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Originally posted by Modern Day Savage:
Interesting! Now you've put me in a pickle...invest the effort in getting on board and following this reboot, or wait for more reviews and possibly fall behind on a series that might have some potential when my TV time is very limited...

...thanks for following up!

You're welcome! I'd give it a go if I were you.
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2/3's of the original Magnum's appeal is that he wasn't a super hero , know it all, elite tactical expert. Roll Eyes

this new show is more like America's greatest hero ,
needs to be a lot more like Rockford File's

will be skipping this
but I am sure the young'un's will love it

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Bendable, that's a great summary of both editions, and I like your comparisons.

I was never a fan of the original, and not at all likely to enjoy this reboot, but I did like Rockford Files. The characterization of a retired SEAL as a lazy loser just never cut it with me.

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saw the original series

I bought my first Ferrari because of Magnum PI

also took helicopter lessons because of TC

don't need to see a thin shell of a remake

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I saw the first 3 episodes. It's good enough to watch and stay interested with it. It's kind of odd in a way, as you're so used to the original characters and how they looked and acted etc. That when you watch the new one, all of the original characters are there but with different actors. We'll see how it pans out, but it's better than most modern tv series lately. I wouldn't say it's awesome, but good.
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I tried to watch the 2nd episode last night,

could not get thru it,

done, I am
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I've made it through 3 episodes so far. I find it to be be fairly awful. Almost nothing good to say about it.

I don't recall watching the original as a teen, so nothing to compare it to, but the reboot is just plain bad on its own.
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Thank you
Very little
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Couldn't make it through an episode...
maybe I'll give it another chance..

Can't hollyweird come up with anything original?

Everything is a remake...

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