G 153-8XX-JH-1987-38super
G 154-1XX-JH-1987-SEP/88-DOI
G 155-9XX-JH-1987-Made in W. Germany-Herndon
G 155-9XX-JH-1987-W. German-Herndon-Original blue box = barry1967
G 156-XXX-XX-1988
G 156-8XX-JJ-1988-38super = Buster30290
G 157-XXX-JJ-1988
G 159-XXX-XX-1989
G 159-168-JK-1989-Herndon = hapevo
G 159-7XX-JK-1989-Herndon = barry1967
G 160-XXX-JK-1989-Herndon = dhjenkins
G 161-XXX-JK-1989
G 161-1XX-JK-1989
G 162-XXX-JK-1989-Herndon = roberth
G 162-221-JK-1989-Herndon-Nickle = Rodfac
G 162-497-JK-1989-45acp-picked pistol up in Kiel Germany-17 miles from SIG's facility in Eckernforde Germany = RDWest
G 163-0XX-JK-1989
G 163-3XX-JK-1989
G 163-9XX-JK-1989 = stoneypete
G 163-946-JH?-1987?-Herndon = reganhouse
G 163-992-JK-1989
G 164-2XX-JK-1989-Herndon = gp52555
G 164-3XX-JK-1989-Herndon
G 165-2XX-KA-1990
G 165-4XX-JK-1989-45acp-Factory nickel = Buster30290
G 166-58X-KA-1990 = BigBoy99
G 167-XXX-KA-1990
G 167-240-KA-1990 = reganhouse
G 169-0XX-KA-1990 = hottierod
G 169-7XX-KA-1990
G 170-166-KA-1990 = hjs157
G 171-78X-KA-1990 = Ken
G 173-XXX-KA-1990
G 175-1XX-KA-1990 = Bacon
G 175-2XX-KA-1990-Exeter = yooper35
G 176-871-KB-1991-45acp-Factory Ni = 12131
G 176-9XX-KB-1991-Exeter-Factory Nickel = jkacg1
G 177-XXX-KB-1991
G 177-4XX-XX-1991-Factory Nickel finish
G 181-XXX-KC-1992-???
G 183-036-KB-1991 = GermanMade
G 184-XXX-KB-1991
G 184-55X-KB-1991-45acp-Exeter-w. German-non-rebounding hammer = CAR
G 185-XXX-XX-1992-???
G 185-8XX-KB-1991 = Night Trooper
G 186-0XX-KB-1991
G 186-XXX-KC-1992
G 186-510-KC-1992
G 187-XXX-KC-1992 = RocketFoot223
G 188-XXX-KC-1992
G 188-90X-KC-1992 = 45wheelgun
G 189-XXX-KC-1992
G 189-62X-KC-1992 = Ken
G 191-001-KC-1981-45ACP = dpast32
G 192-XXX-KC-1992
G 193-9XX-XX-1992
G 194-7XX-XX-1992
G 194-908-KC-1992 = Mitch_Rapp.45
G 197-3XX-KC-1992 = tlbailey1
G 198-2XX-KC-1992
G 198-3XX-XX-1992-KKote finish
G 198-5XX-KC-1992
G 200-2XX-KC-1992
G 201-2XX-KC-1992-KKote finish w/ nickel controls = blindref
G 201-3XX-KC-1992
G 201-8XX-KC-1992
G 202-9XX-KC-1992-45acp-Exeter import-US mag release-W.Ger.-triple numbers-Kiel under chin-eagle-SRT kit = jodyissaacs
G 203-4XX-KC-1992
G 203-691-KC-1992 = Thanks to David Lee
G 205-6XX-KC-1992-Exeter = 1bigguy
G 205-969-KC-1992-Factory two-tone
G 206-XXX-KC-1992
G 209-4XX-KD-1993
G 210-18X-KD-1993-Factory Nickel = coloradohunter44
G 210-479-KD-1983-45-Exeter-W. Germany-Triple s/n = P220 Smudge
G 210-9XX-KD-1993
G 211-XXX-KD-1993
G 212-XXX-XX-1993
G 214-532-KD-1993 = Tiger 2 Tank
G 216-XXX-KD-1993 = DennisTD
G 217-0XX-KD-1993
G 217-16X-KD-1993-45acp-Execter-non-rebounding hammer-K-Kote = CAR
G 217-7XX-KD-1993
G 217-8XX-KD-1993-Factory two tone
G 218-9XX-KD-1993 = Thanks to MIB
G 220-1XX-KE-1994
G 222-741-KE 1994-45acp-Imported by SigArms Inc-Exeter, NH-Stamped "Made in W. Germany" = Kaihuang
G 222-908-KE-1994-45acp-Imported by SigArms Inc-Exeter, NH-Stamped "Made in W. Germany" = Windhover
G 223-XXX-KE-1994
G 224-078-KE-1994 = retired tanker
G 224-310-KE-1994 = RHINOWSO
G 226-146-KF-1995-W. German proofed
G 227-7XX-KE-1994
G 228-0xx-KE-1994-W. German proofed = Hamden106
G 228-3XX-KE-1994 = onequickwrench
G 228-6xx-KE-1994-German proofed = 83mvp
G 228-7XX-KE-1994-38super
G 228-9XX-KE-1994-38super
G 229-XXX-XX-1994
G 229-066-KE-1994-38super-American-No Import Mark = Tooky13
G 229-1XX-KE-1994-38super = lbaker45
G 230-220-KE-1994-two tone
G 230-8XX-KE-1994
G 231-XXX-XX-1994-9mm-PW Arms Import-Redmond, WA
G 231-XXX KE-1994-38super-Exeter = Devestate Bravo
G 231-XXX-KE-1994-38super-West Germany = roberth
G 23-1XXX-??-????-38Super = LDB
G 231-3XX-XX-1994
G 231-6XX-KE-1994 = Buster30290
G 231-8XX-KE-1994-9mm-PW Arms Import-Redmond, WA
G 231-944-KE-1994-9mm-American-PW Arms Import = Tooky13
G 232-0XX-KE-1994-38super = lbaker45
G 232-5XX-KE-1994 = SigSauer228
G 233-0XX-KE-1994-Dec/94/DOI
G 233-205-KF-1995
G 234-4XX-95-1995-Stamped with a 95 'shield' instead of the KF date code
G 234-5XX-95-1995-Stamped with a 95 'shield' instead of the KF date code = Jeepinchris
G 234-8XX-95-1995-Stamped with a 95 'shield' instead of the KF date code
G 235-1XX-XX-1995
G 236-0XX-KF-1995
G 236-2XX-KF-1995-9mm-PWS Import
G 236-3XX-KF-1995-9mm-PW Imports
G 237-XXX-XX-1995
G 238-250-KF-1995 = cmr076
G 238-362-KF-1995 = prowen
G 239-5XX-KF-1995
G 240-3XX-KF-1995 = 1bigguy
G 240-6XX-KF-1995
G 241-8XX-XX-1995
G 243-269-KF-1995-45acp-No Import Mark = Tooky13
G 243-9XX-KF-1995
G 244-XXX-KF-1995 = tundah
G 245-XXX-KF-1995
G 246-599-KF-1995
G 246-9XX-KF-1995 = Beccen
G 247-1XX-KF-1995 = DocCasualty
G 248-XXX-XX-1995
G 248-3XX-KF-1995 = vsp39o2
G 249-1XX-KF-1995-45acp-TwoTone-Triple S/N = dprimeaux
G 250-5XX-KF-1995
G 250-7XX-KF-1995-45acp-slide marked W Germany & SIGARMS Exeter = Ruber
G 251-XXX-KF-1995
G 252-XXX-KF-1995-factory two tone
G 254-9XX-XX-1996?-W. peened over
G 255-XXX----1996?
G 255-4XX-XX-1996?-factory two tone, triple serial numbers, no proof stamps, W. peened over
G 257-077-XX-1995/1996-factory nickel, triple serial numbers, no proof stamps, W. peened over = RHINOWSO
G 258-XXX----1995-Nov/95-Factory Nickel-W. peened over = Windchill
G 260-9XX----1996?-W. peened over
G 261-7XX----1996
G 261-9XX----1996-May/96/DOI-W. peened over
G 262-8XX----1996-W. peened over
G 262-900-XX-1996-45acp-Peened W-No Import Mark = Tooky13
G 263-233----1996-W. peened over
G 263-396-XX-????-Made in Germany-imported by Exeter NH = Tiptone
G 273-4XX----1996
G 279-5XX----1997 = fyimo
G 280-4XX----1997
G 280-8XX----1997 = drew4justice
G 282-XXX-KH-1997-9mm
G 286-2XX-KH-1997-9mm-Swiss Manufacture
G 286-XXX----1998?
G 291-XXX----1998
G 292-166-No-1998-45acp-Factory Ni = 12131
G 292-5XX----1998-Jun/98/DOI
G 293-XXX----1998
G 295-287----1998-45acp = Kane304
G 296-XXX----1999
G 299-XXX----1999 = diceman3
G 301-1XX----1999 = hottierod
G 301-3XX-KK-1999-S model-German proofed
G 306-XXX----1999
G 306-XXX----2000
G 308-XXX----2000?
G 311-674-XX-2000-45acp-Two Tone = Tooky13
G 314-XXX----2001
G 315-03X
G 319-XXX----2001-Sep/01/DOI
G 320-XXX----2001
G 321-4XX----2001-Dec/01/DOI
G 321-559----2001-Dec/01 = SmokeJumper
G 324-10X-AB-2001-9mm
G 324-15X-AB-2001-9mm
G 324-17X-AB-2001-9mm
G 324-2XX-AB-2001-9mm
G 324-203-AB-2001-9mm
G 324-23X-AB-2001-9mm
G 324-240-AB-2001-9mm
G 326-XXX----2002-Apr/02/DOI
G 326-3XX----2002
G 327-321----????-LEO trade in from New England-Made in Germany slide-marked SIGARMS INC Exeter-NH = HaroldoftheRocks
G 329-XXX----2002-Jul/02 = bearone2
G 330-XXX----2002 = jbhill
G 333-213-XX-2002-ST-45acp = NMDave
G 334-578----2002-45acp-P220-45-I-G-Ilaflon-NIB-safe queen = monkeytree
G 334-775-XX-2002-45acp-All Stainless = Tooky13
G 338-196----2003-ST model = sigmonkey
G 341-596----2003-ST model = throwinglead
G 342-428----2003-45acp-GTOM 5/2003-(220-45-S-nils) = dking271
G 345-7XX----2003 = TwoPoint
G 346-XXX----2003
G 348-XXX----2004-Jan/04/DOI
G 349-829----2004-45acp-P220R-45-ISS-G- Ilaflon-siglites-Florida LEO trade-in = monkeytree
G 351-XXX----2004-Apr/04
G 351-478----XXXX-no rail-Germany = TGA
G 354-XXX----2004
G 357-4XX----2004
G 365-5XX----2005 -7/05) = NMDave
G 368-XXX----2005 = diceman3
G 372-011----????-code 20RM-45-B Notched barrel for chambered round Massachusetts required = greg1147
G 383-442-XX-2006-45acp = Tooky13
G 384-XXX----2006
G 385-5XX----2006-Combat Model
G 386-XXX----2006
G 389-XXX----2007-May/07
G 389-341----2007-May/07-ST Model = Cobra64
G 391-XXX----2007-Mar/07-Elite Model = The Dude
G 393-XXX----2007-Feb/07
G 393-05X----????-?/?-Compact (more info please)
G 399-409----2008-Feb/08-Supermatch = prowen
G 403-XXX----2008-Jul/08
G 404-147----2007-Nov/07-Carry = prowen
G 409-1XX----2008-Sep/08 = feersum dreadnaught
G 410-9XX----2008-Mar/08 = Ironhandjohn
G 414-6XX----2008-Super Match SA = fyimo
G 415-1XX----2008-Oct/08 = feersum dreadnaught
G 416-5XX----2008-27/Dec-220-BR3-45-BSS-SAO = Danjet500
G 417-285----2009-Jan/09-Railed-SAO = MikeChandler
G 417-496----2009-Jan/09-Railed
G 419-7XX----2009-Jul/09-Railed-Two tone = JavaJarhead
G 500-XXX----2009-Jun/09-Railed = jbhill
G 501-463----2009-Nov/09-ST Compact-Beavertail-Non-rail = sigmonkey
G 501-48X----????-xxx/xx-P220C-SSS-All Stainless-Siglites-Compact-Beavertail-Non-rail-Frame-Germany = Beretta1526
G 502-493----2009-xxx/xx-45acp-P220R-SIG Sauer Inc-Exeter NH-Frame made in Germany = pknoll
G 504 492----????-xxx/xx-45acp-railed-DA/SA-German frame DE mark = Blackhorse4
G 504-7XX----2009-Nov/09-Railed = sinjin
G 513-1XX----2010-Apr/10-Combat = JW333
G 513-7XX----2010-Jun/10-Combat = WolfPlayer
G 526-2XX--- 2012-45acp-PW ARMS Redmond WA = Bacon

