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That was painful (season 4). Jack's still a pussy

I'll go with this.

Admittedly, I've only seen parts of the show as I walk thru the Great Room when my wife watched it. It has the same feel as the crap they play on the Lifetime channel.

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Staring back
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Season 5 is out if anyone is still interested. It's pretty good, despite a bit of wokeness. It's kind of hard to avoid it nowadays, but I was a bit disappointed to see it here.

"Great danger lies in the notion that we can reason with evil." Doug Patton.
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Aaaand after pussifying Jack, then Brady, now they've done Preacher. It would make a great drinking game show - drink every time you hear "honey", "I'm there for you", or "how are you doing?". If it weren't for my wife who can't not finish a series once started, I'd have abandoned it long ago.
And you're right about the wokeness. They had to throw in a gay couple and a lesbian, neither of which add to the story.
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Partial dichotomy
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I'm abusing myself with season 5. Big Grin

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Of course they had to have a homo couple on the camping trip.

My wife watches it, I websurf on the ipad
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My lovely wife started the new season last night and I had forgotten how bad it was. Oh look...Jack's gonna cry again.
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Between Jack's crying and him having to whisper every time he talks, I would like to shoot my television!!

Because son, it is what you are supposed to do.
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Originally posted by Gustofer:
Just finished the first episode and it appears to be starting off OK. Unfortunately Hope is back, but she doesn't appear anywhere near as annoying. Jack is still kind of wimpy, but we'll see where that goes. And then there's Mel...[/swoon]. I've got a bit of a thing for Mel.

Hopefully this season will make up for the last one.

She (Mel) was here in my town at a restaurant recently and the owner took a picture with her, she’s a cutie!
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