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Frangas non Flectes
We’re out town, house hunting and boarded our cats for the first time. We opted for that to keep them safe and not lonely, as our house is on the market and I didn’t want the tragedy of this guy running out the door and getting lost, as he is wont to do. He ran out the door under my wife’s eight month pregnant belly before my son was born, and she never even saw him. We got him back a month later after a lot of fear and anxiety… and we got another eight years and four months with him.

He wouldn’t eat or drink yesterday, and the lady we boarded him with took him to an animal hospital. I spoke with the vet this morning, and she isn’t sure he’ll love to see me home in four hours. His kidneys are failure, and rapidly. He dropped from eight pounds to six. If I can make it there to say goodbye, the doctor recommends putting him to sleep. I just want to hold him one last time.

He was the sweetest cat I’ve ever met. He meowed loudly to be let out of the cage at the animal rescue when we walked in, and he came right up to me and loved on me. He bit my wife when she reached down to pet him, so of course, I had to bring him home (he later decided she was ok). He was my constant companion the last thirteen years, and never happier than when was hugging me tightly around my neck, nuzzling my chin. That, or curled up in front of the space heater in his later years. Photos of both below.

I’m sorry I was away for this, buddy. Hang on, I’m coming.

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Woke up today..
Great day!
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Sorry to hear. He looks and sounds like one we lost a couple years ago. Hoping you make it in time.
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I am so sorry to hear Smudge ... our fur babies are a part of our families. I understand.


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Hope you make it to be there with your buddy.

Peace to Marley and you all.

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So sorry to hear about your buddy. Hopefully you get to say goodbye to him. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.
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very sorry to hear this


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Sorry man.

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Every pet is different, but did the vet mention trying subcutaneous fluid therapy? I did that with my cat who had CRF and he did quite well with it for over a year. Some vets are very quick to just assume people don't want the hassle of this, but I did it at home and it wasn't a big deal or expensive.

Again, unfortunately Marley may be past that point; I don't know. Sorry for your situation, and I feel for you. Those furry little ones tend to grab hold of your heart over the years.
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“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard” – Winnie the Pooh.

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So sorry to hear this. I hope you get that last hug.
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This is one of the most painful posts I’ve ever read on this forum. I’m sorry P220 Smudge,
Cats are unique and when the best of them decide to leave us it always seems to leave us with more questions than answers. Frown


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So sorry to hear this and hope you get there in time to comfort both of you one last time.


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so sorry to read this Ed. We went through this with our dog Max, he was my wife's dog when we met and when I took her home after our first date he bit my leg and tore the pants on an $800 suit. By the time he passed 15 years later he and I were inseparable. I truly hope you can get back in time to say goodbye.
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I'm sorry for Marley, he is an handsome guy.


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Really sad to hear about that, Smudge. Frown Your Marley looks just like my Gracie. Smile

I feel your pain...some years ago, I went to visit my brother and I took my Sandy into the vet to diagnose and (hopefully) treat him. Unfortunately he was untreatable and they had to put him down before I got home. He was 18 and lived a long, loving, spoiled life, but I've kicked myself for years wishing I had acted on his symptoms sooner. He may have made it another year or two, but I vowed that if he (or his brother) were ever in pain, I would not make them suffer at the behest of my own selfishness.

Just know you're doing the loving, HUMANE thing for Marley and ending the suffering. I hope you get to say goodbye.

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So Sorry to hear. I lost my cat Cosette, two years ago just as COVID started. Still painful. A difficult passage.
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Ah, big greys are the best. Those claws go so deep, right to the heart, and never let go. Godspeed on your mission.

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Sorry about your little friend. They take up so much space in the heart.

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Losing pets is like losing a close friend or family. My sincere condolences and I hope the next one finds you soon.

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