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I think 1970 is the best year for the 442. Gold is not my favorite color on cars but your car really pulls it off, looks great!
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Originally posted by armored:
I remember back in High School a buddy got a 69 Hurst Olds 442, silver with black strips, brand new.
His Father (who bought the Hurst Olds)rode a motorcycle called a Mammoth, and it certainly was MAMMOTH!
The lines of your 442 remind me of that car.

Late to the party here but the motorcycle story reminded me, the Munch Mammoth motorcycle!

I’d forgotten all about those!

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Took the 442 out today on a nice Saturday and ran into Hall of Famer Drew Pearson. He is a big fan of the 442 and we talked cars for 10 minutes. Super nice guy!

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