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Peace through
superior firepower
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I am well past the point of being tired of you begging for assistance and armaments. I am tired of the sickening adulation being paid to you, with some comparing you to Winston Churchill, which is preposterous. I am tired of low-information people taking up the cause of your nation's struggle merely because the incessant propaganda being puked out by the news media has convinced them that the most important thing that has ever happened in all of human history is the conflict which now rages in your country. This is barely an exaggeration. People who have succumbed to the propaganda have become insane with your cause.

The United States of America is the most benevolent nation the world has yet seen, and may end up holding this distinction for the remainder of human existence. The government of this nation has funneled billions upon billions of dollars to your country. We have provided material aid in the form of weapons which we ourselves now find in short supply, at a time when we ourselves face great danger.

The American people now hear stories of the waste and corruption by officials and businessmen in your country- stories of lavish spending on luxury goods, and all done with the money of American taxpayers.

You cause is a lost one, President Zelenskyy. When all is said and done, at least a portion of your country will end up being annexed by Russia and though I am not a political expert or a military strategist, it seems to me that there is no way that the Ukraine can prevail in this war.

We have done all we can for you, though I have no doubt that the drain on American resources on your nation's behalf will continue unabated.

I am sick of the ridiculous hero worship for you, and for the war propaganda calculated to make the world feel guilty that we have not given you everything we have. No decent person wishes to see the people of a nation suffer and children frightened to go to sleep at night. War is the greatest obscenity man has created- a horrible, terrible thing which defies all attempts to describe it. War is also a perpetual part of the human race. We shall never divest ourselves of conflict; it is impossible for us to do so.

Some will read this and declare me to be hopelessly callous and, perhaps, a Russian sympathizer, but neither is true. It comes down to the fact that we cannot save you. You must win or lose on your own and I would be quite surprised if it turns out to be the former.

Stop standing before adoring crowds and trying to shame us into continuing to give you more, more, more. I am sick to death of seeing your face and of having the outcome of a regional conflict made out to be vital to the security and interests of the United States. Please go away.


"I am your retribution." - Donald Trump, speech at CPAC, March 4, 2023
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Fire begets Fire
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UKR has been a purposeful scam on the trusting, good natured American citizen.

"Pacifism is a shifty doctrine under which a man accepts the benefits of the social group without being willing to pay - and claims a halo for his dishonesty."
~Robert A. Heinlein
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Amen to that. It seems since WWII the USA has done little more than prolong local conflicts. Our defense industry loves it and we get to antagonize our competitors without committing to war.

“That’s what.” - She
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Recondite Raider
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I know that part of the issue that started this was the Ukraine government being corrupt.

The funds and arms sent to Ukraine could have finished a border wall, been used to improve our own economy, and gone to socialist programs here in the US (you know the free healthcare and other crap).

Tell me why I pay taxes? Why our tax money is given away by the barge load?

Maybe this is another reason I choose to be ungovernable (Ten Commandments, Bill of Rights, and Constitution being the exceptions to this).

More blessed than I deserve.
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Legalize the Constitution
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Amen, and on a field of ever moving goalposts, now there’s serious talk of prolonging this war until Crimea is taken back from the Russians.

despite them
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Originally posted by lizardman_u:
Tell me why I pay taxes? Why our tax money is given away by the barge load?

Amen. I could waste my money far more enjoyably than having these jokers give it away for me.

Is there a running total of how much We the People have handed over to the Ukranians? Call me isolationist or whatever, but it seems we could have done a LOT of good for our own people with that cash.

God bless America.
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Shall Not Be Infringed
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Prolonging the conflict is right! NOBODY is talking about promoting peace, EVERYBODY is talking about prolonging the War! The losers here are the Ukrainian people and the American Taxpayer. And we'll be lucky if that's the extent of the tragedy of this conflict!

I posted the following back on March 17, 2022 in the 'Idiot Biden War Propaganda' thread:

Has anyone else noticed that NOBODY is talking about how to bring about peace? EVERYONE is talking about to support/defend Ukraine and that by definition is further promoting the conflict.

Where are all the 'diplomats' and 'world leaders' that could be focused on how to negotiate an end to the fighting/brokering a peace deal? It's not even a talking point...ANYWHERE?

The Russians & Ukrainians have had multiple negotiations/meetings to discuss terms to settle the conflict and/or a potential cease fire, but NOBODY is talking about how to mediate those talks...NOBODY!

It's almost as if everyone wants War...