AO30176 = TKC (any more info?)

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Sig Sauer P225/P6

M 400-001-first production P225
M 400-738-NO-10/78-NW-Breech drilled-bbl plugged-slide silver-no proofs-red paint grips-PW import = Udo
M 400-928-78-10/78-CAI Import = Udo
M 402-346-XX-1978-11-78-PW Arms Import = mls4506
M 402-605-??-??-P6 = Maxwayne
M 402-677-11/78-PW Arms import = tiptone
M 403-XXX-03/82-CAI Import = Cilmber211
M 405-096-XX-1978-11/78-CAI Import = Udo
M 407-115-XX-1979-02/79-PWA Import = Udo
M 407-34X-02/79-CAI Import = straycat
M 413-106-04/79 = billpocz
M 415-107-05/79-CAI Import = dwd1985
M 415-377-05/79 = STL9MM
M 416-202-08/79-NW-CAI Import-Georgia, VT = S&W mania
M 416-7XX-06/79-CAI Import = Jdakecowles
M 417-0XX-1979 = fyimo
M 418-XXX-????-9mm-Montage Suisse-6/79 grip mark-Winterthur Stadtpolizei marked-heal magazine release-blue plastic box = dprimeaux
M 419-841-09/79-Montage Suisse = hapevo
M 419-9XX-XX/XX-Montage Suisse-Grips stamped 79-Zurich coat of arms-PW ARMS-Redmond VA = barry1967
M 420-062-1979 Montage Suisse-PW Arms Import = Tooky13
M 423-XXX-09/79-NW-PW Arms = armalite
M 424-081-09/79 = warren slick
M 427-XXX-11/79-NW
M 427-1XX-11/79-CAI Import = eotmk2
M 427-433-11/79-NW-CAI Import-Georgia,VT = xl_target
M 427-6XX-11/79 = stoneypete
M 427-8XX-11/79 = sigBill
m 430-XXX-12/79 = THNC
M 433-XXX-02/80-PW Arms Import = gordynismo
M 433-643-02/80-NW-CAI Import = sdkieffer
M 440-7XX-03/80-NW-CAI Import- = usedkid
M 443-247-04/80-NW-CAI Import = EasilyOdd
M 445-247-05/80-NW-CAI Import = reganhouse (sold)
M 445-826-05/80-NW = BoehT
M 446-299-05/80-NW-CAI import = PCWyoming
M 447-734-06/80-NW-CAI Import = reganhouse
M 447-822-06/80-PW Arms import = tiptone
M 448-439-06/80-CAI Import = 357fuzz
M 451-497-08/80-NW-CAI Import = Snailfan
M 453-XXX-09/80-NW-PW Arms Import = JoseyWales2
M 453-761-09/80-NW-PW Arms Import = Ruber
M 458-4XX-11/80-CAI Import = rjinaz85308
M 461-485-10/80-NW-CAI Import-Georgia,VT = The Dude
M 461-986-12/80-NW-CAI Import = S&W mania
M 469-XXX-04/81-CAI Import = bearone2
M 469-000-03/81-CAI Import = Sawfish01
M 472-07X-4/81-NW-CAI Import-Georgia,VT = Hikingman
M 477-634-8/81 -- CAI Import = Tooky13
M 481-1XX-10/81-NW = Udo
M 481-3XX-10/81-NW-CAI Import-Georgia,VT = CoryB20
M 481-4XX-10/81-NW = xXBrutalXx
M 481-6XX-10/81-NW-CAI Import-Georgia,VT = Sniperfox
M 483-9XX-11/81-NW-CAI Import = Lelandii
M 484-1XX-11/81 = DblGonzo
M 487-XXX-XX-1982-PW Arms Import = striker777
M 490-XXX-JC-1982-Interarms = SigSauerP228
M 490-80X-JC-1982-Interarms-no white on sights = CAR
M 493-90X-04/1982 = boilergonzo
M 496-323-JC-1982-Interarms = reganhouse
M 498-XXX-06/82-PW Arms Import = PanzerKpfw
M 498-251-06/82-NW-CAI Import = snuffy19608
M 501-XXX-08/82-NW = JayHawker45
M 505-235-09/82-NW-CAI Import = gis
M 509-688-11/82-CAI Import = Makoman
M 509-81X-11/82-NW-CAI Import = wrutro
M 512-XXX-01/83-CAI Import = whgraham
M 514-4XX-JD-1983-Interarms = yooper35
M 516-319-03/83 = billpocz
M 516-7XX-03/83-NW-PWA Import = jmarv
M 518-716-04/83-PWA Import = jsorrenti
M 521-0XX-06/83-NW-CAI Import = tlbailey1
M 521-795-JD-1983-Austrian Police-TGI import-Knox,TN = Udo
M 524-658-9/83-CAI Import = Tooky13
M 524-878-9/83-NW CAI Import
M 526-5XX-JD-1983-West German-Tysons Corner-Original green box = barry1967
M 526-5XX-JD-1983-9mm-Tysons Corner = McMuffinMan
M 526-55X-JD-1983-Tysons Corner = Ruber
M 526 602-JD-1983 = retired tanker
M 530-151-??-????-12/83 = OttoSig
M 534-551-??-1984-blue-Tripple S/N-Tysons Corner = Retired228
M 527-337-10/83-CAI Import = Wyldman
M 532-240 2/1984 W Germany No date code Georgia VT importer, orig mags and box
M 534-071-JE-1984-Tysons Corner = blindref
M 535-690-JE-1984
M 535-99X-JE-1984-Tysons Corner = scuttlebutt
M 536-XXX-JE-1984-Factory Nickel = markcave
M 537-911-JE-1984-Interarms Import = Tooky13
M 540-XXX-JE-1984-Tysons Corner = rappa
M 542-6xx-JE-1984-Tysons Corner-German proofs = 83mvp
M 547-4xx-xx-xxxx-PW ARMS REDMOND WA-Zurich coat of arms front, left of slide-grips are marked 8/96 = Ruber
M 550-201-JG-1986-Factory Electroless Nickel (EN label), plated in W. Germany = 12131
M 550-207-JG-1986-Factory Electroless Nickel (EN label), plated in W. Germany = 12131
M 553-XXX-JG-1986-PW Arms = C-Dubs
M 553-1XX-JG-1986-9mm-PW Arms import-triple s/n-proofs under chin-BP on rt. bbl.-Canton Solothurn top of slide = jodyissaacs
M 554-870-JH-1987-Tysons Corner = SiGagain
M 555-701-JH-1987-Tysons Corner = xl_target
M 557-638-JH-1987-tripple S/N-Herndon = stiab
M 558-4XX-JH-1987-TT-Triple S/N-SIGARMS INC Herndon = dprimeaux
M 562-31X-JJ-1988 = lbaker45
M 564-702-JJ-1988-Imported by SigArms Inc-Exeter, NH-Stamped "Made in W. Germany" = Windhover
M 564-797-JJ-1988 = Conserve Liberty
M 565-582-JJ-1988-Herndon = reganhouse
M 571-4XX-??-????-SIGARMS INC Herndon = Tango Sierra
M 571-5XX-KA-1990 = SigSauer228
M 571-960-KA-1990-Herndon-W. German = got2hav1
M 573-843-KA-1990-05/90-CIA Import = yooper35
M 576-67X-JC = Striperkid
M 577-76X-KA-1990 = lbaker45
M 578-96X-KB-1991-TT = RebelDMD
M 584-9XX-KB-1991
M 585-568-KC-1992 = evergreen1916
M 586-1XX-KC-1992-9mm-Slide marked W.Germany = King of Useless Knowledge
M 589-XXX----1992-5/92 = snipone
M 589-914-KC-1992-9mm-5/92-Imported by CAI Georgia, VT-Stamped "Made in W. Germany" = Kaihuang
M 593-2XX-KC-1992-9/92 = P229/408
M 594-64X-KC-1992 = bald eagle
M 594-74X-KC-1992 = lbaker45
M 594-80X-KC-1992 = lbaker45
M 619-55X-KE-1994 = lbaker45
M 621-07X-KE-1994 = lbaker45
M 628-852-KF-1995
M 629-193-KF-1995
M 629-26X-KF-1995-Factory nickel = lbaker45
M 629-7XX-05/95-CAI Import = cusingeorge
M 634-48X-KG-1996 = lbaker45
M 634 814-KG-1996-Factory Nickel = 12131
M 634 815-KG-1996-Factory Nickel = 12131
M 633-6XX-KF-1995-12/95-CAI Import = Thioko
M 636-1xx-KG-1996 = penya79
M 636-588-NW- 06/96 CAI Import P6
M 638-XXX-KH-1997 = scooter1942
M 639-879-KH-1997 = Tiger 2 Tank
M 639-99X-KH-1997 = lbaker45
M 640-285-KH-1997 = 280nosler
M 641-XXX-KH-1997-CAI Import = scooter1942
M 641-4XX-KH-1997 = Thanks to 10P8TRIOT
M 641-548-KH-1997-P225-9-B-purchased NIB Jan 2006 = monkeytree
M 642-088-KJ-1998-No Import Mark = Tooky13
M 643-782-KJ-1998-09/98-NRW-CAI Import = S&W mania
M 643-833-KJ-09/98-NRW = RHINOWSO
M 644-1XX-10/98-NRW-triple serials = Udo
M 644-2XX-KJ-1998 = wgsigs
M 644-472-KJ-1998 = lbaker45
M 645-05X-KJ-1998 = lbaker45
M 646-04X-KK-1999-10/99 = M51
M 646-175-KK-10/99-CAI Import = Tooky1
M 646-54X-KK-1999 = lbaker45
M 646-56X-KK-1999-12/99-CAI Import = Ofc.JR
M 646-7XX-AA-2000-Double S/N = dprimeaux
M 647-03X-AA-2000 = lbaker45
M 647-6XX-AB-2001 = SigP6fan
M 649-20X-AB-2001 = lbaker45
M 649-7XX-09/01-NRW-triple serials = snwghst
M 649-8XX-09/01-NRW-triple serials = Udo
M 649-905-AB-2001-Two tone
M 650-187-AC-2002 = blindre
M 651-XXX-??-???? = LDB
M 651-30X-AC-2002 = lbaker45
M 651-478-AC-2002 = 2 Tank
M 651-52X-AC-2002 = lbaker45
M 651-68X-AC-2002 = lbaker45
M 653-46X-AD-2003-Date code on barrel only = lbaker45
M 653-66X-AE-2004-Date code on barrel only = lbaker45
M 653-78X-AE-2004-Date code on barrel only = lbaker45
M 653-84X-AE-2004-Date code on barrel only = lbaker45
M 675-XXX-AK-2009-Oct/09 = JayHawker45
M 675 611-??-2010-9mm- SIG SAUER, INC. Exeter NH. Triple Serials, Made in Germany on slide. Proof mark on slide, reverse proof mark on frame. "German Police Pistol" roll marked on left side of slide - pknoll
M 675-70X----2010-Sep/10 = sugerwater[/QUOTE]

