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A cudighi with mozzarella cheese, ketchup, mustard and onions. Or with pizza sauce, cheese, mushrooms, onions and green peppers. It's an Italian sausage sandwich. Do a quick google search. They are very good.
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I do love a lobster roll but since it's not an everyday sandwich and not one normally made at home at home I'll exclude it.

So put me down for:
Roast beef & provolone (or Swiss) on rye with dijon mustard

And lately, I've been really liking homemade chicken salad made with a few walnuts and a good mayo on multi grain bread, sometimes with a slice of Swiss. Wife likes it with cheddar but the contrast of flavors doesn't work for me.

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Too many to list, however here's a few:

Meatloaf with Swiss cheese and onion.

Italian with Provolone cheese.

BLT with garden fresh tomatoes only.

Stromboli made by a local place called Burger Royal.

Oyster Po Boy.



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BLT made with vine ripened tomatoes and Dukes or Helmans/Best Food mayonnaise. Lightly toasted bread.
Curried chicken salad with almonds.
Meatloaf sandwich - hot, cold, warm, fresh made, leftover, just about any way on any bread.
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OMG, so many great sammiches. How can one argue with brisket, pulled pork, burgers, corned beef....and now we have chicken parm thrown in to the mix!

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Lots "good" sandwiches being listed, but that wasn't the question.

An Italian Beef sandwich rules them all.
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BLT for me. This isn't a thread to read between meals.
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#1 – A smash burger, made by me: 22% Wagyu ground beef. Mayo with black pepper (lots), seasoning salt, and dill weed mixed into it. Pernicious Pickles brand garlic dill pickle slices.

#2 – Bacon with PB and Marmite. (PB + Marmite is a magic combo.)

#3 – The Beef Brisket Sandwich at my local Abby’s Real Texas BBQ. Coleslaw on the side.

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Lots of great sammich's listed here, I love sandwiches from the mild to the wild.

In all honesty though, I love a great burger. My vision of a great burger is quality ground round, 15% lean, ground sirloin is just to dry IMHO. Lettuce, tomato, either an extremely thin slice of Vidalia onion, or grilled onion, cheddar cheese, mayo, mustard, and ketchup in just small amounts so that it is not dripping off the burger, and a Clawson dill spear on the side, that is my basic burger. depending on my mood I may add apple smoked bacon, also enjoy pepperoncini's on the side, and of course it has to be served on a great bun.

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White bread, Miracle Whip.
Warm ham.
Provolone cheese.
Fresh tomatoes.

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Posting from work, lunchtime!!! (gosh, i love this new job Big Grin )

(home grilled) Hamburger, medium rare, slice of onion, Japanese mayonnaise, grill-toasted bun. (bacon and bleu cheese are of course very viable additions when elsewhere)

Cuban sammich, with pulled pork, rather than roast pork.

BLT! (cannot ever get enough . . . BACON!)

Hot Dog! Mustard and a good beer . . . or any beer available.

Pasties! (my gramma's were the best - yes, i have roots in the UP! Wink )

Gyro - messy, but so good. Gots to go to the Golden Fleece in Greektown - YUM!

Detroit Coney Dogs! 'nuff said Wink


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Haven't we had a number of these 'ultimate/best sandwich' threads?


BLT- must use some kind of country-bread, heirloom tomatoes or similar, Duke's mayo, butter lettuce, and thick, smokey bacon. I like to melt a layer of pepper jack on one of the bread slices, which gives the sando a nice bite.

#19 type Reuben. I always stop at Langer's Deli in LA to grab one. The coleslaw helps cut the heaviness of the beef but, doesn't overwhelm it. Just all around tasty and satisfying.
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BLT is hard to beat for me. I also love Pastrami with a bit of mustard.
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Am I the only one?!


BLTE (fried egg makes it)
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My VERY favorite in the world is made in one place only in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia at a bar by the name of McNally's Tavern and it's called "The Schmitter":


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1. Cuban sandwich...made with real Cuban bread. Sadly I can only get them when I visit my brother in Tampa.

2. Ruben

3. Egg salad sandwich

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My three favorites,

PB & Nutella
French Dip
Turkey & Swiss Cheese

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