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Originally posted by .38supersig:

Would there be enough clearance to tuck the mufflers into the rear fender wells and not have any issues with heat? Then add s few 4" round LED tail lights for a clean look?

I've seen a few mufflers with dual inlets and tips a while back, strapping the license plate to a single horizontal muffler a possibility...

Guess I'm one of those fellas that can't leave anything the way it came.

These mufflers are petty big so I doubt if they’d tuck under... and I really don’t want to but a 3rd exhaust system ... although the zoom pipes with baffels look cool but reports are they don’t sound good.

I bought a set of original tail lights to mount on the fenders and amber lights to replace the red ones in the engine cage, I really like the tone oh the duals.

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