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Sig Sauer P226

->U 85941 through U 95980-1981/1982 prototypes-used in the U.S. pistol evaluation trials per Lorenz Vetter in his book "Das gross Buch der SIG-pistolen" = Thanks to OTD

U 100-0XX-XX-1982-Pre-production series = OTD
U 100-05X-JC-1982 = knro99
U 100-852-JD-1983 = gryph
U 101-6xx-??-???? = RoC
U 101-8XX-JD-1983-Interarms
U 104-056-JD-1983-Maremont-SACO Defense
U 104-988-JD-1983-Interarms = biggs
U 104-9XX-XX-1983
U 105-XXX-JD-1983
U 105-1XX-JD-1983-7.65mm-CAT3691 = .38supersig
U 107-565-JD-1983-Interarms = hurstolds1
U 107-630-JD-1983-Interarms = Lyman
U 107-8XX-JD-1983-Interarms-Alexandria,VA
U 110-3XX-JE-1984 = 1bigguy
U 114-380-JE-1984-PROTO-1; P226 Compact prototype = 12131
U 115-2XX-JE-1984-Tysons Corner = SIGfan
U 115-4XX-JE-1984 = BigBoy99
U 116-XXX-XX-1984
U 117-XXX-JE-1984
U 117-3XX-JE-1984-Interarms
U 118-XXX-XX-1984
U 118-1XX-JE-1984-Tysons Corner = yooper35
U 118-4XX-XX-1984-Tysons Corner,VA
U 118-504-JE-1984-9mm-Tysons Corner = NMDave
U 119-XXX-JE-1984-Interarms-Alexandria,VA
U 119-6XX-JE-1984-Interarms
U 120-2XX-JE-1984-Tysons Corner
U 120-229-JE-1984 = gis
U 120-7XX-JE-1984-Tyson Corner = acm
U 121-4XX-JE-1984-Tysons Corner-Made in W.Germany-all matching serial numbers-LEO trade-in = runscott
U 122-1XX-JE-1984
U 123-XXX-JF-1985-Tysons Corner = striker777
U 124-XXX-JF-1985-Tysons Corner
U 124-3XX-JF-1985-Tysons Corner,VA
U 124-903-JF-1985-Tysons Corner-west Germany on slide-Yellow box = KY1911
U 126-1XX-JF-1985-Tysons Corner = av8or17
U 128-XXX-JF-1985
U 129-XXX-JF-1995-Tysons Corner-two tone = Suthrn
U 130-XXX-JF-1985-Tysons Corner = ortman71
U 131-426-JF-1985-Swiss Police = reganhouse
U 134-9XX-JG-1986-9mm-triple s/n-Pistol is in Croatia = atcosigp226
U 135-XXX-XX-1986
U 135-0XX-JG-1986-Tysons Corner-Factory Nickel
U 135-2XX-JG-1986-9mm-Triple S/N-factory nickel-scalloped rail-factory wood grips-Swiss Proofs-no "Made in W Germany" = dprimeaux
U 137-4XX-XX-????-Tysons Corner-3 scallops cut in each rail
U 137-40X-JG-1986-Tysons Corner VA Scalloped rail
U 137-5XX-JG-1986-Tysons Corner
U 137-6XX-JG-1986-Tysons Corner-scalloped rails 3 cuts = Jeff Yarchin
U 137-77X-JH-1987-9mm-Tysons Corner-mud rails = CAR
U 139-983-??-????-Tysons Corner- W German-EL Nickel = dievtide
U 140 641-JG-1986-"Lysons Corner" mismark-Made in W.Germany = martowski
U 140-8XX-XX-1986?
U 140-9XX-JG-1986-"Lysons Corner" = ceptor781
U 140-934-JG=1986-9mm-Tysons Corner = Kane304
U 141-XXX-XX-????-frame upgraded prior to U141 = chris orndorff
U 141-XXX-JG 1986 Sigarms Inc. Lysons Corner VA non-scalloped
U 141-21X-JG-1986-Lysons Corner-scalloped frame = Lelandii
U 142-XXX-JG-1986-3 scallops cut in rails and channels
U 142-27X-JG-1986-Scalloped rails = class3jb
U 143-XXX-JG-1986-Tysons Corner-3 cut scalloped rails = sleepla8er
U 144-XXX-JH-1987 = barry1967
U 145-XXX-JH-1987-Tysons Corner = Darin
U 146-XXX-JG-1986-Tysons Corner
U 147-XXX-JH-1987
U 147-3XX-JH-1987-scalloped rails = OTD
U 148-XXX-JH-1987-Tysons Corner-scalloped rails = Hardway
U 148-01X-JH-1987
U 148-3XX-JH-1987
U 148-6XX-JH-1987-Tysons Corner = vsp39o2
U 149-0XX-JH-1987-Tysons Corner-Factory nickel = gnut629
U 149-919-JH-1987-Tysons Corner-9mm = reganhouse
U 150-83X-JH-1987
U 151-251-JH-1987-Tysons Corner
U 152-XXX-??-????-Zurich Polizei = diceman3
U 152–654–JH–1987–9mm–Tysons Corner–all matching–all original = 83mvp
U 152-795-JH-1987-Tysons Corner W. German
U 152 930-JH-1987 = retired tanker
U 154-XXX-JH-1987
U 155-904-JH-1987-Non-Import = hdhighlander
U 157-XXX-JH-1987-Herndon = sunkist
U 158-0XX-JH-1987
U 159-4XX-JH-1987
U 160-1XX-JH-1987-Kantonspolizei Thurgau-PW Arms Import = sdkieffer
U 160-2XX-JH-1987-Kantonspolizei Thurgau-PW Arms Import
U 161-4XX-JH-1987-Herndon = 0658
U 162-XXX-XX-1987-KKote-Kantonspolizei Thurgau = OTD
U 162-3XX-JH-1987-PW Arms Import = benny6
U 162-440-JH-1987 9mm
U 163-XXX JH 1987-Herndon = TGA
U 163-4XX-JH-1987-Herndon = yooper35
U 163-5XX-JH-1987-Herndon-Factory nickel = acm
U 164-33X-JH-1987-Herndon = Udo
U 164-478-??-1987-No Import Mark = Tooky13
U 166-408-JH-1987-Herndon Va.-serial on slide also-West German marked = slikrickabn
U 166-8XX-??-1987 = 45doubletap
U 167-346-JH-1987-Herndon = reganhouse (sold)
U 167-73X-XX-1988
U 169-XXX JH 1987-Herndon = TGA
U 169-7xx-JH-1987-9mm-Herndon-slide marked W Germany & Herndon-Boxed-test target = Ruber
U 173-8XX-JJ-1988
U 174-XXX-JJ-1988-Herndon = ChuckB
U 184-XXX-JJ-1988
U 185-504-JJ-1988-Herndon = David Lee
U 187-1XX-JJ-1988-9mm-Herndon
U 188-661-JJ-1988
U 188-95X-JJ-1988-Herndon = SigSauerP228
U 189-0XX-JJ-1988-Herndon
U 189-533-JJ-1988-Herndon
U 189-6XX-JJ-1988
U 189-917-JJ-1988-Herndon = bsg1
U 192-2XX-JJ-1988-Herndon = vsp39o2
U 264-6XX-JJ-1988-Herndon = 1bigguy
U 302-8XX-JJ-1988 = hottierod
U 350-XXX-JJ-1988
U 350-58X-JJ-1988
U 351-9XX-JJ-1988-Triple S/N-SIGARMS INC Herndon = dprimeaux
U 352-XXX-JJ-1988
U 356-0XX-JJ-1988
U 356-9XX-JJ-1988 = Buster30290
U 357-1XX-JJ-1988-Herndon = 1bigguy
U 357-136-JJ-1988-Factory nickel
U 358-XXX-JJ-1988
U 360-689-JJ-1988-Made in W. Ger-triple s/n-Reported as European lEO trade-in-imported by Classic Firearms 2019 = HaroldoftheRocks
U 361-8XX-JJ-1988
U 362-9XX-JJ-1988 = vulrath
U 363-0XX-JJ-1988 = Jeff Yarchin
U 364-7XX-JJ-1988-Herndon = captharpoon
U 365-4XX-JJ-1988
U 366-431-JJ-1988 = Interstellar
U 366-6XX-JJ-1988 = Buster30290
U 367-7XX-JK-1989-Herndon = Rasczak
U 368-83X-JK-1989-Herndon = Chicane
U 370-5XX----1989 = fyimo
U 372-4XX-JK-1989-Herndon = Mars_Attacks
U 377-6XX-JK-1989-Herndon = Longbow_06
U 377-9XX-JK-1989?-Factory nickel
U 379-375-JK-1989-Herndon = geektoad
U 380-773-JK-1989-9mm-DA/SA = NMDave
U 381-8XX-JK-1989-Herndon = brutal
U 382-591-JK-1989 W.German
U 383-3XX-JJ-1988-Herndon = Steve 22X
U 383-30X-JK-1989-Herndon = xXBrutalXx
U 383-6XX-JJ-1988?
U 384-810-JK-1989-Herndon
U 385-1XX-JK-1989-Herndon-KKote = IrishWind
U 388-9XX-JK-1989-Herndon
U 389-9XX-JK-1989-Factory nickel = Buster30290
U 393-050-JK-1989
U 394-818-JK-1989
U 396-XXX-JK-1989
U 397-6XX-JK-1989-Herndon = blindref
U 398-5XX-JK-1989
U 398-922-JK-1989-Herndon
U 399-XXX-JK-1989-Herndon = Devestate Bravo
U 400-5XX-JK-1989-Herndon = python9430
U 401-505-JK-1989-Herndon,VA = Ezra
U 402-213-KA-1990
U 402-959-KA-1990 = Growler67
U 404-XXX-KA-1990
U 404-841-KA-1990-Herndon
U 405-XXX-KA-1990
U 405-3XX-KA-1990
U 405-7XX-KA-1990-Herndon
U 406-4XX-KA-1990
U 412-XXX-KA-1990
U 413-5XX-KA-1990 = Riesenfass
U 416-0XX-KA-1990
U 416-9XX-KA-1990-Two tone = paddling_man
U 418-247-KA-1990-Exeter = pathfinder1
U 418-7XX-KA-1990 = kauphycup
U 420-198-KA-1990-9mm Box and docs W Germany, Exeter NH import
U 420-248-KA-1990
U 421 779-KA-1990-9mm-triple s/n-Slide Made W.Germany-German proofs-Frame marked Sig Sauer Exeter = LtJL
U 422-0XX-KA-1990 = 7DC
