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Do No Harm,
Do Know Harm
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Probably Down on the Corner. I love CCR. Grew up listening to them as a kid with my parents. They trigger happy memories of my single digit ages.

I saw Fogerty in St. Augustine in 2014 or so. He played with Mumford and Sons and the house band, CCR songs. Complete surprise, he came in as a favor to someone when another headliner cancelled.

That was one of the greatest days of my life.

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You all named a lot of the most popular ones so I'll pick one of their lesser known tunes:

It Came Out of the Sky
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Walking on The Water

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Tough one. I'm going to wuss out and say it is a 3 way tie between:

"Who Will Stop The Rain."
"Someday Never Comes" and
"Looking out my back door"

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Fortunate Son and Run Through the Jungle.
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Caribou gorn
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Long as I can see the Light is another of my favorites.

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Suzy Q & Midnight Special
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One of my favorites was Ramble Tamble off their Cosmo's Factory album. Green River is another favorite, along with I Put A Spell On You .


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Someday never comes
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Get Off My Lawn
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Fortunate Son is my favorite, a fantastic song. Great riffs, great lyrics, extremely well written song. CCR was not an album-oriented band, purely singles. But God, those singles were awesome songs.

Lodi is my my next favorite.

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Fortunate Son!

I saw them twice live and later Fogerty alone all were great shows.

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Gene Hill
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Uppity Helot
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Lots of good one for sure but Run Through the Jungle is my fave.
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Fortunate Son has been one of my favorites.
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Who Woulda
Ever Thought?
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Born on the Bayou. I love that song.
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Oh stewardess,
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I enjoy them all more or less equally. Maybe a slight nod to the Grapevine cover. Or Fortunate Son. Or maybe Born on the Bayou. Or...
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Originally posted by YellowJacket:
I think Lodi is their best-written song, lyrically. It is more a folksy, americana kind of song, not as riff driven.

As far as just straight rocker, I dig Born on the Bayou most. Fogerty's vocals on BotB are just otherwordly.


Just about a year ago
I set out on the road
Seekin' my fame and fortune
Lookin' for a pot of gold
Thing got bad things got worse
I guess you will know the tune
Oh Lord, stuck in Lodi again

I rode in on the Greyhound
I'll be walkin' out if I go
I was just passin' through
Must be seven seven months or more
Ran out of time and money
Looks like they took my friends
Oh Lord, I'm stuck in Lodi again

The man from the magazine
Said I was on my way
Somewhere I lost connections
Ran out of songs to play
I came into town, a one night stand
Looks like my plans fell through
Oh Lord, stuck in Lodi again

If I only had a dollar
For ev'ry song I've sung
And ev'ry time I had to play
While people sat there drunk
You know, I'd catch the next train
Back to where I live
Oh Lord, I'm stuck in Lodi again
Oh Lord, I'm stuck in Lodi again


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Man Once
Child Twice
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Heard it through the Grapevine. Best version of of all I've heard.
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The Unknown
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"Bathroom On The Right" by far.


Lodi is my favorite.
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Bad Moon Rising


Have You Ever Seen The Rain

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Originally posted by bionic218:
"Bathroom On The Right" by far.


Lodi is my favorite.

Around 1:56 clearly sings, "Bathroom On The Right"

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