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I think that's mine. What's yours?

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I like CCR, so don't get me wrong - Their songs all sound kind of the same.

But I like "Who Will Stop The Rain."

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I like most of their songs, but Fortunate Son is way up on the list. I'm fortunate in that I got to see them live and it was a very memorable experience.



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Fortunate Son
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I think Lodi is their best-written song, lyrically. It is more a folksy, americana kind of song, not as riff driven.

As far as just straight rocker, I dig Born on the Bayou most. Fogerty's vocals on BotB are just otherwordly.

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Their cover of Heard it Through the Grapevine.

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Born on the Bayou


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Creedence Clearwater Revival - Run Through The Jungle

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Originally posted by jhe888:
I like CCR, so don't get me wrong - Their songs all sound kind of the same.

Some great songs but I always thought there was a little thinness to their sound. They weren't very adventurous in their production.

They were a key part of my life's soundtrack at a good time so I'll always remember them well. For all the good stuff, I'll put this up --

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Run Through the Jungle.

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Someday Never Comes
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Are there any "bad" CCR songs? For me, they are all good. Proud Mary, Fortunate Son, Midnight Special, Running Through the Jungle, Bad Moon Rising, Suzy Q, Lodi, Who will Stop the Rain, Have You Seen The Rain, and Down on the Corner:

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Originally posted by 6guns:
Their cover of Heard it Through the Grapevine.

That and Run through the Jungle.
I love their songs. Never actually saw them, but did see CCR Revisited. Had two of the original members plus Elliot Easton, a guitarist who played for the Cars. They were really good and I was not disappointed.

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Link to original video: [/FLASH_VIDEO]

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I also like Born on the Bayou

despite them
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'nother fan here. I'd have to go with Midnight Special.

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Agree with OP .
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I have a tie.

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Originally posted by berto:
Someday Never Comes

One of the greatest songs period!

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