U 424-1XX-KA-1990
U 425-2XX-KA-1990 = xX polgas Xx
U 429-8XX-KA-1990
U 430-8XX-KA-1990-Factory Nickel finish = Darin
U 430-9XX-KA-1990-Factory Nickel finish
U 432-9XX-KA-1990
U 434-0XX-KA-1990
U 434-2XX-KA-1990 = yooperblock
U 434-810-KA-1090-9mm-German = got2hav1
U 435-104-KA-1990
U 438-116-KB-1991-9mm-two tone-Imported by SigArms Inc-Exeter, NH-Stamped "Made in W. Germany" = Windhover
U 439-0XX-KB-1991 = Biscuitbreath
U 440-9XX-KB-1991 = acm
U 441 677-??-????-factory Nickel-Exeter = bolo4tom
U 441-742-KB-1991-Factory Nickel = 12131
U 442-2XX-KB-1991-Exeter = yooper35
U 445-XXX-??-1991-W.German Factory Nickel
U 466-130-KB-1991-slide & barrel marked U 443-088 = Lyman
U 446-379-??-????-W.German Factory Nickel
U 443-XXX-KB-1991
U 445-727-KB-1991-Factory Nickel = 12131
U 446-XXX-KB-1991
U 446-XXX-KB-1991-Factory Nickel = scooter1942
U 446-542-KB-1991-9mm = NMDave
U 449-5XX-KB-1991-Exeter = 1bigguy
U 453-06X KB-1991 = tankerfrank
U 454-XXX-KB-1991 = roberth
U 457-XXX-KB-1991 = PanzerKpfw
U 460-0XX-KB-1991
U 460-5XX-KB-1991-Factory Nickel
U 460-584-KB-1991-Factory Nickel
U 460-7XX-KB-1991-Factory Nickel = blindref
U 463-1XX-KB-1991-9mm-Exeter-W. Germany=triple s/n = P220 Smudge
U 463-9XX-KC-1992 = sdkieffer
U 464-XXX-KC-1992
U 465-XXX-KC-1992
U 465-5XX-KC-1992
U 465-838-KC-1992-Factory Nickel =12131
U 472-497-KC-1992 = SinnerBoy
U 472-9XX-KC-1992 = TMan226
U 474-9XX-KC-1992 = HNC
U 475-4XX-KC-1992
U 477-702-KC-1992 = gis
U 480-8XX-KD-1993
U 483-646-KD-1993-Factory Nickel = prowen
U 484-273-KD-1993
U 485-XXX-KD-1993
U 488-1XX-KD-1993 = damdoc
U 489-434 KD-1993-triple s/n-W.Ger.-Exeter import- Leo only magazines dates 1994 = mbliss57
U 490 2XX KD 1993 W Germany-9mm = gh/1
U 491-659-KD-1993
U 494-XXX-KD-1993
U 498-293-KD-1993
U 500-88X-KD-1993
U 502-xxx-KE-1994 W.German, Exeter NH import = guido_sst
U 502-xxx-KE-1994-W.German = sip79
U 505-3XX KE-1994 = jmccoy
U 505-5XX-KE-1994 = 1bigguy
U 506-XXX-KE-1994-Two tone = RoadkingPerazzi
U 508-XXX-KE-1994 = SRA
U 507 418-KE-1994v= URUGUYO
U 510-5XX-KE-1994-MRI MPLS MN = DrewZFoster
U 515-251-KE-1994 = tomovich
U 515-64X-KE-1994-Two tone = 007Z06
U 518-030-KE-1994 = Bearlaker
U 518-691-KE-1994-West German = RB211
U 519-XXX-KE-1994 = widge
U 519-989-KE-1994
U 523-2XX-KE-1994 = 221FB
U 524-5XX-KE-1994 = 7DC
U 524-592-KE-1994
U 529-3XX-KE-1994-9mm-marked W. Germany-ex.LEO = Glynn863
U 530-XXX-KF-1995
U 530-0XX-KF-1995
U 532-XXX-KF-1995
U 534-2XX-KF-1995
U 536-4XX-KF-1995-9mm-Triple S/N-Basel Landschaft Police marked-Swiss Proof-no Made in Ger. = dprimeaux
U 537-XXX-KF-1995-Factory Nickel = PanzerKpfw
U 537-1XX-KF-1995
U 538-038-KF-1995 = RHINOWSO
U 538-6XX-KF-1995 = 7DC
U 541-6XX-KF-1995 = hjs157
U 542-XXX-KF-1995
U 543-8XX-KF-1995-Factory two-tone = Buster30290
U 549-1XX-KF-1995-Factory Nickel finish
U 550-3XX-KF-1995 = f2
U 559-XXX-KG-1996
U 560-XXX-KG-1996
U 561-3XX-KG-1996
U 565-483-KG-1996 = chrtra1
U 566-2XX-KG-1996 = wgsigs
U 572-1XX-KH-1997
U 572-5XX-KH-1997-Factory Nickel finish
U 576-XXX-KH-1997
U 576-6XX-KH-1997-9mm-Made in German-Exeter NH
U 576-6XX-KH-1997-German-Exeter-Original gray plastic box = barry1967
U 581-7XX-KH-1997-Nitron finish-Exeter = voere
U 582-XXX-KH-1997 = tc25
U 583-5XX----1997-40S&W = fyimo
U 584-0XX-XX-1998-357sig = hottierod
U 593-0XX-KJ-1998 = 280nosler
U 600-6XX-KJ-1998 = Coastercrazed
U 601-4XX-??-2003-Oct.-40 S&W = TKE-AX611
U 605-XXX-KJ-1998 = Boaz
U 606-4XX-??-1998-40S&W-DA-LE-no rail
U 607-XXX-KJ-1998-Zurich Polizei-PW Arms Import = Butch 2340
U 623-9XX-KK-1999 = REdwin89
U 628-083-??-????-357sig-Duty gun to MikeinNC issued 2003 = MikeinNC
U 636-770-XX-XXXX-40 S&W-Michigan State Police atop stainless slide-marked "-SigArmsEXETER-FRAME MADE IN GERMANY = Michael J Shannon
U 638-6XX-AA-2000 = TNshawn
U 657-434-no-????-9mm-German frame-226-9-BSS-originally sold with 10rd mags = PhoenixTX
U 658-6XX-AC-2002 = kielproof
U 674-XXX----2003 = barry1967
U 679-6XX----2005-ST
U 681-762----2004-Oct/04-ST model = throwinglead
U 696-XXX-AE-2004-Sport II SL = Beretta 98 F
U 715-508-BI-2018-9mm-SL SO DLC Nitron slide-Frame from 2005-gun made/proofed in 2018-MMBI Import = 12131
U 724-XXX----2005-Dec/05 = MPDrunner
U 725-396-no-????-40S&W-German frame-226-40-BSS-LE trade-in =. PhoenixTX
U 735-293-no-XXXX-9mm = dking271
U 739-1XX----2006-Jul/06-Blackwater
U 752-2XX----2006-Oct/06-Elite
U 753-975-XX-2006-9mm-DA/SA-Blackwater = NMDave
U 768-7XX----2007-Dec/07-Platinum
U 769-668----2008-Feb/08-ST = Cobra64
U 776-438-AH-2008-9mm-X5 Allaround = NMDave
U 806-930----2008-Jun/08 = Mac12782
U 813-2XX-AJ-2008-X-5-Limited-9mm-AJ code on barrel = dprimeaux
U 819-XXX----2009-Jun/09-Combat = alnitak
U 833-XXX----2009-Feb/09 = JoseyWales2
U 851-XXX----2009-Jun/09-Navy = Czechvar
U 859-XXX----2009-Oct/09-Navy = TMan226
U 866-754-??-2010-(09-Oct-2010)-DE-ST = dking271
U 871-223-BB-2011---9 mm-All stainless in blk Ilaflon-No rail no tail-SIG SAUER Exeter NH Import = 12131
U 871-224-BB-2011---9mm-All stainless in black Ilaflon; No rail/tail -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import = 12131
U 871-890-BB-2011---9mm-X6 L1 -SIG SAUER Exeter NH Import = 12131
U 872-529-BB-2011---9mm. X5 SHORT w/ extended ported barrel; DA/SA -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import = 12131
U 875-257-BB-2011---9mm. X5 Allround 1st Gen -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import = 12131
U 888-286-BC-2012---9 mm. All natural stainless; No rail no tail -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import = 12131
U 890-720-BC-2012---9mm-X-five Allround-prod. in Eckernförde Ger-1st gen = mistlur
U 891-167-BC-2012---9mm-X6 L1 -SIG SAUER Exeter, NH Import = 12131
U 896-4XX-BD-2013---40S&W-Allround = .38supersig
U 898-316-BD-2013---9mm-X5E Classic-SIG SAUER Exeter NH Import = 12131
U 898-760-BE-2014---9mm-X5E Supermatch-SIG SAUER Exeter NH Import = 12131
U 899-202-BD-2013---9mm-X5E Entry-SIG SAUER Exeter NH Import = 12131
U 900-174-BD-2013---9mm-X5E Allround-SIG SAUER Exeter NH Import = 12131
U 901-524-BD-2013---9mm-X6 Black&White-SIG SAUER Exeter NH Import = 12131
U 901-526-BD-2013---9mm-X6 Black&White-SIG SAUER Exeter NH Import = 12131
U 902-029-BD-2013---9mm-X5 Allround 1st Gen-SIG SAUER Exeter NH Import = 12131
U 902-553-BD-2013---9mm-X5 L1-SIG SAUER Exeter NH Import = 12131
U 903-753-BD-2013---9mm-X5 Black&White-SIG SAUER Exeter NH Import = 12131
U 906-458-Jan-2014---9mm-X5 Lightweight-SIG SAUER Exeter NH Import-Jan 30, 2014 = 12131
U 909-243-BE-2014---9mm-X-Short Match-SIG SAUER Exeter-NH Import-Feb 27, 2014 = 12131
U 921-645-BF-2015---9mm-X6E Classic-Roco Firearm Technology Import = 12131
U 938-470-BH-2017---9mm-X6E Supermatch-MMBI Import = 12131
U 941-706-BH-2017---9mm-X5E Open-MMBI Import = 12131
U 941-711-BH-2017---9mm-X5E Open = 12131

