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In Odin we trust
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Also, please enter me in the karma.

"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than omnipotent moral busybodies" ~ C.S. Lewis

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Mr. Nice Guy
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Great story and a happy birthday to your dad.

Please enter me as well.

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Happy Birthday to your Dad! Add me in to the Karma.


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drop and give me
20 pushups
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Mr.T you sir are one ole tough bird and wishing more b-days bringing joy to your physical family as well as your SF family here..... drill sgt.
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Resident Undertaker
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Happy 102 birthday Mr. T!!
Don't enter me in the drawing since I live in MD which requires a heavy barrel.


The key to enforcement is to punish the violator, not an inanimate object. The punishment of inanimate objects for the commission of a crime or carelessness is an affront to stupidity.

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Domari Nolo
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Remarkable! Happy Birthday, Mr. T!

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Uppity Helot
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Happy 102nd Mr. T!

(Please do not consider me for karma)
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Legalize the Constitution
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Happy birthday, sir!

despite them
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Not quite right
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Thanks for sharing some details from an amazing life- your Dad's.
Happy Birthday, Mr. T!
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He is today 102 years old, much weaker, and thus, no longer doing his daily gardening, but still actively reading and editing his writings. And still bragging about his health. LOL

Wonderful. I'm in my 50's but he could probably kick my butt in the garden because it's a labor of love.
Happy Birthday Mr. T. Smile
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I'll play :P

Mr. L
(it's me)

#1 When he was about 16 he was helping his dad re-roof the house. While on the roof he unknowingly stepped on a piece of loose plywood and ended up surfing it off the roof onto the ground below. No inujuries.

#2 When he was about 22 he visited the beach in Wilmington NC and went out on a jetty with a friend. The tide came in and swept him off the jetty. He was able to ditch most of his shoes and clothes while in the water and was able to swim back to shore.

#3 When he was 23 he was sent over to Kuwait for Operation Iraqi Freedom. On the night of March20, life became real interesting with lots of missiles flying overhead.

#4 When he was about 24 he was driving through some mountains in February at about 2am to visit some friends. He hit some black ice and the car almost went over the edge; prevented only by the cable guard "rail" on the side of the road. Car was totaled but he got out and walked to the nearest town for help.

#5 When he was about 27 he had another car crash which broke his right femur and his jaw in two places.

#6 When he was about 30 he was riding a motorcycle through Georgia to visit some friends. It was about 3am. Somebody in a car came southbound in the northbound lanes. He swerved in order to not have a head-on collision with the car, but lost control of the bike and went down. The car turned around and drove off without stopping. He was able to pick the bike back up and ride it to the nearest gas station for medical supplies. He ended up finishing the trip to visit friends.

#7 When he was 44 he was riding his (different) motorcycle back from the shooting range. Some guy in a mustang decided he wanted Mr. L's lane and just came over. Mr. L was knocked down and off the bike. The mustang drove off. Mr. L (with much help from bystanders) picked the bike up and eventually rode it the rest of the way back home. be continued.
I guess I only have 2 more lives to go.

Happy birthday to your dad! 102 is a helluva long run!

This is where my signature goes.
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Like a party
in your pants
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Thanks for your service and a salute for being a member of the "GREATEST GENERATION" Your sacrifices will always be remembered!

Do NOT enter me in the Karma. I'm DEEP behind enemy lines here.
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What a life he has lived. Happy Birthday!

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it."
Mark Twain
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I'm Pickle Rick!
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What a GREAT MAN. Quang my friend, you are TRULY Blessed. You have a Strong Family that surround you with love and Bless you with all the virtues you embody. That, in it's self makes you a RICH Man !!!!! Thank you for your Service and Happy Birthday to the "REAL" Mr. T.


" Formally known as GotDogs "
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Eschew Obfuscation
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Please exclude me from your generous karma Q, but please pass along my heartiest birthday greetings to Mr. T!!

“Civilization is not inherited; it has to be learned and earned by each generation anew; if the transmission should be interrupted for one century, civilization would die, and we should be savages again." - Will Durant
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Age Quod Agis
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Happy Birthday Mr. T!

May Almighty God continue to bless and preserve you, and may you bask in the love and joy of your family.

"I vowed to myself to fight against evil more completely and more wholeheartedly than I ever did before. . . . That’s the only way to pay back part of that vast debt, to live up to and try to fulfill that tremendous obligation."

Alfred Hornik, Sunday, December 2, 1945 to his family, on his continuing duty to others for surviving WW II.
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Thank you
Very little
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Awesome story, and a heck of a man, Happy Birthday Mr T!
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Donate Blood,
Save a Life!
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Happy Birthday to Mr. T! He’s had quite the adventures!

Edit: I forgot to add, thank you for the generous karma opportunity but please don’t enter my name in the drawing. Thanks!

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"Aut viam inveniam aut faciam (I will either find a way or make one)." -- Hannibal Barca
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Happy Birthday Mr. T and thank you for bringing Q to us.

Q thank you for sharing some of his story with us. And don't enter me in the karma you have already blessed me.

And no, junior not being able to hold still for 5 seconds is not a disability.

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Man Once
Child Twice
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Happy Birthday Mr T. I hope you have many more healthy ones.
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