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Enjoyed the 1st Season and now watching Season 2.

Was expecting something between John Cleese Fawlty Towers or the french Les Bronzés outstanding parody of Club Med but this is quite different. Enjoyable too, different kind of humor.

Season One is set in a Four Seasons horel in Hawai and Season Two in another Four Seasons in Sicily. Very, very luxurious hotel.


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I'm watching it, Stiflers Mom is hilarious.

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I really liked S1 and S2 is starting strong too. Funnier than S1 so far imo.

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I’ve really been enjoying it. I’ve watched up through Season 2 Episode 3.
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Enjoyed season 1 very much. Actor playing the hotel mngr nailed it. Still working on season 2.


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I like this show a lot. It is unusual.

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My wife and I liked season 1, uneven, but still solid. Might need to check it out.
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The young Italian hookers are pretty cute. Smile
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