UU 596918-XX-????-357SIG-SA/DA = Parkerbg
UU 604523-XX-????-9mm-stainless slide-aluminium no rail frame = Udo
UU 620655-XX-2005-40s&w-DAK-rail-January = dpast32
UU 643789-XX-2008-9mm-Exeter-Blackwater = reganhouse
UU 683826-XX-2011-22LR-Aluminum frame and slide = .38supersig
UU 7637XX-XX-2013-March of 2013 = Blume9mm

-47A-0038xx-xx-2013-aug 2013 = thatnahr
-47A 1248XX-XX-2015-Dec 2015 = Blume9mm
-47A 1580XX-XX-2016-June 2016 = Blume9mm
-47A 178651-XX-2016-357sig-Legiob = reganhouse
-47A 205680-XX-2016-9mm-DA/SA = NMDave
-47A 2094XX-XX-2016-Nov 2016-MK25D = Blume9mm
-47C 0109XX-XX-2017-9X21-MK25 Navy = .38supersig
-47E 083166-XX-????-9mm-DE-(09-Aug-2010)-ST = dking271
-47G 025344-xx-2023-9mm- SIG SAUER INC. Newington NH - pknoll

-71-226-005364-BI-2018---9mm-X6E Supermatch-MMBI Import = 12131
-71-226-006423-BI-2018---9mm-X6E PPC-MMBI Import = 12131
-71-226-007452-BI-2018---9mm-X5E Allround Skeleton Supermatch Black-MMBI Import = 12131
-71-226-009570-BI-2018---9mm-X6E Black&White-MMBI Import = 12131
-71-226-010293-BI-2018---9mm-X6E Skeleton-MMBI Import = 12131
-71-226-018068-BI-2018---9mm-X5 Facettes original design sample-MMBI Import (1 of 25 ever made) = 12131
-71-226-018069-BK-2019---9mm-X5 Facettes original design sample-MMBI Import (1 of 25 ever made) = 12131
-71-226-022798-BK-2019---9mm-X5 Facettes production gun-MMBI Import (1 of 25 ever made) = 12131
-71-226-029412-CA-2020---9mm-X5 Facettes production gun-MMBI Import (1 of 25 ever made) = 12131
-71-226-024116-CB-2021---9mm-X6 Midnight-MMBI Import (1 of 7 ever made) = 12131
-71-226-026262-CA-2020---9mm-X5E Allround-Legacy Sports International Import = 12131

