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We got a $5 fine for whining

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very NICE, love THE GOLD ! I am in Paris TX, will BOLO for that 1099 hot rod LOL

thanks, shawn
Semper Fi,
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Originally posted by DSgrouse:
Wait, so you post up ONE pick of the classic 1970 442?

One stinking pic?

Come now you are failing us....

J/K, that is a lovely car, I would enjoy seeing more photos.

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Dances With
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Like! I've always been an Oldsmomble (spelling intended) fan.

I had a '77 Cutlass Supreme Brougham, red with white vinyl top and red interior, and the 350 Rocket V8 with Quadrajet. I never had the Quadrajet troubles.

Like yours, mine had the matching paint color wheels with a nice chrome center cap. I believe Oldsmomble did a great job on styling.

I finally wore that car out and traded it in for a brand new Pontiac Grand Prix.

Enjoy yours.

Your car, like most any of the traditional old school muscle cars, has soul. Todays modern cars are pretty much blah, with no real sense of style and the coolness factor.

I need to find another and cruise around on Saturday nights. I wish drive in movies would make a comeback, and we do have one here. I remember when drive in movies were all over the place.
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