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I enjoyed the books and the movies, with Prisoner of Azkaban being my favorite in both categories.

My daughters were around 10 and 12 when they discovered the books. We bought the first four books, they read and loved them, and then we waited for the last three to be released. We purchased them, they flipped a coin to see who got the book first, we set a timer for 60 minutes, and then they'd switch for an hour. That was how the younger one learned to really enjoy reading.

Our son, who was very young at the time the girls were fighting over the book, has very severe autism. The Harry Potter series of movies are up there with Disney/Pixar movies as his favorites so we've seen the movies many, many times at our house. His favorites are Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, and Deathly Hallows (1 and 2).

EDIT: I forgot, my son loves the LEGO Harry Potter video games, too.


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Finished the series of movies last night and overall very impressed with the stories and the incredible special effects. Come to think of it, being as old as it is, the special effects are even more impressive. My only complaint was the second to last movie, part one, was very slow for me.

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Originally posted by 6guns:
My only complaint was the second to last movie, part one, was very slow for me.

It wasn't very slow for you. It was just very slow.


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My wife and I started our annual Harry Potter marathon about a week ago. At the rate we watch movies lately, we hope to be done by Christmas (we're not even through the first one yet). She loved the books, and I read them not long after I met her. I liked the books as well, and we really enjoy the movies. I agree that Deathly Hallows part one has it's trying moments.
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We do the same every year as well, usually starting around Thanksgiving week.

I've never read the books, but do enjoy the movies. 4 & 5 were at the peak.

The last 2 movies had too many offscreen deaths of some major characters, which diminishes some of the emotional impact of their deaths.

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