125 Jubile:
JP2997-1985-9mm-Herndon = reaganhouse

P226 with NSW prefix (Naval Special Warfare)
NSW-06XX-2004 = scooter1942

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Sig Sauer P228

B 100-075-JJ-1988 = biggs
B 100-316-JK-1989 = leonidas211
B 101-03X-JK-1989-Herndon = trex021
B 101-164-JK-1989-Herndon = reaganhouse
B 102-252-JK-1989-Red box
B 102-532-JK-1989-Red box-No import marks
B 102-009-JK-1989-Herndon = AndyM1911
B 102-442-JK-1989 = Tommy Gun
B 103-032-JK-1989-Red box
B 103-452-JK-1989- = Yankee paddler
B 104-XXX-JK-1989 = cherokee2u
B 105-910-JK-1989-Herndon,red box = bigwagon
B 105-916-JK-1989 = reganhouse
B 106-029-JK-1989-Red box
B 106-794-JK-1989-Red box
B 106-857-JK-1989-Red box
B 107-0XX-JK-1989 = hottierod
B 107-835-JK-1989-Red box
B 108-475-JK-1989-Red box
B 108-862-JK-1989-Red box
B 109-493-JK-1989-Red box
B 109-XXX-JK-1989-Herndon = Ariennye
B 109-918-KA-1990-Red box-Herndon KA
B 111-XXX-KA-1990 = bearone2
B 111-7XX-KA-1990-Herndon = Doug Add
B 113-904-KA-1990-Gray box-Exeter KA
B 115-905-KA-1990-Swiss Police = Berg
B 116-244-KA-1990
B 116-3XX-KA-1990 = viperjody
B 116-5XX-KA-1990 = paddling_man
B 116-623-KA-1990-Factory Nickel
B 116-9XX----1990 = KY1911
B 117-243----1990 = enigmaone
B 117-77X-KA-1990 = Berg
B 118-768-KA-1990-Factory Nickel
B 119-49X-KA-1990-Double Action = Lelandii
B 119-853-KA-1990-No Import Mark = Tooky13
B 120-9XX-KA-1990-Exeter-Trijicon-'91-Nitron = Beretta1526
B 121-0XX-KA-1990-Texas DPS = dhatcher1
B 122-276-KA-1990-9mm-K-Kote = dking271
B 122-54X-KA-1990 = Berg
B 122-7XX-KA-1990 = iam2340pro1
B 123-775-KA-1990-Exeter-W.German = got2hav1
B 123-78X-KA
B 126-238-KB-1991 = reganhouse
B 127-369-KB-1991
B 129-021-KB 1991 = retired tanker
B 132-409-KB-1991-German =got2hav1
B 135-113-KB-1991-Factory TTNi
B 135-260-KB-1991-triple serial-West German-two-tone with nickel upper = PhoenixTX
B 135-467-KB-1991-Factory TTNi = 12131
B 136-XXX-KB-1991-Nassau County Police = velvetshnitz
B 136-9XX-KB-1991 = SigP6Fan
B 137-326-KB-1991-Factory TTNi
B 138-757-KB-1991-Factory TTNi
B 139-356-KB-1991 = blindref
B 139-444-KB-1991
B 139-44X-KB
B 140-855-KB-1991
B 140-994-KB-1991-Factory TTNi-Slide & barrel refinished in CPII
B 145-7XX-no-1991-"US"-"M11" overstamp-German frame-barrel ser # same-Stainless Steel slide (P229)-P229 grips-9mm = dprimeaux
B 146-870-KB-1991-9mm = dpast32
B 149-615-KB-1991 = hapevo
B 151-593-KB-1991-Factory Nickel
B 151-694-KB-1991-Factory Nickel = bolo4tom
B 151-6XX-KB-1991-Factory Nickel = kauphycup
B 152-183-KB-1991-Factory Nickel
B 152-191-KB-1991-Factory Nickel
B 152-251-KB-1991-Factory Nickel
B 152-37X-KB-1991-Factory two tone = scuttlebutt
B 152-587-KB-1991-Factory Nickel
B 152-251-KB-1991-Factory Nickel
B 152-610-KB-1991-Factory Nickel
B 153-XXX-KB-1991-PW Arms Import = VOLGRAD
B 153-2XX-KB-1991 = 280nosler
B 155-643-KB-1991-CCz refinished in black
B 155-730-KC-1992
B 159-794-KC-1992-Swiss police
B 159-832-KC-1992-Swiss police import by PW arms Redmond WA = reaganhouse
B 159-855-KC-1992-Swiss Police = Sigman9
B 159-906-KB-1991-Swiss Police = Berg
B 160-XXX-KC-1992 = TheOtherJeff
B 165-446-KC-1992-Factory Nickel
B 165-4XX-KC-1992-Factory Nickel = Windchill
B 166-948-KC-1992-Swiss Police = RHINOWSO
B 166-9XX-KC-1992-Zurich shield on left = Udo
B 167-017-KC-1992-Zurich shield = Thanks to sigmonkey
B 167-1XX-KC-1992-Zurich Shield = wfj
B 173-003-KC-1992-Cerakote refinished slide
B 175-4XX-KD-1993-NHMCO SACCA Import-IDF Israel = soncorn
B 176-192-KD-1993-Aftermarket nickel slide
B 176-199-KD-1993-Aftermarket full nickel
B 178-405-KD-1993-Replacement barrel (so, only 2 serial numbers)
B 180-763-KD-1993
B 181-XXX-KD-1993
B 181-3XX-KD-1993-W. German proofed = Hamden106
B 184-461-KD-1993
B 186-XXX-KD-1993-July = Hughiee
B 191-318-KD-1993-Factory Nickel
B 191-XXX-KD-1993 = Baris
B 192-XXX-KD-1993 = PanzerKpfw
B 195-776-KD-1993 = 007Z06
B 197-205-KD-1993
B 197-289-KD-1993
B 199-294-KE-1994
B 199-546-KD-1993 = Tiger 2 Tank
B 199-647-KD-1993
B 199-8XX-XX-1993 = hottierod
B 201-012-KD-1993
B 201-186-KD-1993
B 201-208-KD-1993 = blindref
B 202-6XX-KD-1993 = Slimcakes
B 203-017-KD-1993-Factory Nickel
B 204-0XX-KE-1994 = onequickwrench
B 206-XXX-KE-1994
B 206-1XX-??-1994-Swiss Police = fyimo
B 206-821-KE-1994-No Import Mark = Tooky13
B 292-354-??-1998-No Import Mark
B 207-8XX-KE-1994 = 7DC
B 208-823-KE-1994
B 210-307-KE-1994
B 210-860-KE-1994
B 211-3XX-KE-1994
B 212-4XX-KE-1994 = trex021
B 214-137-KE-1994
B 214-42X-KE-1994 = pinbot1966
B 217-365-KE-1994
B 218-XXX-KE-1994-Factory two tone
B 218-0XX-KE-1994 = Thanks to Buster30290
B 218-386-KE-1994
B 219-2XX-KE-1994 = Thanks to iam2340pro1
B 219-458-KE-1994-Factory TTNi
B-219-8XX-KE-1994 Triple S/N-W. Germany-Exeter, NH-9mm = dprimeaux
B 220-528-KE-1994
B 220-799-KE-1994-Triple s/n
B 221-720-KE-1994-Factory two tone
B 222-1XX-KE-1994 = Thanks to 7DC
B 223-436-KE-1994
B 224-221-KE-1994 = Thanks to hapevo
B 226-320-KE-1994 = Thanks to M@D-M@XB 229-475-KE-1994
B 227-8XX-KE-1994-Oct.-Kiel proof marked on slide chin-Ulm proof marked on frame-"Made in W. Germany" = TKE-AX611
B 229-6XX-KE-1994 = Thanks to FKBNLDN
B 229-802-KF-1995-Last year of the West German P228
B 231-030-KF-1995-TTNi From GB. Last year of the West German P228 B 232-386-KF-1995
B 231-764-??-???? = Lyman
B 233-4XX-KF-1995 = LincolnSixEcho
B 233-5XX-KF-1995 = Thanks to 7DC
B 237-731-KF-1995-German from here on, except where US assembled is noted. K-Kote
B 237-959-KF-1995-Factory TTNi
B 237-XXX-KF-1995-Apr/95 = Thanks to TNHitter
B 237-541-KF-1995-KKote finish
B 239-8XX-XX-1995 = Thanks to hottierod
B 240-835-KF-1995-Factory TTNi
B 240-XXX-KF-1995 = Thanks to SigSSteve
B 241-007-??-1995-blue-Tripple S/N-Exeter = Retired228B241007 228 3 #'s Exeter
B 241-729-KF-1995-Factory Nickel = 12131
B 241-899-KF-1995-Factory TTNi
B 244-440-KF-1995
B 245-XXX-KF-1995
B 246 759-KF-1995-9mm-Imported by SigArms Inc-Exeter NH-Stamped "Made in Germany" = Kaihuang
B 248-050-KF-1995-CPO
B 248-051-KF-1995-CPO
B 248-479-KF-1995
B 250-XXX-KF-1995 = Thanks to Devestate Bravo
B 250-820-??-???? = lyman
B 251-498-KF-1995
B 252-000-KF-1995-Factory error (Slide and barrel with serial number B251999)
B 252-8XX-KF-1995 = Thanks to SigC3
B 255-9XX-KG-1996-9X21-CAT6462 = .38supersig
B 256-8XX-KG-1996 = Thanks to Buster30290
B 257-XXX-KG-1996 = Thanks to scooter1942
B 258-XXX-KG-1996 = Thanks to 2 Samuel 22
B 259-000-KG-1996 = Thanks to blindref
B 259-108-KG-1996-Factory Nickel = 12131
B 261-969-KG-1996
B 262-121-KG-1996-CCR CPII slide and barrel
B 262-603-KG-1996
B 263-154-KG-1996 = Thanks to GaryBF
B 264-537-KG-1996 = jeff.ohara78
B 264-58X-??-????-made in Germany = navy shooter
B 265-8xx-KG-1996-factory two tone/nickel controls = Thanks to zonajoe
B 267-80X-KH-1997 = Thanks to wrutro
B 272-80X-KH-1997
B 274-682-KH-1997-United States Military Academy Class of 1998 (USMA98)
B 277-907-KH-1997-Factory TTNi
B 277-XXX-KH-1997 = Thanks to Suthrn
B 279-164-KH-1997-Factory Ni
B 280-394-KH-1997 = Thanks to tbhracing
B 281-078-KJ-1998-CCR Cerahide black
B 281-528-KJ-1998
B 286-9XX-KJ-1998
B 287-677-KK-1999
B 288-478-KK-1999-Swiss police. Black Ice Teflon OD Green (from Robertson)
B 290-434-KK-1999
B 296-9XX-AA-2000-grip date 02/00-Triple s/n-Vaud Police-grey card box = Buddy Chryst
B 292-354-??-1998-No Import Mark = Tooky13
B 292-4XX-XX-1999?(7/99 on grip panels) = paddling_man
B 295-1XX-AA-2000-Ilaflon finish = OTD
B 295-551-no code-2000-US assembled-Frame Made In Germany-There is no "Made In Germany" rollmark on the slide.
B 296-287-no code-2000-US assembled
B 296-913-AA-2000 = prowen
B 297-XXX-AA-2000 = grumpy1
B 297-110-AA-2000-Zurich Kantonspolizei-PW Arms = sigmonkey
B 297-518-??-2000 = Tooky13
B 303-454-AB-2001-triple serial-PW Arms import stamp = PhoenixTX
B 303-6XX-??-2003-Camo-July 2003 Gun Of The Month = rongop
B 306-858-no code-2001-US assembled -CPO-MPI barrel
B 309-XXX-AB-2001-Zurich Kantonspolizei-PW Arms = TMan226
B 309-64X-AB-2001-Zurich Kantonspolizei-PW Arms = wrutro
B 311-3XX-XX-2002 = Smilcakes
B 314-058-no code-2002-US assembled
B 317-153-XX-2002
B 317-659-no code-2003-US assembled
B 319-0XX-AC-2002-Zurich Kantonspolizei = Udo
B 322-XXX----2003-May/03 = MVDP228
B 323-161-??-????-Made in Germany slide-marked SIGARMS INC Exeter-SIG ARMS blue box = HaroldoftheRocks
B 324-XXX----2004 = cherokee2u
B 324-2xx-no code-2004-US assembled-Hi-Viz-(Apr 2004 GOTM)-
B 329-XXX-AE-2004-Kantonspolizei = brook724
B 330-817-no code-2005-US assembled-Gwinnett District Attorney
B 330-9XX----2005 = buddyRoland
B 331-047-no code-2005-US assembled
B 332-XXX----2005-Kanton Polizei-PW Import = velvetschnitz
B 333-524-XX-2005 = Tooky13
B 334-46X----2005-Nov/05-GOTM = jcat
B 334-60X----2005-Factory two tone
B 334-672-no code-2005-US assembled-Factory TTNi-(Nov 2005 GOTM)-
B 336-XXX----2007-Sep/07 = JayHawker45
B 336-287-no code-2007-US Assembled-Special Configuration-SS Legacy slide-NJSP-One of two.
B 336-8XX----2007 = 280nosler
B 339-246-no code-2009-US assembled-P228R-“US” “M11” overstamped = PhoenixTX
B 339-332-??-2009-German slide German frame-US M11 laser-etched over
B 340-641-no code-2009-US assembled-P228R-CID Special Agent badge on top of slide
B 340-998-XX-2009-With Rail = Tooky13
B 341-214----2009-Oct/09-Railed = MHolland
B 341-750-no code-2009-US assembled-P228R
B 350-158----2009-Oct/09 = billpocz
B 350-2XX----2009-Sep/09 = meplat
B 350-4XX----2009 = 280nosler
B 350-412-no code-2009-US assembled-SAS frame
B 350-413-no code-2009-US assembled-SAS frame
B 351-645-BA-2010-German, triple serial numbered/proofed P228R (per 12131)
B 351-654-BA-2010-German, triple serial numbered/proofed P228R (per 12131)
B 351-XXX----2011-Oct/11-Railed = Thanks to pinbot1966
B 352-5XX----2012-MP = Thanks to damdoc
B 352-607-BB-2011-M11B (per 12131)
B 352-692-BB-2011-M11B (per 12131)
B 353-372-BC-2012-Special Configuration (stainless frame 229-1) - One of 31 ever made (per 12131)
B 353-379-BC-2012-Special Configuration (stainless frame 229-1) - One of 31 ever made (per 12131)
B 353-674-BC-2012-M11B (per 12131)
B 353-773-BD-2013-Special Configuration (stainless frame 228) - One of 31 ever made (per 12131)
B 353-773-BD-2013-Special Configuration (stainless frame 228) - One of 31 ever made (per 12131)
B 371-056----2002-Swiss Police = Thanks to fyimo
B 573-386----1997-Police contract run = Thanks to dondavis3