The 'West', led by the US has nixed peace negotiations and ANY potential cease-fire/peace deal more than once, including back in March/April 2022! It's not only that everyone wants war, it's that the want to prolong the war for as long as possible! Roll Eyes

Further, regarding Crimea, the Russians were already in Crimea when they 'Annexed it' back in 2014 and have a VERY LONG history there! Crimea was and is the home port of the Russian Navy's Black Sea Fleet. The Russians have had a naval base in Crimea since the 1783, so for the last 240 years! One 'could' even reasonably conclude that the the annexation of Crimea by Russia was at least in part, a response to NATO expansion efforts in Eastern Europe. The 'West' has seemingly done everything in it's power, by both it's action and inaction, to provoke, promote and prolong this conflict! And unfortunately, none of this even touches upon all of the corruption by powerful elites in the Ukrainian and US governments, bent on fleecing the US Treasury (and Taxpayers!) for their own benefit!


If Some is Good, and More is Better.....then Too Much, is Just Enough !!
Trump 2024....Save America!
"May Almighty God bless the United States of America" - parabellum 7/26/20
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The US should have no involvement with Ukraine.
And the activities of the Biden family in Ukraine need to be investigated fully and prosecuted.

End of Earth: 2 Miles
Upper Peninsula: 4 Miles
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Run Silent
Run Deep

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Everyone jumped on the bandwagon not realizing what a corrupt nation Ukraine truly is.

Pledge allegiance or pack your bag!
The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money. - Margaret Thatcher
Spread my work ethic, not my wealth
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Originally posted by YooperSigs:
the activities of the Biden family in Ukraine need to be investigated fully


God bless America.
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Get Off My Lawn
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Originally posted by parabellum:
I am sick of the ridiculous hero worship for you

This in spades.

This guy ain't Churchill, he is more of a low-rent version of Obama, and part of the globalist corruption. His country's government has raked in billions of U.S. dollars with no accountability, same with his predecessor Poroshenko, another corrupt phony that has done the same.

It would make my day if the U.S. stops funding their corruption right now, not one more penny.

"I’m not going to read Time Magazine, I’m not going to read Newsweek, I’m not going to read any of these magazines; I mean, because they have too much to lose by printing the truth"- Bob Dylan, 1965
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Lawyers, Guns
and Money
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Originally posted by vthoky:
Originally posted by lizardman_u:
Tell me why I pay taxes? Why our tax money is given away by the barge load?

Amen. I could waste my money far more enjoyably than having these jokers give it away for me.

Essentially, that's it.
We have NO vital US interest in Ukraine.
The money should not be taken forcibly by the US .gov from citizens for this...

"Some things are apparent. Where government moves in, community retreats, civil society disintegrates and our ability to control our own destiny atrophies. The result is: families under siege; war in the streets; unapologetic expropriation of property; the precipitous decline of the rule of law; the rapid rise of corruption; the loss of civility and the triumph of deceit. The result is a debased, debauched culture which finds moral depravity entertaining and virtue contemptible."
-- Justice Janice Rogers Brown

"The United States government is the largest criminal enterprise on earth."
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It pisses me off even further that we get ZERO, NADA when it comes to oversight on the spending. We are forced to pay but have no right to verify that the money is being spent to "help" the Ukrainian people. Just another government grift.

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Step by step walk the thousand mile road
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Para, might you consider running for President of the United States?

Yes, a bit of hyperbole, but it is a fair question.

God knows, I think you'd be a good one, honest and honorable, fair to all, yet wrathful towards them's that deserves it.

Nice is overrated

"It's every freedom-loving individual's duty to lie to the government."
Airsoftguy, June 29, 2018
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quarter MOA visionary
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He is a con man using the conflict to fleece (mostly us - USA) out of Billions of $$$$
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Oriental Redneck
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Yup, this thug is laughing all the way to the bank. Disgusting. He needs to milk the cow before a Republican comes to the White House in 2025.


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The Main Thing Is
Not To Get Excited
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The shuck and jive that accompanies and celebrates our increasing involvement there is despicable. The actions of this administration a year ago lacked only short skirts and pom poms in their cheer leading with about as much fact based support as "go team go" offers.

Whenever I read or hear somebody babbling about "boots on the ground" it makes my tired ache.


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Get my pies
outta the oven!

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I’m still astonished that this clown Zelenskyy showed up before Congress in green khaki trousers and green sweatshirt, AND THEY LET HIM.

You HAVE to wear a suit and tie in there for official business but clearly the rules don’t apply to this grifter.

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This thread bothers me. The war has cost my wife & I our retirement home & about $10,000 in cash sits in a bank account we can not access. My bother-in-law has lost far more. None of these personal monetary losses mean anything to us if Putin can be defeated. The US & all countries must take a stand against Putin. If he is not stopped now, he & his successors will continue the aggression. Poland & the Baltic states know this & have given far more per capita than the US. I am not the only Sig Forum member that has been directly affected.


If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit!

Sigs Owned - A Bunch
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Think of the money that is going to be spent in rebuilding when that time comes, if it does?
Where is that coming from?
Return on investment?

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