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Originally posted by monoblok:

And then there's Charlie Wilson's War, a flick that loosely tells the story of the funding of our future enemies in Afghanistan to defeat the Soviets in THAT war and in turn ultimately bring the end to the Cold War.

One of my favorites. RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman. There were still a lot of good performances in him.

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The Fourth Protocol was excellent.

Thirteen Days

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Gotcha! and Bridge of Spies, because a good part of each movie involved /took place my home town.

Plus I was on the American Sector Side of Glienecke Bridge - in 1980 you could walk out on to it a bit - at least I did. Even the birds that were sitting on the bridge stayed on the side of the American sector of Berlin.

Stripes, Ice Station Zebra, Hunt for Red October.

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