AHU 12912-2012 German/US = by Tooky13
AJU 09579-Oct '12-US assembled (per 12131)
AHU 13187-Apr '13-US assembled. "P228" on left side of slide. There is no "Made In Germany" rollmark on slide (per 12131)

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Sig Sauer P230

S 001-150-JD-1983-9mm Kurz = elvin
S 001-5XX-JD-1983-SL = SMG670
S 004-61X-JG-1986-grips stamped 84 = Cisco Kid
S 007-05X-JG
S 009-5XX-JH-1987-SL Stainless-Tysons Corner = MILLERJE
S 009-939-JH-1987- Stainless Tysons Corner
S 010-9XX-JH-1987-
S 010-968-JH-1987-9mm Kurz-SL stainless-SIGARMS INC., Herndon VA. = Ruber
S 020-419-KC-1992-380acp-SL = dkind271
S 022-517-KC-1992-All Stainless = Tooky13
S 124-8XX-JJ-1988-9mm Kurt-Marked W. Germany = Glynn863
S 135 201-KC-1992-9mm kurz-SIGARMS INC-Exeter NH-Serial on slide-proof marks on slide-Made in Germany = pknoll
S 139-067-KD-1998-380acp = dking271
S 155-754-KR-1994-9mm Kurt-Sigarms Exeter-Blue = T8KC
S 181-330-KH-1997-32acp-Sigarms Exeter NH-Blue-Frame mounted safety- Lanyard loop = 3154tm

Sig Sauer P239

-SA1001X------????-grips dated 8-95 = Watergoat
-SA12025------????-Mags marked 10/95-grips 10/95&2/96-recipt may '96-SRT = ChuckS1
-SA172XX------????-9MM-Blue = Gunfyter
-SA271XX------1996-Feb/96 = Belwolf
-SA25259------1997-9mm = Tooky13
-SA28300------1996-Nov/96-Factory nickel finish = sigmonkey
-SA36206------????=9mmX21-CAT 11479
-SA40320------1997-no date code-Exeter import marks = FP2000H
-SA4434XX-----1997 = SigSauerP228
-SA372XX------1999 = arksteve
-SA784XX------2000-Aug/00 = Windchill
-SA82632------????-9mm-test target = Tvrlr
-SA494XXX-----2003-Sep/03 = Mountain Man
-SA106XXX-----2004-Two Tone
-SA114XXX-----2006/Feb = IkenI
-SA1154XX-----2005 = buddyRoland
-SA41043XX----2006 = hottierod
-SA1244XX-----2007-Jun/07-SAS = 7DC
-SA124963-----2007-Jun/07-TT = Cobra64
-SA398XX---AH-2007-PW Arms import = 7DC
-SA4141922----2008-40/.357 SIG = Tooky13
-SA4951XX-----2007-40S&W = fyimo
-SA4140XXX----2008-Jun/08 = MT357Magnum
-SA4145003----2009-??/??-357SIG-SIG SAUER INC-Exeter NH-Frame Made in Germany = pknoll
-SA442568 ----XXXX = invarson
-SA142XXX-----2009-Mar/09 = old medic
-SA145XXX-----2008-Oct/08 = Wayne_i
-SA146909-----XXXX-9mm-TT-DA/SA-SAS-Ger. frame = got2hav1
-SBU002-XXX---2007-Aug/07 = Vitali
-SBU003-XXX---2007-Nov/07 = 1clearshot
-SBU004-579---2009-Jun/09 = 92Mustang
-SBU007-XXX---2009-Sep/09 = Aikido007
-SBU007-7XX---2010-Jan/10 = cjevans
-SBU008-XXX---2009-Sep/09 = deadhead85
-SBU011-XXX---2010-Mar/10 = steveinaz
-SBU012-XXX---2010-may/10-239-40-BSS-DAK-5 May = Roym
-SBU024-4XX---2012-Dec = Blume9mm
-SBU227-237---2009-Sep/09 = prowen
-56A009-039---2015-9mm- SIG SAUER INC. Exeter NH-Scorpion model = pknoll
-56A011-1XX----2018-?/??-357SIG = Bacon
-56A01646-----2017-March = Blume9mm

Sig Sauer P245

C 001-19X-KJ-1998 = SigSauerP228
C 001-395-KJ-1998 = 44RUGER
C 001-44X-KJ-1998 = scuttlebutt
C 001-64X-KJ-1998 = Udo
C 002-3XX----1998 = C-Dubs
C 003 122-KJ-1998-45acp-Imported by SigArms Inc. Exeter NH-Stamped "Made in Germany" = Kaihuang
C 005-5XX-KK-1999 = nhracecraft
C 007-572----1998 = yooper35
C 007-647----1999-Oct/09-Satin nickel finish = sigmonkey
C 008-012----1999 = Hillbilly Dan
C 008-541----1999 = Tattooed Brad
C 010-758----1999-Two Tone = Tooky13
C 011-10X----1999 = Expert308
C 011-4XX----1999 = SiGagain
C 012-XXX----1999 = Thanks to wildflush
C 012-910----1999?-Grips 98/99 = evergreen 1916
C 014-059----2008 = billpocz
C 016-07X----2008 = Bacon
C 016-2XX----2008 = dvdeick
C 016-6XX----2008 = dvdeick
C 016-843-AJ-2008-PW Arms import
C 016-886-AJ-2008-PW Arms import = kgray01
C 016-9XX-AJ-2008-PW Arms import = 7DC
C 016-914-AJ-2008-PW Arms import = elmer

