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Originally posted by P-220:

I am relatively new to the wonderful world of Bourbon.

How was the Pappy? As a newbie, would I be able to tell a shot of Pappy from lets say a $55-$75 bottle? What would you compare it to?

I get the hype and would love to have a bottle. In the State of Ohio, it is by lottery, once or twice a year.

I am just not sure I would be able to appreciate the difference.

The closest thing you could compare it to would be weller. As it is the same recipe. To be more specific Old weller antique since theyre closer in proof then weller 12. The problem is weller antique before the craze was around 7 years aged and pappys are a minium of 15.

So your other option would be weller 12 but its lower in proof.

Some claimed the original orphan barrel barterhouse was 20 yr stitzel weller juice but ive had most renditions and wasnt impressed. It mighta been 20 yr old weller but it was the best.

Outside of weller if you stick to the wheated bourbons you can get similar notes. But nothing wheated to my knowledge is aged 15+ years.

Odds are you wouldnt know the difference if you are that new. But it wouldnt take but a year or two to get a snobby palette. Depth and complexities come with increased aging so you can spot the older stuff fairly easy if its good juice. I have had some 13 year that tasted like tired, lock stock rye, so its still an art.

Ive had all the VWs outside of the odd years like 17s and 25s. 15 is my favorite but i like 20 as well. 23 is not worth the 300$ if you could buy it everyday but since you cant find it, it makes good trade bait.

The vw rye tastes more like bourbon than rye so while it is good if youre a big bold rye fan it prolly wont be ur fave.

Thats the super short snobby version. Good hunting and avoid the fakes!

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Originally posted by BigSwede:
^^^Saw a bottle of Makers 101, should I go get it? BTW, sent you an email last week YJ, you get it?

On a side note, we spent a few days in NOLA last week. We stayed at the Hotel Monteleone, nice place. One night I noticed they had a bottle of Pappy 20 year, never seen it or had it. I knew it would be expensive, thinking $50 for an oz. I got my Pappy in a plastic cup and a bill for $175 Eek I'm also a 20% tipper.. OOPS.

We weren't allowed to drink at the bar, to go only because Plandemic. The wife even let me off easy, she's awesome

I didn't get your email... I will check spam folder. I miss the old cajun lunches with the gon crew.

Edit: I found the email. I have looked and pondered on that little Omega for a week or so now...

Minks also has some MM 101 by I didn't see the point of you can get cash strength or these other releases...

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