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Originally posted by NewRiverGeorge:

Dwight does Sloop John B
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Two of the 'bestest' things Spotify did this year was bring back two albums that went MIA (for whatever undisclosed reasons that probably involved $$$): The Smithereens' "Especially For You" and Yoakam's "Guitars, Cadillac, Etc., Etc." Two different genres, but both were a big part of my music listening routine in their day...when I wasn't busy headbanging, that is. Big Grin

The duet with Maria McKee, 'Bury Me', was THE track for me on that album. Good thing it was bought in CD form; it would've been wore out as vinyl considering how often I listened to that set.

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Underrated artist

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Funny moment (at least to me): I usually grab some earbuds and listen to some music while mowing. One particular afternoon a few summers ago I was riding along the front edge of the yard and a couple of the neighbor ladies were walking up the street toward me. Each had a funny look on her face. It took me a second to realize, I was singing along (very poorly, I'm quite sure) with "Thousand Miles from Nowhere." Big Grin

- - -

Funny moment (at least to me), Part Deux: After an afternoon spent in the garage a summer or two ago, The Lovely Girlfriend called. I answered with, "Yoakam residence! Guitars and Cadillacs!" She let out a great laugh and asked, "Have you hit your head??"

God bless America.
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Unfortunately the closest he's getting to us this summer is a nearly 12 hour round trip and a $200 Super 8 night Eek . The ticket $ isn't bad though.

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I saw him in Tucson on the 4th of July a few years ago. Hotter than the hubs of hell and Dwight comes out in a Hank Williams looking suit. It looked like wool.
Then he proceeded to bang out one after another of his tunes, never BSing in between. Never a watered down version, he hit all those crazy notes and did his signature dance as he was singing.
Absolutely the best performance I have ever seen. I am still amazed, and it was well over 100 degrees and outside. Wow
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