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Somedays you just need some down time. Hey, look, film noir era, detective, should be enjoyable.

Nope. Acting was monotone script recitation. No development of the reason for Marlowe to be dedicated to solving this case.

The climax was surprising, in that you didn't see it coming, but the emotional response was more of "really?" than of anger or disappointment in the character's actions.

The buddy characters are a replication of the many buddy movies we've seen, in that at first, they are at odds, then they are fast friends.

A bad guy must have patterned his character after a combination of Auric Goldfinger and Le Chiffre.

Yes, watching this did eliminate my thinking about work for two hours. No, it did not meet my expectations.

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It appears that like Unknown, the only reason to watch this is Diane Kruger. Big Grin <3

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In contrast, I found the Clive Owen series "Monsieur Spade" to be excellent. Owen really plays Spade-via-Bogey really well and the story and setting were wonderful. It's on AppleTV.

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So disappointing. So bad.


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I tend to like Liam Neeson as an actor (tend to does not equal always) but "A Waste of Time" seriously understates how bad this movie is.

Too many physical action scenes which, at his age, he could not perform with any level of on-screen believable acting.


Phillip Marlow is somewhere in his mid 30s to early 40s (which Neeson is not), a hard drinking ladies man who is not swayed by the female persuasion (IMO, the Marlow character in the referenced here does not convey well.... except for the not being swayed by females cause those characters were not old enough to flirt with him when based on social norms today).

From Wiki (pretty accurate if you listen to Old Time Radio shows):


As is typical of pulp fiction private eyes from Sherlock Holmes onward, [Phillip] Marlowe is a bachelor throughout most of the novels. That he has sex with female characters is explicit or implied in each of the novels, but he is also shown resisting various sexual invitations and refusing to take advantage of other sexual opportunities on moral grounds. In The Long Goodbye the divorced daughter of the press tycoon Harlan Potter, Linda Loring (with whom he has spent one night of passion), asks Marlowe to go with her to Paris, but he declines. Then, at the end of the next novel, Playback (set some 18 months later), Loring phones him from Paris and asks him again to join her ("I'm asking you to marry me"). Marlowe challenges her to come to him in L.A. instead, implicitly testing her sincerity. In the opening paragraphs of Poodle Springs he has just married her.

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I'll parrot my comment from a related thread in The Lounge:

While Neeson's display of a "particular set of skills" in Taken was perhaps entertaining, his portrayal of a hard boiled, 1930's gumshoe in [/i]Marlowe[/i] left much to be desired.
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I watched it. The best part was the vintage cars. And a Thompson.

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Liam Neeson is an anti-gun twit.

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Too many physical action scenes which, at his age, he could not perform with any level of on-screen believable acting.

That fight at the massage parlor was brutal, in a bad way.

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