Sig Sauer P229

AA 11067-KD---40S&W Blue Dog no import mark
AB 116XX-??/??-40S&W-triple s/n-bought new 10/93
AB 191XX-??/??-40S&W-Exeter NH = 83mvp
AC 17763-xx/xx-Triple S/N-German Frame-grips 1-93
AC 119XX-07/92-40S&W-triple s/n-black plastic case-left grip 7/92-right grip 8/93
AC 143XX-01/93-40S&W-triple serial numbers-grey plastic case
AD 13089-??/??-9mm-Tripple S/N-Grips are dated 1994 = grainfed
AD 17748-??/??-40S&W-German frame = got2hav1
AD 20XXX-03/94-40S&W-triple s/n
AD 21XXX-??/??-40S&W-triple s/n-Bought gun used and did not have original grips-estimated date of 1994
AD 25438-10/94-357sig-triple s/n-grey box = reganhouse
AD 262XX-??/??-???-bought new on 10/31/1993-Triple numbers-grey plastic case-multi-language manual
AD 274XX-??/??-9mm-Nitron-serial number on barrel-but NOT on the slide-Sig gray case
AD 28433-??/??-frame and barrel says made in Germany 1994
AD 28528-10/94-357sig-triple s/n-grey box = reganhouse
AD 29XXX-??/94-357SIG-DB s/n frame/barrel-poss. slide swap-but the gun in new cond.-unfired-grey box and German/multi language manual
AD 309XX-07/94-40S&W-triple serial numbers, black case, bought new 10/94
AD 31532-??/??-357sig-triple s/n-grey box = reganhouse
AD 31XXX-06/94-357SIG-black gun-black case-triple serial number
AD 41398-??/??-40S&W-stainless slide Exeter-frame made in Germany-no rail = Notagunnut
AE 14XXX-06/95-357SIG Grey box, 10rd mags.
AE 155XX-??/??-357SIG
AE 21970-??/??-??-frame made in Germany-red box = Lyman
AE 227XX-08/95-357/40S&W-red case-Triple s/n
AE 232XX-??/??-40S&W-CPO-Date code on Mags are 2/01
AE 25818-??/??-40S&W-CPO-DA/SA-frame German no rail-Legacy slide-nitride = P220 Smudge
AE 44226-??/??-40 S&W-L grip 5/95-R grip 9/95-magazine 9/95 10 round = MT_Tank
AF 10198-??/??-Exeter-frame made in Germany-DAO converted to DA/SA-ex police = Scottsman1886
AF 18XXX-03/95-40S& Blue, Black box,Grip dates 3/95 & 4/95, Mag dates 6/95
AF 22XXX-03/96-40S&W Nitron finish, dark grey box.
AF 235XX-??/??-40S&W-German-no rail frame-Sigarms slide-DA/SA-grey case 12/96 mark molded in-owners manual 1/98 copyright = Moosehornmann
AG 10454-??/??-40S&W-Da/SA-German no rail-Legacy slide-Nitride-Red CPO case = P220-Smudge
AG 10957-??/??-Frame made in Germany
AG 11513-??/??-1997-40S&W/357SIG- SIGARMS INC. Exeter NH-Frame Made in Germany-Triskelion mark on frame = pknoll
AG 11900-??/??-4-S&W = Tooky13
AG 213XX-??/??-40S&W/357SIG-Stainless-Single SNGrips marked 10-03 and 4-04
AH 23XXX-08/98-357SIG Nitron finish
AI 11XXX-??/??-40S&W CPO LEO issued.
AI 12XXX-10/98-Black-LE box 3 mags-Grips say 10-98.E29-40-SP
AI 27XXX-??/??-40S&W-Pur. new 3/12/02-Grips have a date of 4/02-original grips-10 round mags-are dated 12/96-made in Germany
AK 103XX-??/??-40S&W-US slide-rame made in Germany-(3) 12 round mags = Monti
AK 1090X-??/??
AK 172XX-3/00-40S&W-black plastic case-frame made in Germany-purchase included two 10-round reduced cap. mags and funky trigger lock
AK 22XXX-11/00-40S&W-Blue-229-40-B
AK 26XXX-??/??-9mm
AL 108XX-??/??-229-9-B,2 Mags-10rnd....dated 5/95.Non-Rail.Purchased June '09-LNIB
AL 136XX-AB-2001-9mm-German / Swiss, triple s/n-Swiss Proof Test pass-Stadt Polizei Chur marked-dprimeaux
AL 168XX-??/??-40S&W-CPO red case-Nitron-non rail-Came with a single 12 round magazine dated 12/01-purchased 7/09
AL 32XXX-??/??-40S&W,Nitron, blue box.10 rd mag, no rail
AL 35XXX-??/??-40S&W-Nitron
AL 48451-??/??-357sig-triple s/n-blue box = reganhouse
AL 480XX-10/02-357SIG-"Frame Made in Germany" = TKE-AX611
AL 53XXX-0?/??-9mm-UDE229-9-T1-Oct. 08
AL 572XX-0?/??-40S&W-frame made in Germany-Rt side rollmark "NPD3823"-Legacy slide-no rail-3-dot sights-Red Box-Black nitride finish
AM 1XXX9-03/03-40S&W,-Blue box-(3)12rd LEO mags and night sights-Grips marked March 2003-P229R DAK
AM 111XX-??/08-9MM-SAS = leftye329
AM 12305-AE-2004-9mm-German made/proofed-triple serial numbers-No rail = 12131
AM 12306-AE-2004-9mm-German made/proofed-triple serial numbers-No rail = 12134
AM 17XXX-02/04-40S&W-DA/SA-Nitron w/NS-Picked up by me like new 7/08
AM 29680-02/05-40S&W-DAK-rail = dpast32
AM 33XXX-07/05-40S&W-LEO weapon-Nitron-DA/SA NS-3 mags-Purchased 07/06
AM 43XXX-05/06-40S&W-Equinox
AM 45xxx-08/05-Nitron-Nightsites,Blue box-2x 12 rnd mags
AM 53XXX-08/05-mags dated 1/06 and 4/06, grips dated 8/05 and 4/06, P229R DAK .357 Blue case,
AM 54XXX-??/??-40S&W-German SAS frame approximately 2006
AM 54996-??/??-no proofs =dking271
AM 58XXX 2008-9mm-(from box)-40,E29-40-SSS Stainless-SLITE-no rail = Kingfish007
AM 66XXX-04/07 E-29R B, Nitron, no grip dates, mag dates 6/06. Blue box two mags blue cable lock.
AM 696XX-2007-40S&W-rail-DAK LE pistol = pointman73
AM 75XXX-??/??-40S&W-Elite Stainless-2-12 round mags-nite sites-rail-blue box-purchased 07/09.
AM 77XXX-02/08-40S&W-E29-40-SSS Stainless-no rail,
AM 81XXX-??/??-40S&W-Platinum Elite-2007
AM 82XXX-03/08-40S&W-Stainless Elite
AM 85XXX-04/08-40S&W-E29R-40-Nitron Elite
AM 87XXX-02/08-E29R-40- Stainless Steel Elite
AM 103XXX-11/08-357SIG-has a DE after all the numbers-date on mags is 1/08-(3 mags)-Date on blue box is 11/18/08-no rail
AM 109XXX-08/09-40S&W-LEO weapon-Nitron-DAK-NS-3 mags
AM 112XXX-12/09-40S&W-blue box-TTone
AM 115XXX-04/09-40S&W/357SIG-Nitron-slite-one mag-Blue plastic box
AM 116XXX-03/09-E29R-40-Date from case-no grip date
AM 119XXX-01/09-9mm-Nitron-Contrast Sights
AM 120XXX-03/09-9mm Blue case, night sights,P229R DAK (E29R-9), Nitron, P229R, 9mm, Nitron, Contrast Sights
AM 126XXX-04/09(from box),9mm,SCT,blue box, no grip dates
AM 1264XX-??-20??-40S&W-rail-DAK LE pistol = pointman73
AM 155XXX-06/09-.40 Stainless Elite, blue box, DE stamped above the serial number.
AM 161XXX-10/09-.40 Cal, Nitron, night sights, NIB.
AM 163268-BA-2010-9mm-German made/proofed-triple serial numbers-Railed =12131
AM 163291-BA-2010-9mm-German made/proofed-triple serial numbers-Railed = 12131
AUU 62XXXX - Dec 2007, E29R-40- Reverse TT
AFU 08XXX-02/10-SAS Gen II, Two tone.
AGU 07XXX-07/10-E2 (E29R-9-BSS-E2-G)
AHU 02296-04/11-(29R-40-EQ)-15-apr-2011 = Just Plain Cliff
AHU 06636-10/11-(29R-9-PSE)-29-0ct-2011 = Just Plain Cliff
AKU 179XX-05/13-22-229R-22-BAS = Falcon
45A-006057-SAS = Tooky13
45A-027993-04/14-40S&W-Enhanced Elite
55G 025344??/??2023-9mm-SIG SAUER INC. Newington NH-Legion model = pknoll

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12131 reported auto-pruning of P228 serial numbers due to entries posted above. We appreciate his sharp eye. The major lists now have their own blocks. All reported serials to date are posted.
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.38supersig submitted a serial for a P220 small caliber conversion system slide.
Are there enough of these out there to justify being added to the bottom of the P220 list?
I have one other number I can add.
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My other Sig
is a Steyr.
Picture of .38supersig
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Wasn't sure about the rimfire kit. Just thought it was neat with an H serial and no country of origin roll mark. Don't see those everyday.

Now all I need is a P220 in 9x21 to have a full set (unless a barrel swap isn't cheating). Big Grin


Sig Sauer P220

AO30176 = TKC (any more info?)
Thinking that this serial lies more in line with that of a P229?

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I wish to add my THANK YOU 'Udo', along with anyone & everyone else to had a hand in compiling, & subsequently maintaining the very useful List !!

The following are my current Sig-Sauer P Series Pistols & their respective Serial Numbers, all of which have been verified Signs Customer Service Department. They are as follows;


RE: Originally Posted by: dpast32:

OK Folks, Here's an addendum of sorts which I just found on a hunch after Posting my above query. Although my Sig Notebook isn't currently available, I did have a print out page from when I contacted Sig-Arms years ago to confirm all my P Series Pistols. The following Manufacture Dates are all correct, confirmed either via their under slide date codes, or per Sig's Customer Service. ( I include all this data in the event should someone wish to add them to the 'List' if that's still being done ? )

P.220 - SA/DA .45 ACP, # G191001 ~ KC = 1992

P.228 - SA/DA 9MM, # B146870 ~ KB = 1991

P.226R / DAK, .40 S&W # UU620655 = JANUARY 2005

P.229R / DAK, .40 S&W # AM29680 = FEBRUARY 2005

Hopefully, the above may prove useful to someone here.

Best, Dom P.
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dpast32 Your pistols are up. Thanks go to Para for offering the space for this valuable reference and the many contributions of the previous list keepers. I'm humbled by their efforts.
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